Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I have been up to this past week Part 2

( Lamp I forgot yesterday)

Good Morning Dear Hearts,


Hope this new day finds you well and happy.

I just rec'd a text from my son, so that always

makes me happy, he is on his way to the next

lean to and it is cold and rainy again. Bless his

heart!! He has now hiked 224.8 miles. I relate

that to driving from Homestead Fl. down to

Key West, Fl. and back, cause that is 200 miles,

and that is flat land, he has had mudpits, hills and

mountains to climb, log bridges and damns to cross,

and streams and rivers to forge. I can't even

begin to imagine what that must be like.

It used to take us 6 hrs. to drive from homestead to

Keywest and back and it seemed like a long time.

We lived in Homestead way back when we

were only married a few years, and I worked

part time as a Lutheran church Secretary typing

bulletins on a manual typewriter that had

keys that stuck all the time. (anybody

remember those dinosaur typewriters???) ha

Makes me laugh to myself when I think about it!!

I have lots more pics to show you of our

beach get away!!

This was the Sunrise I saw off the back patio

What a glorious sight and gift for our first Sunday there.

I love to get up early when we are at the beach

and sit outside in the quiet with the Lord.

No one is up or stirring yet and you have the whole

place to yourself.

This is part of the pool area.
The tall part is where the restrooms are
located, and you can see another condo
across the road.

We found that if we went out to the pool about
8:30 or so and about 5:30p.m. we could have the
pool all to ourselves, so that was our schedule
and it was great. Eventually people would start
to come in the morning but we were usually
ready to go in and have breakfast by then.

We walked out this gate to the pool, cause we
are the first unit by the pool, and it is great
cause we can look out the window and see
how busy the pool is, and we can also sit
out on the patio as well.

This was the view from the back sliding doors

Where the grass starts you can see just the
edge of the patio area where we ate breakfast
a few mornings. The sand gnats were pretty
bad if the wind wasn't blowing or we would
have sat there every morning.

This is a little bridge that lead to the beach at

the other end of the condo. We could see it

from our patio and had to walk across it at

least once just for the experience.

That is where I took the shot of the

Seagrape leaves you will see later on.

This was a shot just as the sun was rising
but the sun was too strong to take it
straight on, there were no clouds to cover it.

This was as close to the sun as I could get

at that moment. It is amazing how the

sky changes from minute to minute.

I just love it!!

These are some Florida wildflowers growing

on the beach, I think possibly the hurricane

might have brought in some seeds with it,

cause there are also black eyed Susans

growing everywhere too, and none of that

was there the last time, and there also

were no sand dunes, but there is now.

Small tho they are!!

This was a shot straight out the back door,

on one of the dismal days, but usually the

storms passed pretty quickly. That structure

is for a tent. There were 3 up, and people just

take the canvas in and put it back up the next

day, and no one messes with them.

How cool is that!! I thought the surf might

wash them away. That was one thing that

was really strange to us .........

we have never seen the East coast beach be

this calm before, we did not see one whitecap

accept for when it rained one afternoon, but

once it was over that was it calm as could be.

Looks more like the West coast of Florida.

Hubby does really enjoy playing inthe waves,

but oh well, not this time, but I don't think

he really cared.

This lil dove showed up one morning while
we were having breakfast looking for water.
We felt like we were on touched by an Angel
when he flew off making his lil cooing noise.
So neat!!

Heres one of the dunes with the black eyed Susans.

Caught these cute lil sandpipers.
I get the biggest kick out of how they run so fast.
I kept trying to get closer to get a better
shot but they ran faster than I could walk.
You would think their lil legs would fall off! ha

This was just a view up the beach.

This is the condo we stayed in!

from this view we are on the 1st floor

on the right side. It is called Ponce

Inlet Club South and it is one Ponce

Inlet in case anyone might be coming

to Florida and be interested in staying

there. We met a lot of really nice

people, most of them were from Georgia

and quite a few of them were Christian

people. So that was neat too.

The mgr. of the place is a young lady

I would say in her late 20's, and

she does an awesome job, and is

friendly and helpful as can be.

another beach view.

another beach view.

I just love looking at the sand patterns the

water makes. Each one is so unique.

God is just so amazingly creative

with all that He does!!

Awesome Really!!

Here are more patterns

And some more patterns.

We walked on the beach every morning

and every evening. It was fun getting our

exercise this week!!

We found this neat sandcastle some

children made (I guess)

Thought it was neat how they added

the wildflowers and shells.

Here's another shot.

Here's a pretty shot of all the wildflowers

on the beach, shot this off the lil bridge.

another shot of condo, you can see the bridge
from this end and how it empties onto the
beach. We saw a bride and groom having
their pics taken right near there on the
Friday before we left and all of a sudden
it started pouring, so the bride and groom
were soaked cause she couldn't run fast
in her long dress. In fact, he ran off
and left her, guess he didn't realize she
couldn't run fast and then realized
and turned around and came back
to get her, but they were both
just soaked, I felt so bad for them.
Hope they at least got some nice
pics before they got all wet!!

Some beautiful Hibiscus flowers.

These were shots right before the sun

came up I believe. One morning we were

walking the beach as the sun came up.

It was wonderful!!

Took this at the same time, this could be

when the sun was going down as well,

Not sure, but I think I took some one

of our last days just before dawn.

These are of sunset.

These were all taken in the same day,
could not resist taking them the sky was
just ablaze with His glory!!

Makes me think of the ole saying:

Pink in the morning

sailors take warning.

Pink in the evening

a sailors delight!

(I think that is how it goes)

We saw the most glorious sunrises and sunsets.

They would have been worth the whole trip!!

These last shots were all of sunrise

Can you see the tiny boat out there,

it was a kayaker!

When we weren't on the beach or in the pool,

we were watching HGTV or Animal planet,

eating, reading, talking, praying or napping.

We had some great talks and came up with

a lot of great ideas spiritually, for my blog,

and for rearranging things in the house.

And Bonnie we started getting some ideas

for our bucket list. We think maybe when

we retire we would like to rent our house

to someone we can trust for a few months

of so and rent a place at the beach.

I also remembered I have always wanted

to take a trip in an RV, so if our son doesn't

get to finish his Appalachian trail experience

and goes again, we might follow him in an

RV one day. He told us about another family

that did that!! That would be neat!!

If the Lord tarries............


Hope you enjoyed your trip to the beach

and were inspired by all that natural beauty,

You know it inspires my heart,

there is nothing like it to boost your faith.


Have a Really Great Day!!


Thanks for stopping by,


Loves and Hugs, Nellie


BECKY said...

Wow Nellie, You sure got some beautiful shots of the sunsets, the beach and the sand patterns. Sounds soooo relaxing!!

It just delights my heart that you two had such a great time!!

Have a great day!!
Love ya,

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What beautiful photos. Especially the sunsets...you are right, God's creation is magnificent!

Neabear said...

Wonderful sunrises and sunsets! You got lucky at getting some great shots there. Great trip you had. Like I said in your previous post, we really need to do something like that.