Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Monday, and links to Appalachian trail pictures

Picture taken from the Trail in Millinocket, Maine

Hello Sweet Friends,


Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Ours was nice....busy, but not too busy,

and we had a nice relaxing restful Sunday.

We got our nap in this week, we always

like that, and it gets us ready for the week ahead.


I am ecstatic because we finally started

tiling our bathroom shower area on Saturday. Yea!!!


It is looking very nice so far, so we can't wait to finish

and to be back using our master bath once again. It will be well

worth all the inconveniences. Course, we still have a lot of tiling to

do yet, but we did get most of the back wall done. Hubby is doing

a great job as usual, he is tiling, but I am assisting.

Will share some pics with you when we get her done.

That sounds so good..........get her done!! ha


Some of you said you would like to see Scott pics from the

Appalachian Trail so here are the links below:

We did 3 because there are so many pics and once you start, you can't

just go back and pick up where you left off, so thought it best to make 3 links.

They are in the order he made the trip.


Just a note about the link in case you are as technically challenged as I am.
Once you get in... you should see a lot of small pics,
just click on the first one and it should make one large pic and then above
the pic on the righthand side it should say (prev/next) so you just click
on that and it will take you from pic to picture. Hope you enjoy the journey,
there are some really nice shots in there. Please do not download any
without permission......... my son has sweetly agreed to letting me show
them off, so don't want to make him regret that!! thanks!!
Am so hoping to hear Good News about a dear lady named Cindy,
who is a wife, and mother of 10 children, that has cancer.
Another blogger friend asked for those of us who felt led to
fast and pray for her blogger friend and that was today!!
That is how I spent my day until 5p.m., that is why you
didn't hear from me sooner. If you participated in this
wonderful opportunity may the Lord Bless you in
Amazing ways, and if you didn't hear about it before now,
you can still pray for Cindy and her family anytime.
I also prayed for a fellow in my church as well, who is
battling cancer and has a wife, and 3 children, his
name is Ken, if you feel led please pray for he and his
family as well. Both of these dear ones need a miracle
from the Lord!!
Well gang, I am off to get a shower and
go nite nite!!
Thanks for dropping by,
Hugs & Blessings,


Jennifer said...

There is just something so wonderful about a Sunday nap!! Glad you had a good weekend!

NanaNor's said...

Hi friend, So sorry I didn't get any report on Cindy either...hoping to hear soon. Also having problems with my computer-I use Mozilla and it keeps crashing-due to uploading it...such a drag.
Hugs to you.

Heather said...

darn, i tried to look at the photos but it isn't bringing up your sons facebook account. would you ask your son if you can give me his name so i can look him up. i have a facebook account and i'm dying to see his pictures! i can email you privately or you can email me privately and let me know. thank you!!

Jennifer said...

So glad you stopped by today - I really am only familiar with blogger...and that I don't do too well. But under blogger you go to your dashboard and there is a section for followers and simply click "add" and type in my "address". Sure hope you will stop in again!! I love new friends!!

Heather said...

ok i tried it again after i logged out of my facebook account and it worked. i requested you as a friend whenever you log back into your account on there :)