Monday, July 13, 2009

Update from the Appalachian trail

Good Morning Sweet Friends,


Hope you all had a good weekend.


Ours was good, a bit rainy but the grass looks
great, definitely in need of mowing so hoping it rains
early and dries out before we try to mow it this evening.


We had a long conversation with our son yesterday,
he is in a new town. It is possible he might be coming home.
He is going to see if he can find some temporary work so he can
stay in the town for a few weeks.


Joey is on the

verge of foot problems..........

her nails on her back legs have worn down

so much it is just about to wear on the pads

of her paws, she is fine not in any pain or anything,

but he knows she will be if he continues.


so he is thinking that maybe if he could get

work for a few weeks and she could rest up

and her nails could grow back out he might

be able to continue on for a little bit more.


So it is up to the Lord at this point,

he sounded tired, but I think he wants to

continue on yet he is okay too, with

coming home if that is the case.

He says he is very very hungry......
think that is his body going into the survival mode from
all the weight loss. If he is so hungry I am sure Joey
must be also.
He said he talked to some other people who have been out longer
than he has and they said it only gets worse. He was told by
many of them to start adding more protein into his evening meal
because the protein repairs muscle tissue while
you are sleeping. So he has started to do that!!
He said he has just gotten to where he is feeling pretty good
physically now, not so sore all the time, and he said
it is really wierd when he takes his pack off, he feels like he is
walking on air or something like that. He says he actually
feels more comfortable with the pack on than off!!
Amazing how your body adjusts to things, isn't it!
an amazing machine!!
He says he thinks even if he comes home now the trip has done
wonders for him... heart healing wise.
I am soooooo happy to hear that!!
He has really hiked the worst part of the trail and in the
worst weather, so told him he should really be very
proud of himself for what he has accomplished. Even
if he does come home I think he will go back and do some more
at another time, maybe for vacations or something, who knows!!
He is suppose to call us back today to let us know what he is
gonna do,
so will let you know tomorrow!!
Of course, we all want him to come
home, cause we miss him, but we want whatever the Lord
knows is best for him.
Thanks for dropping in,
this is what is going on in our neck
of the woods, so see ya tomorrow.
Have a great Monday!!
Oh Yea, Forgot to tell you, the picture above is one of
his many pictures from the trail. I happened to have
it handy cause I used it to make a Birthday card for my brother .
Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Whoa! Decisions he will have to make. But I can see how the experience was already a wonderful one for him. Interesting how the pack is more comfortable on than off. I hope Joey's nails grow out soon. And that picture is gorgeous! I am sure your son has seen some awesome scenery on this trail.

  2. Hi Nellie,
    That's a lovely picture! The scenery I'm sure is simply exquisite up there! Can't wait to see more pics!! I'll have some of my own soon from the mountains!! YAY!!

    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!
    Love ya,

  3. Wow! I hope he makes the decision that will be best for him and of course his dog! Sounds like a rough adventure. Something I would never be able to do. I hope he's able to get the extra protein he needs and the help he needs for his dog! I'll check back tomorrow!

  4. Hi Nellie,

    Sorry I have been gone for a week but I am back now. Exhausted but here! Haha!

    Just looking at that peaceful and beautiful photo lets us see how his heart has to be healing. What a wonderful way to reestablish his self-confidence and enjoy solitude and time with his Heavenly Father. I hope his little dog will be OK.

    Well, if he is anything like his parents and I am sure he is...he will make a good decision. I am thinking that the process he has gone through is more important than the length of time or the destination.

    Hugs, Bonnie


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