Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dishes, Dishes, Dishes

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends
Hope this finds you well and full of joy!
I'm doing well,  but just up to my eyebrows in
dishes!  All I wanted for my Anniversary was
a new set of dishes,  nothing really expensive,
just some nice white dishes to replace my other
company dishes,  and then to use the old company
dishes for my new everyday ones,  cause they
are starting to look a bit shabby.
Well,  we looked everywhere online before we
even went out,  and I also looked around off an on for
 a month or so before.  Saw some at Penneys,  but
when we went there they were more of a cream not
pure white,  and then one set was even light gray.
So forget that!
Then we looked at Macy's they had some boxed
sets by a well known person.  We saw some of the
pcs. had flaws so we asked her if we could go thru
them and she said yes,  well,  we went thru 3 boxes
and could only find enough pcs. for 1 set of 4.
So forget that!
Then we went to Sam's club to get something else
and found the nice set of bright white dishes you
see in the pic above and below.  We were thrilled!


Until we got them out of the box and looked them over.
All the cups and bowls were in great condition,
but all, and I  do mean all of the salad plates and
the dinner plates had numerous scratches on
the surface of the plate.  We have been thru
3 boxes now,  and never found any without
scratches,  and these are from a well known
dinner manufacturer. they definitely need a  new
quality control mgr. for sure,  cause I think most
of the scratches had to happen before they packed
them,  cause they packed them really well.
We stopped @ 3 sets cause I am afraid hubby is
gonna get a hernia lugging them back and forth .
I had this dreamy idea,  that we were gonna
buy dishes,  take them out of the box and
wash them and put them away.  Oh, Silly Me!!
I used some polish I had and tried to see what would
happen if I buffed them some,and true they didn't look as bad,
 and maybe it's just me,  but when I buy something new
I sort of expect it to look new!!  Do you???
or I figure I could have just gone over to the thrift
store for them.
So even tho they didn't look awful,  it is sort of the principal
of the thing.  I feel like if as Americans we keep accepting poor
quality, it will only get worse!  And then as I thought about it more
 I thought I had also seen dishes that were a lil more stylish and sort
of had my heart set on that too.
So decided to look online again.  My first stop was Target cause they
 had they shabby chic dishes but they were way more than I wanted
to pay,  but you never know they could be on sale.  Well,  they weren't
 but I looked at all there dinnerware and I found these below
and they made my heart sing.

Only thing is they were Ivory colored,  I know they look
pure white in this picture,  I only wish they were!
But I decided to try them to see if they would look
okay with my other white ware. 
You can see the Ivory color more in the pic below.

Also wanted to see how they would go with all my tablecloths
and napkins cause I don't want to have to buy more of those too.
  Since I had to try it to see how it looked figured I might as well take
 some pics, cause I know how you girls like that stuff.
 Me too,  I just love a pretty table!  So decided I might as
well have fun with it as I was deciding.


Looks white again here,  think it just depends on
the lighting.  Forgot to tell you that they were out
of stock online,  so one of the Targets near us had
one set,  and I found a target near where hubby
works that put aside another set for us yesterday.




Thought you might like the lil Rose in the cup.
Anyway........after all this fun.............and I
decided I wanted to keep them,  and thought
I would only have to find a couple of small
dishes to go with it.  I was gonna call the Target
where they had the other set to find out exactly
where it was located for hubby,  and then
decided to make sure they had put them up
at the service desk as I had asked since it
was the last set they had.
Well,  good thing I asked.........cause they
didn't...............so much for these dishes too!
Guess it isn't in the Lords plan for me to have
dishes right now,  and that is okay,  Father
Always Knows Best......I usually find that
his delays, often times wind up being my delight!
He knows better than I do what I would
really like,  and maybe it just isn't available
right now,  so guess we'll just have to wait
and see,  but they sure where fun to look
at for awhile!!  lol
I spent most of the morning boxing them
all up to take back,  both sets that is,  cause
 the first set has been all over the counter  for over a week,
then added the new set yesterday so there were more
 on the counter and now they were on the table too,
Couldn't see the point in boxing them up till we made
 up our mind.
  The bright spot is my house looks a lot neater now!!  lol
Beware,  don't going looking for dinnerware!! lol
Have a great evening guys,
Blessings and Hugs, Nellie


  1. Why do I feel so close to you right now? Maybe because as hard as your search for dishes has been, so has my search for curtains. It's been so difficult. I have a particular set in mind and have them hanging in our upstairs hallway. I have been to so many Walmarts and on line also and am short by 3 panels. The best news is the ones I purchased a few months ago for the upstairs hallway were around $18 each panel, so $40 for the window. I was able to get the 5 panels I have now for, $4.50 each!!! Can you believe that? I'm going shopping tomorrow to look for curtains and will probably use the ones I love in another room.

    I absolutely LOVE those white dishes, the ivory ones. But I understand completely why you're returning them. If you have quite a few other white accessories, the dishes need to be white as well!!

    Hope you can find what you want!!! Enjoy your day!

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  3. Wow, what a hassle! I hope you find just what you want one of these days and that it is in great shape! I really like the shape of the ivory ones...very stylish and unique. Too bad there were not enough. Do you have an Ikea or Homegoods near you? They both have lots of white dishes all the time and you can mix and match them as they are sold by the piece not in sets. I like that way of buying dishes so you don't land up with pieces you never use. Good luck things will work out! (And yes they did look like aliens on that crazy love seat!)!


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