Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - November 12, 2009

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,
Well,  I am a bit late with my post today cause we decided to go do
some christmas shopping,  but I think I am gonna just make it.......
 actually, it will probably be finished early Friday!! lol
Oh Well,  who really cares,  do you???  Didn't think so!
I am thankful for my Sweet Hubby of 39 years now.
I am thankful God rescued us,  and made us a happily
married couple and not another statistic.
I am thankful for the hope and Joy that I have because
of my relationship with Christ.
I am thankful that we got a lil bit more shopping done
tonight.  We are that much closer to being done.
I am thankful that a dear friend of mine is weathering
the storms of life much better than she was. Sometimes
the Lord calms the storm and sometimes he calms the
child,  think he is doing a bit of both in her case.
I am thankful for the nice time we had Celebrating our
Anniversary,  and Celebrating our sons birthday on
Friday and Saturday.  It is always a blessing to be
with our family.
I am thankful that my back hasn't given me anymore
I am thankful for our sweet Anniversary cards
and for 2 restaurant gift certificates that we were given.
  That will mean a few more nice evenings out. Yea!
I am thankful for some really nice compliments
that I rec'd this week from several people, that
encouraged me as a homemaker and as a christian.
I am thankful for all of you who come by to visit
and leave such nice and encouraging comments
as well.  I am so enjoying my friendship with you.
I am thankful I don't have to cook a Turkey
for Thanksgiving!  lol
I really don't like Turkey that much and the last
2 years we had problems with them, (I really think it was
because of our oven tho)  and we did get a new one
earlier this year, but I just don't want to take any chances,
 so this year
I decided to make all the normal fixings like the
mash pot and gravy and the dressing, and veggies just
 as if I were making a Turkey,  but to  make a great
Chicken Dish that we all love instead.  Everyone
is fine with it,  Sooooooo I'm a happy Camper!! lol
Well, there's my list,  how bout yours.
Leave me a few comments and tell me what you
are thankful for,  you gotta get practiced up
for Thanksgiving anyway!!  lol
Glad you came by and hope you have a great
Weekend,  see ya on Sunday if not before.
Blessings and hugs,


  1. Hi sweet friend, Nellie I am thankful for you and for Becky introducing us. What a wonderful list of gratitude. Life is good isn't it!
    Our God is good all the time. Just wish we lived closer so I could come visit in person-some day though.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Thanks for coming by to my, The plumed Pen, blog and leaving those wonderful comments of encouragement; glad you liked the kitties!~ Hope you can join us one time soon for,TUESDAT TEA FOR TWO!..,

    I just read your Thankful Thursday list in detail;It sounds like God has blessed you with much to be thankful for lately my dear!

    Family, your son's birthday, your 39th anniversary celebrations;(wow~ you look way too young to be celebrating your 39th!);the gift certificants, encouragemnts and a friend that the Lord is greatly ministering to.., to name a few!

    ~You have inspired me my dear; I also must get back to Thankful Thursday postings that I used to faithfully post on my Silken Purse blog, as I have so much to be thankful, for as well!

    To answer your question about my digital art creations; yes I do find that it's often a matter of finding the pictures that you can use. for me, then it's matter of carefully changing the images appreciably, as the components of my digital art creations..,

    I would recommend compiling folders loaded with , copy-right free, individual components of objects that you like; "cutting them out" digitally, flipping, then changing, even adding elements, re-colouring and re-sizing. It is alot of work!

    Also it helps when images such as lace and flowers for instance, are elements and images that I have already painted, and then can use freely.., Perhaps you also have some art of your own, to draw from as a resource as well.

    You see from my prior years as an artist,(although I am still an artist, yet I'm referring to when I used to sell my art wholesale),~lol; I had created literally 100's of paintings from which to draw from..,

    Hope that helps my dear!~I can't wait to see what you'll create next!

    Cheers, hugs and blessings from Silken Purse

  3. Comment received via email from Sister Susie

    #1. I'm thankful for you and your hubby, too!

    #2. I'm so thankful Christ rescued you too! THe old hymn I remember singing as a child is:

    "Rescue the perishing, care for the dying;

    Jesus is merciful, Jesus will Save."

    Thank you, Holy Spirit, for Your leadership in our lives!

    #3. The word of our God tells us, "Hope springs up Eternal" for those who love the LORD.

    #4. I'm thankful for your shopping reminders, ha! I've got to get started!

    #5. I'm thankful my friend, Sylvia, is enjoying her retirement from teaching. I would love to be retired too!

    #6. Blessings are apart of our joy in the LORD. I believe family get togethers are the tops of those blessings.

    #7. The LORD knows our every need. Prayer, not only from ourselves, but family and friends is honorable unto Him to bless us back to wellness.

    #8. As we get older, less cooking is a blessing for us all, ha!

    #9. I'm thankful every time one of my kindergarten students' makes a compliment to me from their little sweet hearts.

    #10. I look so forward to your Thankful Thursday Blog. It assists me in taking time to look at what my Savior has blessed me with!

    #11. If it's the bacon wrapped oven chicken in mushroom sauce over rice, yum yum! I've had it and it's really goooood! You may have people asking you for the recipe!

    Love, Sister Susie


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