Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Last summer Table

 Know these look familiar,  but I got a lot of mileage out of them!! lol
 So humor me...................

 Evening Sweet Friends,

So.......... how was your day??? 
Very good........I hope!!

Mine was busy.........been trying to finish up my Fallercizing!!
Am done for another year,  and have all the boxes out and all,
but still have to put away the spring stuff!!!  Very happy with
the way everything looks,  so will post some pics next week,
when I put my new Fall Blog Face on......................

This is the last Summer table I will post,  I actually had 3,
but I will save them for next
Cause I know yall are into Fall now,  and so am I.........

I just showed pics of the flowers before not a table setting,
so since I did one with them, figured I would show ya!!

I just tied a very loose knot in the napkins
then sort of fluffed them a bit to make them
look like bows.

Photoshop affect, equalized and posterized

Notice I used clear glasses here,  cause later 
on I change them.

Same pic but with Pallete knife affect.

Same pic with a Posterized affect.

Noticed I tried it with pink glasses here!
Which do you like better????

This is a Colored Pencil affect,
I thought it was rather cool...................

Dry brush with lighting affects

Posterized!!  You know how I love that affect!

The pretty edging on the bowl against the
pretty blue background.

The flowers were sort of tall to see over, so
at the last minute I decided to use this arrangement
of faux pink ones I have as well, and added the candles.

A look straight down the table,  using the clear glasses again!
That was what I finally settled on!!

Bowl for salad and the lil pitcher for  Ranch Dressing.

Candle light at dinner.

and thought I would show you these next
shots,  just cause I thought they were so neat.
I took them after dinner was over and it was
late,  I always just leave the candles burning
till they go out themselves usually,  and happened
to see the pretty pattern it made on the tablecloth,
so took a few shots!

Hope you are having fun decorating for Fall where ever
you live..................I really love this time of the year.

I love scavenging in the yard for unique lil love gifts from
the Lord,  acorns, sycamore balls, berries,  I never know
what I will find,  so far, this year acorns and branches.
We used to have pine trees,  lots of them with pinecones,
 but Hurricane Charlie took care of that many years back,
not nary a pinetree or pinecone left in our neighborhood,
the only pinetrees left are dead and not too many
of those either.

Thanks for stopping in today!!
Love all your sweet comments...........
you help make my day!!

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Have a lovely evening.....enjoying your
 favorite people in the whole world!

Love, Hugs and
Candle light Blessings,


Lois Christensen said...

Hi Nellie! I'm trying really hard to get back to blogging on a regular basis. I love hydrangeas! They're probably one of my favorite flowers and you don't see too many arrangements for them! Yours is really pretty. Do you have a hydrangea plant in your garden? Growing up we had a border of hydrangea plants between our driveway and our neighbors. They were so beautiful. I loved them! My mother would cut them and make arrangements also for our dinning room. Enjoy your day!

sistersusiesays said...

The bouquet of flowers are so pretty! I especially like the last few shots of your candle reminds me of the beautiful glory of GOD's light in a darkened world bidding all to come unto Him!
Love to you all,

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

So pretty Nellie! Love the napkins knotted, they do look like bows! Your photographs are great!!!

Cinderella Moments said...

Cream and pink is my favorite color combo! It is such a sweet arrangement.
The beaches in the Panhandle are still gorgeous. No sign of any hurricane. I can't believe you don't visit there anymore. Maybe one day you'll get the itch to go check it out again!

Bonnie said...
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Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a delightful table. I love your candle shots.. gorgeous! hugs ~lynne~

Bonnie said...

Very pretty, Nellie. And guess what? I got my box from you just a little while ago. Loved everything in it! So awesome and it all goes so nicely in our house, even down to the cover on the book! I am going to enjoy it all very much and see you in many places in our home! I plan on doing a post on it all in the next few days. Thank you so much. you totally made my day! Felt like my birthday! Woohoo!

Donnie said...

I loved seeing all the photo treatments you used on the different tablescapes. Very pretty.

Carolyn said...

I love your bouquet and the pretty napkins tied in a bow.
Even though I love fall I always hang on to summer as long as I can.

Take care,

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! Your table is lovely as usual!! Missin you and will give you a buzz later! I might be able to pop over tomorrow for a couple of hours! Then I have to dig in...just got the other large order, and have to get to work!!

Love ya,

Barb said...

Nellie, this is lovely. Your colors are so soft and gentle. A really pretty table!


Martha said...

A very pretty table.

Comeca Jones said...

That pretty pink hydrangea looks so sweet inth pink vase.

Elaine said...

So soft and pretty. Love the napkin bows. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Fantastic summer table! Love the hues of soft pink. Great shots too.
Hope tom see you on my blog:)

Kim, USA said...

Gorgeous tablescape. Happy weekend!

Pink or Peach

Alycia Nichols said...

With flowers that pretty, I say get all the mileage out of them that you can! Very, very pretty! I like the table settings with both the clear and pink glasses!

Unknown said...

So lovely setting!

Happy Pink Saturday!