Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall kitchen Table and Coffee Klatsch


How are ya today?? 
 Doing well, I hope..................

I am doing well,  just  cleaning out our old van so
we can say good bye to her soon!!  

Bought these chrysanthamums last week,  and hubby 
said oh, you brought me flowers, and they do look
 like guy flowers I have to say, so if you want to 
buy your hubby some flowers well this would
be a great choice!  lol
The first 2 pics make them look chocolate brown and
 gold,  but in the store in the bright lights they looked
 more like burgundy and sunflower yellow.

Added a cinnamon roll candle I think it is,  the labels
come off,  so now I forgot what it is,  but from the
aroma,  that is what I would say it is............
Added some lace around it to make it look purty!!
and a wee pumpkin and some nuts.

 You can see a lil more of the redish tint in them here!

 posterized affect

 Have had this pitcher a long while now,  think I got
it at Target years ago..........but still love it and love
to use it in Fall cause of the pretty leaves on it.

Since I was taking pics decided to play a bit
so decided to have a lil coffee klatsch vignette

With a Posterized affect.

 Did have the bowls of nuts with the candle
where the flowers are... liked it so just kept
it on the table too!  It looks better when
the candle is taller,  but I have burned it
down quite a bit.

Added some faux goodies for fun.

and the bowl of nuts but they are usually
in the center of the table.

Colored Pencil Affect

With a omni lighting affect!

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from you!

Have a Wonderful Fall Day!

Hugs and  Blessings,


  1. Looks so pretty and inviting! You do such a good job decorating!

  2. Your joy in creating tablescapes/vignettes is obvious, Nellie. Sometimes I wish I could be as creative...but I guess my creativity flows in different directions. (Doesn't keep me from enjoying that of others!)

  3. very pretty Nellie.
    love the candle placements and the fallish glow they give off.

    I like the simple elements you used and it shows one doesnt need to spend a fortune in order to Fall Beauty their home.

  4. That is a very pretty fall tablescape! Love the omni lighting, very romantic!

  5. Love you fall table and all the great photography effects!

  6. Pretty and inviting. Happy Fall!

  7. Those beautiful mums look so pretty in that pretty vase!

    Happy Fall!


  8. Your little vignette is very sweet. I think the brown (or burgundy) mums look very pretty in your lovely white pitcher.


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