Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White Wednesday

Greeting Sweet Friends,
Welcome to White Wednesday!!

Haven't done one of these since last spring,
 I think it was!

So how was your day today??
Nice, I hope!

Our's was good but we had an early dental appt. for hubby,
 and we got up late cause he forgot to set the alarm, so we
were up and out of the house pretty quickly!!  lol
Then we ran some errands and didn't get back to the
late afternoon,  and had stuff to do,  so that is why
I am posting so late!!  Better late than never,  I guess!

The header pic was taken when I started to redecorate
for spring and Easter,  I had just sat stuff on the chair
to get it out of my way for a few minutes,  and then
thought that would make a great White Wed. pic!!
Then I decided to tweak it just a little, that being
the picture above.

Same picture with "Cut Out" a photoshop affect!
Loved how it looks!

Just tried this candle stick under the cloche
to see how it would look and liked it so
put the plate behind it and took a shot.

Here it is done with my fav "posterized"  affect

Then decided to move the cloche and candlestick to the mantle.

Added  the topiary and tucked a rose amongst all the white 
to tie the coffee table and the mantle together!!

To see pics of the coffee table (Click Here)

Enjoyed the look of the trailing raffia bow to
give a lil texture!

"Posterized"  Again!!  .......Just can't help myself!!  lol

Then decided since I was decorating for Easter
I should add the bird and a pink ribbon to the

Had to cover a cord,  so decided to use my Grandmothers
handkerchief,  it was my something old I wore for my Wedding!
  It was nicely tucked inside my garter,  and many times during
 the ceremony and I was crying ( cause love always has made
 me very emotional), I was sure wishing I could get to it!! lol

I think it is very beautiful!!

These were in the center of the mantle,  I have since moved
them to put  hubby and I's birthday cards there!!  lol

This is the opposite side of the mantle.
Love this statue of Jesus that a friend and neighbor
gave me years ago of Jesus with lil children.

makes everything wonderful
and  love always wins!!

A lovely box of mints from Victoria Secret
from a Sweet Young Lady named Katie,
a sweet favor from her Wedding!! 
Remember Jessica!!

A sweet demitasse cup I found years back at TJ Maxx,
with a lovely fresh cut rose candle inside, and a lil
touch of lace for this end of the mantle too!

Posterized,  Of Course,
Doesn't it look so romantic!!

Oh Yea,  and one last pic of the whole mantle,  I almost
forgot!  sorry it is a lil bit blurry.........wish I had known earlier

I would have taken another picture!

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the world
of white with a titch of pink!!   lol

Thanks for dropping in.............
love hearing from you!!

Have a good day tomorrow,
can't believe it is almost Thursday!!

Make sure to go over and visit Kathleen
at Faded Charm Cottage to see all the
other White Beauty!
Click Here

Love, Hugs,  and 
Pristine White Blessings,


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  2. Loved following along with your thought process while you decorated for White Wednesday. You did a great job. Beautiful things and memories.

  3. What a sweet post! I love your whites and your camera "tricks". Great to get to know you through White Wednesday. I'll be back. I'm your newest follower.
    Ladybug Creek

  4. I love your pretty white vignettes! Doesn't ivy look wonderful with white? The little cloche with the birdie inside was so Springy! Lovely post, thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Hi Nellie

    I just love the romance of white and roses that you have created. It reminds of a Victorian gift store that I shop in.

    You are a very good photographer too and love your posterized effects.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Love you!

  6. Love your whites, and that sweet Jesus figurine! So precious! That cloche with the birdy in it is sooo cute! I was going to do WW this week, but it got too overcast for me to get good photos! Maybe next week!

    Love ya gal!
    Talk to ya soon!

  7. See now, THIS is the type of skill that I lack. I am really trying, inspired by blogland of course, to be a more creative vignetter. Is that a word? It should be.

  8. Nellie, this is a lovely post, I adore all of the details you've done with your cloche. Your sweet comments on my blog, made my night!

  9. White shows so brightly against the wood! I really love your little bird under glass!

    Love you all,

  10. These are all beautiful white things! I especially love the pedestal under the cloche. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Beautiful photography and lovely whites. ~~Sherry~~

  12. Awww! Yes, how well I remember those mints!
    Sweet post dear friend.
    Still in the battle up here, but sense GOD is delivering. ((HUGS))

  13. I love all the white it is so restful and beautiful. I am also a color person. But would lvoe a white room at some point in my life. Very pretty. Good job on the mantel!


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