Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Fun lil Sunday Surprise

Happy Monday Sweet Friends,
How is your Monday going???
I was very motivated today and went to work outside
since it is overcast and was a bit cool,  but then I did
something ( I have no idea what) and thru my back out,
 wasn't sure if I was gonna make it in the house or not, 
so had to leave the garbage can and clippers right where
they were cause I didn't dare try to pick them up.
I am happy to report I made it in,  but am moving
slowly,  I hate that,  cause I had all these things I had
planned to do today.  Well..............Life is what happens
when you are making your plans!!  lol
The Lord obviously must have other plans for me today!
Well,  wanted to tell you a lil story about what happened
here on Sunday morning.  I was in the kitchen ironing
something to wear to church,  and I heard this clunky
banging noise a number of times.  At first,  I thought it was
just the scarecrow banner I have on our front door,  it
has a dowel in it and if the wind blows it,  it makes
a lil noise,  but the noise was getting louder and
louder  so I went towards the living room trying to
 discover if maybe it was Joey doing something,
Well,  it wasn't Joey!!
Then I heard it again,  it was really loud and kept
banging and banging,  and at first,  I thought our
A/C might be dripping again,  cause it does that
ocassionally when it gets plugged up.
Then I could tell it was coming from the front
door,  and I thought man,  the wind must really
be blowing hard this morning,  but when I got
to the door,  I could tell the banging was coming
from the bottom of the door.
So I called hubby out of the bedroom and said
I think you better go out thru the garage cause
their is something trying to get in our door I
think.  I wasn't sure if maybe it was a snake
thrashing around or something.
Hubby went out,  and it was this cute lil turtle.
We have a brass kick plate at the bottom of our
door,  so think he was seeing his reflection and
thought he saw a hot turtle babe,  and was
going after her!  I could not believe all the
noise he made.  Hubby had already picked
him up and I came with the camera and asked,
can you put him back where you found him
so I can get a shot,  so he tried, but he tumbled
off the doorstep onto his back and I almost
got a shot, but he flipped himself over just
as I clicked the camera.  Pooh!

Would have made a good shot. Then we took

him over and let him go into the woods. He seemed
quite happy to go!! lol
For an animal that is suppose to be so slow, he
went pretty swiftly off so we could not longer see him.

I think it is called a "Box Turtle".
We were glad he visited us,
I get such a delightful kick out of stuff like that!
God's charming lil surprises,  I just love them!
Have a great day,  and if you think about it say
a few prayers for my back.  Our Anniversary
is this weekend and hubby is taking Friday and
Monday off,  and we have plans to go out
Christmas shopping and to dinner on Friday,
and a family celebration on Saturday.
Well you have a good one,  thanks for dropping in,
Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Nellie, I am so sorry to hear about you throwing your back out. Jim has been doing that a lot lately. Be careful. Get better soon.

    Love your little box turtle. What a beautiful shell. We don't have any wild ones here but our deer are getting to be pests. My friends come over and they have trouble getting up the driveway sometimes..we have about 12...a herd that seem to think they own the place. And they are so tame. They will walk right up to people and it always startles visitors.

    Relax and enjoy a leisurely day!

    Hugs, Bon

  2. Check your Gmail account for a message from your secret admirer....

    Love Ya...

  3. aww he's cute. what a neat surprise! hope your back feels better. happy early anniversary!

  4. Hi Nellie,
    i am so sorry your back is out,and I will certainly be praying for you.May i wish you an early Happy Anniversary.

    This is a very cute story, and like you I like animals as long as the are not mice. This turtle sure is pretty and I hope he finds a good place to hibernate before it gets to cold.

    Thank you for visiting me and for leaving me such encouraging words, it was such a blessings,

  5. I love that story of the turtle seeing his reflection thinking it was another turtle! Very funny.

    Hope your back is feeling better. I have a very bad back and some days I can barely move. Hope you're laying flat and hubby is taking extra good care of you!!!

    Thanks for your prayers.

    I praise GOD for His blessings on your marriage and the example you both set for His people.

    Sure hope your back is better!
    Pretty cute little turtle or tortuga (in Spanish).

    Love ya,


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