Monday, November 23, 2009

And the Winner Is????

Happy Monday Sweet Friends,
Hope yall had a very nice weekend!
Seems like it just flew by for some reason.
Well,  my Monday has been very good so far,
How bout yours???
I started the day off by finishing up some Thanksgiving
cards I had been working on,  and got those off to
the recipients,  then got inspired and decided to make
some pretty verse cards for the table on Thanksgiving
day,  meant to take a picture and forgot, and I already
downloaded the new ones.  Sorry!!
They were not all that exciting,  tho pretty!
Then I made two pans of cornbread for making
my stuffing on Wednesday,  and made the gravy
ahead too.  My most stressful thing on Thanksgving
day is having to make the gravy at the last minute.
Just hate it,  so a few years ago I found a recipe
where you use vegetables and broth and it is truly
delicious,  so that solved my last minute gravy
dilemma,  and works out perfectly for us this year
especially since I am not making Turkey!
Hope you don't think I am Un American,  lol
I truly am not! I am just a girl who isn't that thrilled
with that Big Bird!   He can just gobble, gobble
somewhere else!! lol
Guess you can see by my opening pic what else
I have been up to...........we have 3 more sets
of dishes sitting in our living room in the boxes.
I took 2 place settings of each runner up on the
dining room table, and took out all some of my side
dishes and accessories to see how they went
together, and have had them there since last Friday,
  so I just go and look at them ever so often and
try to decide,  I have never had this much
trouble picking a set of dishes! 
Ridiculous is the word I would choose,
but it has seriously been a tough decision
because not only are they pretty the quality
is very good as well! 
Do I get a Halleleujah to that!!  Finally!!
Some quality dishware.
I have narrowed it down to two,  the demure
and stylish Ivory colored square ones,

and these lovely Scalloped edge Shabby Chic white ones.

A this point I think the winner is the Lovely
white "Shabby Chic" ones.  They were
definitely more than I wanted to pay but what can I
say, I am in love with them!  So I have decided that one
 box is for our Anniversary and the other for Christmas, 
and that works fine for me, cause I have Christmas
dishes that my sweet Sister-in-law gave me.
They belonged to her and my late mother-in-law.
So the new ones will be something nice to
look forward to in the New Year!
Wanted to show you some new items I found
that I think you will enjoy if you can find them
where you live.

These are Gingerbread Pecan Biscotti
in case you can't read the label down there!
They are delightful and have a lil bit of
glaze atop them.  Very delicious!
If you have Publix Grocery stores
that is the place to get them.

And these are yummy dark chocolate dipped
pretzels.  We found these last year and they were
so good I was on the hunt for them this year.
Publix again!  I just love that Store!!
We also watched a great movie last weekend.
It is the sequel to "The Note",  if you haven't seen
"The Note" you should probably watch it first,
then watch :"The Note II" Taking a chance on Love.
They are both Hallmark Hall of Fame movies
as always with there movies,  they are very
very heartwarming!
I also heard a very good revue on the new
Disney movie "A Christmas Carol" from a
Christian station on TV.  He said it was the
best version of it he had ever seen,  and they
even mention the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Imagine that!!
Also got an Amazing Surprise today as well.

I rec'd this in the mail on Friday,  but did not
order it.  The cookies were free but the coffee
was $45.00.  It is from one of their specialty
programs and is more than the normal coffee.
So I called them today to say I did not order
this cause I am not in their specialty program,
so she said what if we charge you have the
price and you can keep all the coffee,  and
I said well,  I just got my by monthly shipment
so I really don't want it,  so she said well,
we will just credit your acct. and you can
keep all the coffee,  and I said,  Let me
make sure if I understood you........
Did you just say you would credit the $45.00
back to our acct., and I can keep the coffee
for free,  and she said That's right!
Happy Thanksgiving
Merry Christmas to us!!
I just love when God sends along these
wonderful lil totally unexpected surprises!
He is awesome indeed!
Also,  found out hubbies stress test
will be on Dec. 11th,  so thank you for
your prayers,  I am feeling them........
 Sweet Friends.......You guys are precious indeed!
Just in case I don't get to say it before Thanksgiving,
I hope all of you have the most Wonderfully Blessed
Thanksgiving and time with your family and friends!!
Hubby will be off the rest of the week and then of
course, there is all that great cooking to do as well!
So Have a Thankful & Safe Thanksgiving!
Love, blessings and hugs,


  1. ok, i totally love the Shabby chic dishes! we have all Shabby chic bedding in this house, lol. I love Shabby chic!
    and Gingerbread Pecan Biscotti?! i would die to try that! haven't seen it around here. and we don't have your grocery store here either so we probably won't get it. rats! i love gingerbread anything! lol.
    enjoy the week with your hubby being home! i hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving! oh and the coffee-awesome!

  2. I can see why you had a hard time choosing! Both sets of dishes are really nice! And what are you making if not turkey??? Did I miss it in the post? I'll go back and re-read. We always have place cards with scripture verses to read aloud before we eat on Thanksgiving. Ever since I was a little girl, every year we do them, except the years we go to my brother's house. Enjoy your day and all your preparations!

  3. I just realized that I had quickly read this post the other night before falling into bed and forgotten to make a comment. Sorry about that! That is what happens when you are up late and should already be sleeping!

    I think you have made the perfect choice for your dishes. After seeing lots of your home furnishings while reading the posts I think they go best with your cozy home atmosphere. I love them and I think I would have chosen them too as they are the white you wanted and have that little bit of frill that we both seem to enjoy. The squarish ones are beautiful too, just a lot more contemporary. So, good job!

    Sure hope you do enjoy your Thanksgiving and I'm sure you will.




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