Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 39th Anniversary and Our story

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,
Even though this is a few days late,  3 exactly,  I still
want to pay a tribute to my Wonderful Hubby of 39 years!
So excuse me for just a minute,  and then I will tell you
Our Story of how we met.
Happy Anniversary
Again Honey!
Your are the Best,  and I appreciate 
 and Love you so very much,
and could never imagine what my
life would be like without you in it!
With that said,  I have to tell you we had a very
lovely and fun weekend, truly a delight for us.
We had plans to go do some shopping at some
Malls we only frequent once a year,  but due
to the shooting in Orlando on Friday and the
traffic,  we decided to stay nearer home, but
we still had a great time Christmas Shopping
and going out to dinner,  then on Saturday
Scott and his new girlfriend, Megan and our
daughter Dee and my Sister-in-law Susan came
over for a Lasagna feast.  Then we played
the new "Uno" game.  It is a riot,  instead of
you drawing cards,  it shoots them out to
you and in the number the machine chooses.
This game is garanteed to give you some laughs
for sure!  Then of course,  on Sunday there was
 church and on Monday,  we just enjoyed lounging
around reading to one another and hanging out and
relaxing.  It was just fun being together, with
no agenda and nothing we had to do!
We also took our first showers in our newly
renovated bathroom.  What a delight!
Can't believe how much bigger the shower
seems,  because of the lighter and larger tile.
I love it everytime I use it,  feel like I am
at the Ritz Carlton or something ! lol
And I can thank my Sweet, hardworking,
"make it look just right" hubby. He did
such an excellent job,  and I helped too,
so he gave me a pat on the back too! lol
Well,  I better get on with the Our Story
We met  on January  9,  1970,  I was an 18 yr. old
Senior in high School,  and he was a 22 yr. old
guy who just got out of the Air Force,  and came
back home to his family in Key West, Florida.
Jimmy (as the family calls him) used to be best
friends with  my step brother-in-law, David, 
 and happened to run into him at Burger King, 
and they talked a bit,  and David said,  hey,
My sister-in-law just broke up with her boy
friend,  maybe I can set you up,  so Jim said
okay,  why not?? 
My  Step -Sister Kathy calls and tells me the
scoop and I am a little nervous because
David had tried to set me up before and I
wasn't too thrilled,  and Jimmy didn't know
what he might be getting into either.
I told Kathy I would only go with they
would go too.  So she said of Course, so
this all took place on a Friday and my
Dad was very strict,  and my step Mom
could not get a hold of him,  so she told us
to go to the movie and come right back.
So they come to get me,  and my sister
comes up,  and says he is really cute,
and we are both relieved.  While he was
downstairs waiting my beautiful auburn
haired sister-in-law who was living with
us while my step brother was in Thailand
went down to leave and when she walked
thru the living room,  he thought that  she
 was his date,  and then quickly found out
 she wasn't, 
 Now........he was a little worried.
Shortly after Kathy and I came down,
and  I was introduced to my blind date,
  and off we went.
 He was feeling a bit better by then, I think!  lol
We went to see "Butch Cassidy and the
Sundance Kid",  and we came right back after
the movie just as my step Mom had asked. 
He had opened doors and car doors,
and  I thought he was very polite and nice, 
much much nicer than most guys I had  dated.
I also thought that there was something very
 different about him, but I didn't know what, 
 and I liked him a lot right off.
Almost a week went by and I had heard
nothing from him,  and my sister asked
had I heard from him and I said No,
guess he didn't like me, She died laughing
and said I have never seen you like
a guy this much,  I think you are gonna
marry this one.  I said I doubt that!
I can't even get him to call me.
 But he showed up at their house that evening
 and she asked him why hadn't he called me,
and he said well,  I didn't really think she
could date,  and she said oh Yea,  she can,
you should give her a call.
So........ He called me that night when he
got home,  and asked me out for the next
night,  and I didn't want to seem to eager,
so I said I already had plans, so he asked
me if I had plans for Saturday night and
I said No.  So we went out on Sat. nite
to the movies again,  and he asked me if
I would like to go to church with him in
the morning and come over for Sunday
dinner and meet his family.
Well,  I was very impressed with that,
and said yes!
So the next day we went to church
and his Pastor introduced me by mistake
as his fiancee,  and we were both a lil
embarassed and didn't know what to say.
We think now he was a prophet!!  lol
He also married us as well.
It was a very small Church,  and the
Sunday School was in the choir loft,
and when we sat on one of the benches
it fell and we wound up on the floor.
Nothing short of an embarassing day!
But it was all so darn funny too!
I had met his parents at church,
and then we went over to their home
afterwards for dinner,  and spent
most of the day.  I loved his family
right away,  and they were very
loving and sweet to me
From that day forward I don't think
we missed a day of seeing each other
and by the end of May we we were starting
to talk of engagement.  I was getting ready
to graduate but I said I didn't want a ring
for graduation,  I wanted our engagement to
be a whole separate occasion. 
At my Graduation party he gave
me a gift in a tiny box,  that was inside a
lil bank,  and when I opened the bank
it looked like a ring box,  and everyone
just knew it was gonna be a ring,
me included,  but when I opened it,
it was a charm for my bracelet he
had bought me for my birthday
I think everybody was a lil
disappointed, in a way,  secretly,
so was I... just because it would have been
such a surprise.  But he had honored
my wishes,  and I was glad of that too!
On August 18th,  I officially got my
ring and loved it!  Course,  I helped
pick it out!  lol
Pretty soon after our engagement, we began
to make Wedding plans,  and were finally
wed on Nov. 7, 1970 in First Baptist church
of Key West, Florida.
We resided in Key West for just over a year,
then moved to Hialeah, Florida for 3 weeks,
then to Bitburg, Germany for 10 months,
then back to KeyWest for 2 weeks, then
moved to Goldsboro, N.C.,  for 3 months,
then to Homestead, Florida for 5 months,
then to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for about
7  years or so,  and have residing in the
Central Florida area for almost 30 years now.
From the time we left Hialeah to Fort Lauderdale
hubby did govt. contracting that is why we moved
so much.  It was a fun and exciting time tho.
We settled down  once we got to Ft. Lauderdale
and bought our first home and had our son
Scott while we were there.  He was 21/2 when
we moved to Central florida.

Here is hubby and son.  Scott was about 5-6 here,
which would make Jimmy 35-36 years old.
We had Scott for our 7th Anniversary,  and
Dee for our 14th,  she was born in August 1984.

Dee is about 5-6 here as well,  which would make Jimmy
about 41 or 42 here.

We had our own photo shoot for our 25th Anniversary,
and this was one of the pics.  Could not believe Scott
got his hair bleached just in time for the pics.  lol
These were some of our favorite pics tho.

This was taken Christmas right after our
29th Anniversary.

And this was taken around our 35th Anniversary,
so guess it is time for a new one soon!
Hubby has a whole new look now,  awhile
back he shaved his head,  I really like it now,
but it was a lil shocking at first.

Sorry this is sooooo long but I wanted to have
the story documented somewhere for my kids and
Grand kids,  if we ever have any! lol
And thought you might enjoy it as well.
Well,  thanks for coming by today,
and for all the nice Anniversary wishes you
sent our way,  they were truly appreciated.
Blessings and hugs,

And Happy Anniversary
Again Honey,
 Thanks for all the Great times
and Good Memories
It's been a good 39 years!


  1. Wow Nellie,

    what a precious story of God's provision and plan! His Love permeates your marriage and spills over onto all who know you both.
    Praise to His Glorious Name!

    And that a wedding cake!!! How many layers?
    You both look so sweet and so young!
    Those were the days...LOL.

    Sending Happy hugs your way ~

  2. wow, 39 years and counting! and married in just 10 months! i love your story. i didn't know your children are 7 years apart. my sister and i are 8 years apart. 6 layers of wedding cake?! you must have had a big group of guests-how sweet! i love your wedding photo :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! When I saw the picture and your cake I thought to myself "wow, those were the days when cakes were REAL" ... have you noticed so many now are just frosted styrofoam? What a wonderful love story. We celebrated 33 this year and I also blogged about our story if you care to look: http://lifebetweenthebuns.blogspot.com/search/label/marriage
    May you have many more happy years together!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I really enjoyed reading your love story and seeing the pictures of you and your family! Thanks for sharing it and I'm hoping for grandbabies for you real soon!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love knowing people that have been married forever...they usually are just so special, so refined and unselfish. Our next will be 42 in June. I enjoyed seeing your vintage wedding photo...looks a lot like ours. We didn't know half the 400 at our wedding they were all friends of our parents. We had a very tall cake too..layer upon layer.

    Your children are so cute, honestly they look so much like you and Jimmy. Great bleached blond look on Scott. Aren't kids so funny?

    It's a beautiful life you have both created. Congrats! Love to you both! Glad that blind date turning into something wonderful!


  6. Oh Nellie! What a fun story!! And what an amazing thing God did when He brought you and Jimmy together! You two are such a great team, and your marriage is a wonderful testimony to today's world!! Thinking back through the years I can only begin to imagine the amount of lives you both have touched through your ministries. You two are truly a dynamic duo!! Batman and Robin have nothing on you!!

    May God continue to bless the loving commitment and covenant you made with Him, and give you many more years of happiness together!

    Love you gal!!

    OH and that wedding photo is absolutely charming and precious!!

  7. Thank you for 39 wonderful years... They have been precious years filled with time with my best friend and lifelong lover, YOU!!!

    Thank you for your loving comments...

    It has been and will continue to be the trip of a life-time!!!!

    With All My Love
    Your Hubby....


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