Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Manna - Happy Day After Easter

Happy Day After Easter
Sweet Friends,

Hope your Easter was meaningful,
hope filled, full of love, joy, and peace,
 loved ones and great food and goodies!

Our's was all of that! It was wonderful to have our two
 adult children and our two adult children to be, with us
 for the Easter Service this morning and for dinner after-
wards and until late afternoon, when they went to visit
with their new families to be.  It was a good day from
beginning to end!  
Hubby and I wound up taking a late afternoon nap
from 5-7:30, and then stayed up very late watching 
the latter part of the Passion of Christ. 
 It is such a poignant portrayal of what our Lord went
 through for us...........although I have seen it several times 
now,  it is always soooo hard to watch.  It is just so amazing
 how blood thirsty, evil and brutal the men were who
 tortured him.
Just inconcievable to me really!

At times, I just wished I could take those whips and
 thrash them a few times so they would get a taste of
 what they were doing to Him, and that maybe it would
 make them stop!!
  I can not even begin to imagine how his Mother and 
friends must have felt to have to watch it all for real!
It has to be like watching a nightmare you can't 
wake up from! 
 That is what it seems to me when they just keep beating 
him and beating him, I have to admit I have to leave the
 room some of the time, for my heart can hardly stand it.

Every time I watch it I can't help pondering it all for
 days.............but one thing I can say for sure is I am so
 thankful and grateful that the story did not end at
 the crucifixion........
He went thru all the agony, torture and horribleness
of the crucifixion and dying, Only to be raised
 from the dead unto a new life with His Heavenly Father, 
 also giving those that believe in His name and in what
 He did on that cross..... salvation from our sin nature,
  a new life here and now, and eternity in heaven
 with Him when we leave this planet.

Doesn't get any better than that!! 

Who doesn't want to have the power to over
come bad habits and thoughts?

Who doesn't want a better life?

Who doesn't want a second chance at life?

Who doesn't want to know their purpose 
in life?

Who doesn't want to know where they are
going when they die??

Well, Jesus gives us the answers to all those
questions and more.

These are just the late night ponderance
of a woman who can't sleep, because she
can't quit thinking about the love, sacrifice, 
and forgiveness that He poured out for me 
and for you!! 

What A Savior!!

Jesus paid it all............
All to HimI owe
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow!

Thanks for dropping by and for
 reading the tender ramblings 
of my heart!

Love hearing from you!!

May You Ponder His Great Love,
as well

Love, and Hugs,


  1. Nellie, your afternoon sounds very joyful and peaceful. I napped too after the last Easter guest left. My goal was to be able to watch the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie (which we often try to watch). By the time 9:00 rolled around and it was time for it to begin, I KNEW I couldn't. I went to bed and slept SO well.

    I confess I've never watched The Passion of Christ. The few excerpts I DID see were more than I could bear. I KNOW He bore so much more for me, but somehow, I can't watch it (or any other crime shows where there is brutality, etc.).

    I like your list of "Who doesn't wants". I want all of those and have found them in Jesus! I'm needing to apply His power to a bad habit in the eating area again this week. The power that raised up Jesus is available and residing in me.

  2. Hope you had a very blessed Easter. We enjoyed it with our son, dil and 4 little gkids. The egg hunt was hysterical!
    Now to eat all those jelly beans!

  3. I'm so glad our story has a happy ending and He rose from the dead.

  4. It's so wonderful to see adult "children!" It makes me think of times past, ha!

    Easter is so special. It is the best gift ever that our Holy GOD gave to us! It's only going to get better for those who love HIM!

    I just wish I could have just a little glimpse of our Eternal Home!

    Love to you,

  5. A little sad that Easter has come and gone was different for us this year, but always GOOD because our Savior lives! This was the first year in forever that I didn't host a large gathering, and we had no invitations so hubby and I went out to a nice restaurant and enjoyed it. Our family gathered later in the day at mom's condo for a "dessert" that I arranged...we all brought something to contribute and it was fine. Instead of going to our regular church, we decided to attend a launch of an inner city campus of our church, and we were so blessed! Sat next to some visitors and did our best to make them feel welcome. We are just longing for the rain to stop and the sun to come out...Maybe today??!

  6. We have not seen the Passion of Christ. I just know I could not handle it from the previews I saw of it. But I am so grateful for your testimony of what it all was depicting. I once gave a talk in church on Easter and it was on Calvary and my approach was wondering what happened to those men born beautiful innocent babies that turned them into brutal killers? What were they thinking when they raised the anvil over their heads to strike the blows to the nails to pierce his hands and feet? How can we make sure this kind of hard heartedness never creeps into our own lives? Just writing that talk and presenting it were agonizing for me.

    But it happened, it was the Plan and the only way to redeem us, and it is over now and the results have made all things possible through Christ. Even though it is hard for me to think of the price He paid, we celebrate His gifts every day!

    Have a great week, Nellie!

    Love, Bon


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