Monday, July 20, 2009

Guess where are whirlwind trip took us???? Part 1

Well, Good Morning Sweet Friends,
We are back from our whirlwind adventure,
and the following are pictures from a woman
on a mission, who is making a desperate attempt to
make this not only a needed trip, but to add a little
fun into the quick mix, if you get my drift!!

We left at 10 P.M. on Wed. evening and drove all night.
These pics are from the next day, this was in Md.
taken out of the car window, we didn't have time for
stopping along the way.

This was taken as we were waiting in traffic in Md.

This one too!!

This one too, left in the bridge walls for affect!! ha

I believe this was off the bridge in New York

This was a huge expansion bridge in New York.

This too! Taken out of front windshield!!

This was out the car window on a double decker bridge,
you can see New york skyline in the back.

This was in Manhattan on I-95.
The Traffic, frightening!!
Can not imagine doing this everyday,
once in a lifetime was enough for me!!
At one point we were on I-95 surrounded
by semi-trucks, I thought we might be
going to heaven soon!!
Those truckers are road bullies, let me
tell you!!

And everyone is a crazy driver,
fast and furious, doesn't even describe it!!

This is another shot off the bridge,
I know, I know, told you I was desperate!!

Here is another!

We were stuck in this bumper to bumper stuff for quite
awhile. I think from Md. to Conn. the traffic was
pretty slow, so took a lot of time.

Have no clue where this was!!!
Think maybe it was Connecticut

Think this was in Connecticut

We drove for 24 hrs. and then stayed in a hotel, we got into the
town at 8 p.m. and didn't get to our hotel until 10 p.m., cause we
were driving along I-95 and ran out of exits all of a sudden,
the last we saw was exit 6 and then it took us all thru town and we
saw no exits at all, so finally stopped to ask someone, so they gave
us directions but when we got to the next exit, it was #16,
so we are wondering what the heck happened to exit 7-15???
Did aliens come and abduct them or what??
So we saw exit 16 and thought well, maybe if we go a lil further
it will be exit 15,
it was exit 17, and we could not find an exit to get off and go the
other direction for about 30 mins., so then we got turned around and
headed south and saw the exit going down from 16, 15, and
so forth, so we spotted a Cracker Barrel went and got some take
out cause we were starving and took it to our hotel room.
We were never soooooo glad to see the inside of a hotel room
in our lives. We ate and then went right to bed on it,
not a great idea, but we were so dogged tired who cares,
and slept like logs!! We actually felt pretty
good the next morning. God is so good!!

So we got up later than originally planned
and headed out about 8:30, and it took us
41/2 hrs. to get to where Scott was!!

Needless to say He and Joey were pretty
happy to see us, I think he was beginning
to feel he was never gonna get out of this place.
And needless to say we were very happy
to see He and Joey as well.

He has lost 14 pds., some of it could have
been from when he was sick, but most of
it from the hiking trip. Joey is very svelte
as well!! Scott is feeling much better
and we thank all who have prayed for
him and of course, the Lord for his
healing hand upon him.

We arrived home at 6 a.m. Sunday
Morning and slept and rested all day long.

In case you didn't notice, I still did not
tell you where we went to get him,
that is because I decided to have a little
fun with you. I thought it would be neat
to have you leave a comment and guess
where we went!! I will do the reveal
on Wednesdays post, and the winner
will win 6 oversized notecards with
beautiful scenery on them.

So put on your thinking cap and start
thinking about your guess! I will have more pics
and details tomorrow.

Now of course, if you already know
because I told you then you are
disqualified on this one!!
Sorry but we have to be fair!

Well, Have a great day and see ya tomorrow,
Blessings & Hugs, Nellie


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, well i don't think you picked him up in Connecticut. I think he was in upstate NY. And I know that sometimes you drive through part of Connecticut while on the highways in NY. So that's my guess, New York. Loved the pictures of all the bridges! Grew up in NY and it is crazy driving there!

Jess said...

WOW! Praise GOD you all are alright!
What a trip. Can't wait to tell Hubby.
We've done our fair share of driving but nothing that crazy. Of course you had the BEST motivation.
"Aint no mountain high enough to keep me from you!" I think that song best fits a mother's heart for her children.

I think you picked him up in Schenectady, NY.
Just a guess.
Love ya!

Neabear said...

I am also saying NY, but I can't figure out what city/town you might have picked him up in. How about Poughkeepsie? Driving on those kind of freeways give me the heebie jeebies!

Bonnie said...

I am going to say he was in New Hampshire. The reason is you seem to have left NY and gone into Vermont and I think you might be being tricky so didn't mention the state he was was actually in..New Hampshire or Maine. So I am just saying New Hampshire as at one point I thought you mentioned being only four hours away. But them what do I know? This is fun. And I did look up the trail on Google. So I am smarter than I was a few minutes ago!