Monday, July 6, 2009

What I have been up to the past week!!

Hello Sweet Friends,
It is good to be back with you,
and I hope you are all doing quite well.
Promised yesterday to tell you what I have been
up to in the past week.
We were away on vacation at a Condo on the beach,
and a great vacation it was I must say.
It was relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating, replenishing,
inspiring, restful, just the Best............
If I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 12!!
Really!! We had such a good time!!
It has been 5 years since we were there last and it
has really been 5 years since we had a real vacation,
and we realized while we were there...........
it has been 20 years since my honey and I have
gotten away together for an entire week.
So what else can I say, it truly was bliss!!
I know how you all love pics so I have included
plenty especially for all you gals who love
Coastal cottage decorating.
Today is inside the condo shots,
tomorrow will be the outside beauty shots.
This cute little sign greeted us as we walked in the door.
Our vacation was all of that and more..........

This was hanging on the wall across from the kitchen,

it is really a lovely oil painting. I am not that into

tropical birds, but I really loved this for some reason,

it was hanging on a green wall, you can see a lil bit

of it beside the picture, and it just looked perfect

hanging there

This is the kitchen wall border. I didn't wind up

getting a shot of the kitchen cause we had stuff

all over the place and didn't make for too pretty

a picture, and the kitchen was pretty much all

white, so not that exciting accept for the border really.

This cute lil metal piece was hanging over

the breakfast bar, between the kitchen

and dining area.

Here is the dining area.

Thought this was a cute centerpiece
with a very laidback beachy feel.

They had leather sofas this time,
last time it was a tropical print cotton cushions
on a bamboo style sofa, more colorful, but
think this is more practical, and it had
palm tree throw pillows. I really took the
pic to try and get the plant in the conch
shell. My love of conch shells come from
living in KeyWest. One summer I found
a ton of them, and was gonna mail them
home to Pensacola, I had already left and my dad
was gonna to mail them to me until he noticed
they were not smelling too good.
I didn't know that they had lil conchs
living in them, the things for which "Conch
fritters" get their name.
(Well, I was only 8 or 9 years old)
So needless to say,
the package never came!!
Poor lil conch's!!
I might need theraphy over that guilt!! ha

I thought these Turtles were adorable,
they are coasters! I just loved them!
and I am not really into Turtles either!

This was one of the lamps in the
Living area, one on each side
of the sofa. I loved that the
lampshade was green and gold.
Quite nice looking, wish I could
have gotten a better shot.
the living area was sort of small
and hard to get a good shot of it.

Just realized somehow I lost the shot
of hubby laying on the sofa enjoying
himself! Oh Well, if I go back for it
this will never get posted today.
Maybe the Lord knew he wouldn't
want to be in my blog today!! ha

This is the bedspread, mainly took this shot

for myself, cause these are pretty much the

colors I want to use in the bathroom we are

working on. We went to Lowe's Sat.

and Sun. and got all the tile we need to

finish the shower, so hopefully, we will

commence working on it this week sometime.

We are very excited to finish it!


Oh Yea!! for those who have been asking about

my son, thank you, for your concern and interest.

We spoke with him yesterday, he surprised us

and called, he was on top of a mountain and had

good reception. He and Joey are doing well.

They had an unplanned stay in another town

for 2 days because of the weather conditions.

It has done nothing but rain, he has gotten

caught in 2 thunderstorms with hale.

He was going up the side of a mountain

both times, the first time the hale was

about the size of a quarter or bigger and

another camper yelled to him from a

forestry tower so they were able to take

refuge there until the storm passed.

The second time fortunately the hale was

not as big. They are suppose to have more

thunderstorms all this week. He texted today

and said he had a 13 mile hike, but it was

a beautiful day, so we are praying it stayed

that way cause he has some pretty rugged

terrain today, mountains and fording a river.

He and Joey have both lost weight, so they

are probably even skinnier than they look

since the camera adds about 10 pds.

Joey looks like a happy camper, and our son

looks much happier in the 2nd set of pics

he just sent. I was truly happy to see that!!

In the beginning he was sore all the time

from the weight of the backpack and

the hiking of course, plus he had hurt

his knee, so I think he must have been

in quite a bit of pain. I asked him if he

took anything and he said he had something

but he didn't take it, it was just all part

of the hiking experience. He really

cracks me up!! I am wondering if he

is practicing for a marathon position in

the olympics and isn't sharing that

quite yet!! ha!

Well, I will finish my tour of the condo.

We are in the bedroom now, as

you can see.

Oh pooh, I just lost another pic.

It was of a cute lil fish lamp.

Maybe I can remember and throw

it in tomorrow.

Isn't this the sweetest looking lil manatee.

It had a frame and all but I

just cropped it to get a closeup

of the manatee. I forget you

can expand these pics once you

post them. Duh!!

Thought this was a pretty little shell dish

on the dresser.

This was another pic in the bedroom
of starfish. Pretty colors!!

This was the master bathroom vanity.

Love the egret and the palm tree lamp.

Wasn't the best shots cause of the mirror.

Much prettier in person.

They seemed to really like mirrors,
they were all over the place.
They had two mirrow closet doors
right as you enter the bathroom,
and one you see above but it wraps
around the end. Then there was
a big one over the sofa in the living
room as well, and then a mirror
over the dressers in each room as well.
This was an oil painting in the hall
on the way into the master bedroom.
I had to crop it some unfortunately,
cause I had a big flash in the middle
of the pic.
This was the guest bedroom that we had
hoped that my son and/ or daughter would
be staying in. You know where our son is,
and our daughter wanted to come but they
don't allow pets and she was not able to find
anyone so that was that!!
Guess the Lord knew we needed a vacation
all by ourselves, Father really does know Best!!
Picture in the guest bedroom, created
my very own sunrise as you can see.
There is a light house right up
from where we were staying
and I wanted to get a shot of it
up close but forgot.
You will see it in the background
of a pic tomorrow.
This was another pretty oil painting in the
guest bedroom. Had a nice frame but
had to crop it cause couldn't get it all in
where it looked nice.
Hope you have enjoyed my little tour!!
We sure enjoyed the change of scenery
and whoever owns it did a very nice job
of making it homey!! It was sure a blessing
to us, and we hope....Lord willing, we
will be able to go back again before another
5 years passes!
Well, Sweet Friends,
See ya Tomorrow
and Have a Wonderful Evening!!
We have to mow our lawn tonight.
Vacations Over, It is back to the real
world!! But we are ready...........
(This little metal pc. was in the guest bathroom)
Loves and Hugs, Nellie


Lois Christensen said...

Looking forward to seeing the outside pictures! Love the inside ones! Glad you and your husband were able to get away alone. That must be wonderful! Sorry your son hurt his knee! But hopefully the weather is cooperating with him and he's further along on his journey! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Bonnie said...

How wonderful that you could get away! Scott sounds settled into his adventure and the bathroom project under control. Fantastic life, isn't it? Enjoyed your photo of the condo.I have never been to Florida but will someday! I am not a fan of humidity or hurricanes so will come in the winter/spring sometime! Have a great day, Nellie!



Neabear said...

Fun post. One thing I learned, if you move the pictures around while writing your post, then we are not able to click on them to enlarge them. If you keep them in the order that you upload them, then the clicking to enlarge works. That seems kind of unfair though....

That is so cool that you were able to take a vacation. I have not had that kind of a get away in a long time. The kind where we can just relax and do what ever we want when ever we want. I just don't get enough vacation time to do something like that. Maybe some day. Glad you heard from your son.

Anonymous said...

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