Tuesday, April 5, 2011

People are a riot!!

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Good Morning Sweet Friends,

How is your day a going??
Hope you have nice 
sunny warm weather today??

Our's is stormy again and dismal,  but sure is making
our grass greener!!

Something just happened that I just had to share
cause hubby and I are both still laughing about it
in disbelief.  I am so thankful God has given us
such a good sense of humor!! 

The mailman just came to the door in the rain
with a certified letter,  and hubby had to sign to get it,
 which always gets your attention............
and it was from a company that hubby had sent a 
resume to a while back.
So that peaked our interest even more and
of course,  we are thinking they are probably
wanting to talk to him or interview him.

This is what the letter said:

Dear Mr. Cozy Place

We have received your resume and thank you for your
interest in the Software Engineering position within our
organization.  After reviewing:  it appears you do not
possess the required education and /or experience 
and will not be considered for an interview.

We wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Donna So and So
Human Resources Manager

We never knew they sent Cerftified turn down letters!! lol

Nothing like getting a persons hopes up and then
kicking them....... once they open the letter!!

Hubby said, and the poor mailman had to get wet for this!!

We are just dying laughing every time we think about
 how ridiculous it is!!
People are just too funny!!

I really feel like calling them and saying do you 
really think it is necessary to make a turn down letter
a certified letter that you have to sign for????

I feel really badly for someone who gets that ..........
that might be depressed  or really struggling with their 
situation, or that doesn't have a sense of humor!!
Oh My Word!!

Well,  that is our funny for the day!!

So what do you think about the letter???

Oh yea, and his interview went okay yesterday didn't
last too long tho,  he felt like once they found out he
was a Sr. level engineer,  the guy quit asking
questions,  and shortly after the interview was over.
They had a copy of his resume.............
Maybe they can't read!!  Who Knows!! lol

note:  thought I had better clarify.....his interview
yesterday had nothing to do with the letter today,
it was from a totally different Company, that he
has never heard from or interviewed for before,
only applied to..............
I didn't realize how confusing that would be
to read!  Sorry!!

We have the last laugh tho, cause we really do know
that the Lord knows our needs,  and He will bring
 a job when He knows the time is right or He will 
continue to take care of us until Jim can launch 
his business!!

Just had to share that encouraging 
letter with you and give you 
a laugh too!

Thanks for all your prayers for us, 
 we do feel them and appreciate them.

Have a  Terrific Tuesday!

Love,  Hugs,  and
 Rainy Day Blessings,


  1. CRAZY! At the risk of sounding like "sour grapes", why would anyone want to work at such a company? It really does seem strange. Surely they didn't send them out to EVERYONE who interviewed?!? May your husband was in the "finals" and they felt some responsibility to communicate?

  2. That company must have an excess of funds to send certified letter for this! The time it takes for staff to do and the cost of the sending it...oh well, at least it provided a good laugh! You're the sweetest thing Nellie...I hope your and Mr. Cozy Place have a wonderful week!

  3. It sounds like to me that after interviewing and reading his resume, they are the ones who felt like the students in training. The education thing....Jim is over qualified for what their menial needs are and I'm sure they realized that!

    Let Jim know if he needs a financial partner for his business, I'm willing, ready, and able!

    Love you all,

  4. I'm glad you and Jim can find something to laugh about in the midst of the situation, as I know that job-hunting is stressful and discouraging. I DO think it's totally odd to get a certified turndown letter. I have never heard of that before.

    Praying a job opens up for Jim...one for Gary too.


  5. Gee...just doesn't make sense for sure!
    On the other hand, many employers feel no responsibility to respond at all.
    I'm praying for the position in Sanford and believing with you that GOD has the timing and the position all under control!
    Blessings to both of you! ((HUGS))

  6. Most companies never let you know one way or another but the certified letter is sure overkill. Hope things work out soon.

  7. Having walked in your shoes, I totally agree about the letter. I'm so glad you were able to laugh about it.

    I followed that the interview in question was for a different job. I pray favor for your husband.

    As I said, I've been there. I learned so much about my God through it all. He is so good.

  8. I love how you are so kind! I was thinking to my self...what a bunch of idiots run that place. All in good time the right fit will appear and you will be set. Love you both...good luck! B

  9. Oh my! That is so strange about the letter. I guess they wanted to make sure you got it, silly.

    I am praying for all and I am so glad that you share your heart. Your trust in the Lord in encouraging to read.

    God is still God and God is still good

  10. I'm so glad the two of you do have such great senses of humor & a great attitude. I'm keeping good thoughts for you.

    I really enjoyed your little vignette & story about the Crowned Chirps. So funny, I was just at Michael's this morning & saw a couple of those on the clearance aisle. You just never know where those little stinkers are going to be hanging out!

  11. Hi Nellie, I'm re-entering blogland and trying to catch up on reading/writing after a very busy "1st quarter" of the year! We got many of those rejection letters the two times hubby was unemployed, but they NEVER came certified mail! It almost makes you wonder if the clerical person got something mixed up and sent the wrong letter in the certified envelope? So sorry your hubby is still WAITING! But so glad the humor is still intact!

    You are a CERTIFIED "life-giver" of the variety I talked about in a recent post over at my "mistress" blog (www.mistressofmydomain.blogspot.com). I'm sorry, I just had to throw that in because you truly are a woman who raises life above mere existing...with all the beautifying you do in your home, all the inspiring you do in the lives of others. I know your hubby is grateful for the way you walk beside him during this season of life...he is a blessed man!

    The wedding is coming up soon and God is working everything out as He knows not only our needs, but the desires of our hearts as well. Loved reading about your finding the dress and being able to use the gift cards for a wonderful day!

    Take care, love your spring look over here!!

  12. I read the other comments, sweet friend, and I echo them all! You are kinder than kind, and such an encourager!! God has truly gifted you, and you inspire me and so many others!!
    Sure was great to have a snippet of time with you!! Always a delight!
    Love you,


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