Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blessed by the presence of our children

Good Morning Everyone...........
Well, I finally got the word this morning,
We will be blessed with Scott's presence soon.
We are very happy about that!! God is so good!!
However, we didn't hear from him yesterday
because he was very sick, vomiting and diahrrea sick.
Sounded very weak this morning and hadn't tried to
eat anything yet, so please pray it will be a quick bug
or whatever. He didn't know if it was maybe food
posioning or just that he has been eating so much.
We are so grateful this didn't happen until he was
in a town, cause with him being wet so much from
hiking in the rain I was concerned it might happen
out on the trail somewhere. Like I said,
God is sooooooo good!!
My sweet sister-in-law offered to go and get him,
so she and I are thinking about that, but we really
think he would be home sooner if he fly's, cause
it will be a 24 hr. drive there and back. Will check
in with him later in the day to see how he is doing.
The picture above was taken Dec. 21st, 2009,
at my daughter, DeeAnna's graduation from
Radiology School.
Figured you would like to see a picture of them
since you hear about them on my blog.
Scott is going to be 32 in November,
DeeAnna will be 25 next month!!
Last night we were also blessed with our daughter
DeeAnna's presence as well. She came over for
dinner, then did my hair. We always have a fun time
talking with her, she is truly a riot sometimes.
and she is the best hairdresser I have ever had.......... really!!
Also thought I would give you my favorite way to make Tilapia.
Our whole family just loves it like this and
We had it for din din last night, with baked potatoes, and raw
brocoli and ranch dip or you could add a salad, that is what I
usually do, but was mowing the lawn and the brocoli was easier.
It is very easy to make in this hot summer weather when you
don't feel much like cooking anyway.
Directions for Tilapia
As many tilapia filets as you want
Spray a glass baking pan with cooking spray,
add the tilapia filets, then drizzle with olive oil
or italian dressing, sprinkle with garlic powder,
salt and pepper to taste.
Then bake for 20 mins. in a 350 degree oven.
Take it out, but leave the oven on, and sprinkle with
shredded mozzarella cheese, fresh diced tomatoes and
chopped cilantro, stick it back in oven for just a few mins.
till the cheese melts and the tomatoes and cilantro warm.
Remove from oven................
And Enjoy A Very Easy Tasty Din Din
Happy Eating my friends,
God Bless You
Love and Hugs,
P.S. If you ever have fish, shrimp or scallops
and it smells very fishy...
Soak it in milk for about 30 mins or longer,
and it totally gets rid of the fish smell
and fishy taste. Love it, cause I hate
fish that taste like fish.
P.S.S. also you can make a double batch
of the tilapia cause it reheats well, so that
is usually what I do, so we get 2 meals out
of it, since I am now only cooking for 2 or 3
when Scott is here.
Bye Now!!


Lois Christensen said...

What nice looking children you have. Where exactly is your son on his trek? Glad he's coming home, especially since he's not feeling too good. Enjoy him when he gets in the door!

BECKY said...

Your din-din sounds divine!! We love Tilapia, and cook it very similarly, but not with the cheese on top! We'll have to try it that way!

So glad to hear about Scott's homecoming!! I know it does your mother's heart good!! :o)

Love ya,

Bonnie said...

So sorry to her Scott has been ill but hopefully by now he is better. What will he do when he gets home? Both your kids are as cute as can be.

I want to try this fish recipe and I love the hint about the soaking in milk. Great tip, Nellie, thank you!

Love you,