Monday, September 19, 2011

Leaving Spring Behind and Embracing Fall

Happy Monday Sweet Friends,

Know I am late today,  but have been a busy girl,  but
decided to take a few minutes to say Hello,  and say I 
 hope you had a nice relaxing weekend too!

We did,  it was very quiet, relaxing and lazy,  and we
only went out to church,  and it was one of our Missions
weekends,  and it was really so good.  Sunday evening,
they had 2 groups,  that lasted for about 20 minutes or
so,  the first one they had you sit down as if you were
loaded on the bus getting ready to take off for a missions
trip to Haiti,  and they told you everything they would
tell you just like as if you were going.  The fellow that
did the talking has been down to Haiti about 4 or 5
times this year so he knows the ropes!
Amazing what people have to go thru just to get down
there with luggage and struggles at the airport with
unscrupulous people, and the transporation in the
 country.  let alone the hard work they do.....
remember it is a 3rd world country,  and there are
only 3rd world tools,  and they can't really take any
power tools cause there is no where to plug them in.
It was a quite a snapshot of what goes on....

Then the 2nd station was a nurse and her daughter
who I think is in school becoming a nurse,  and
the Mom had been there three times.  The room
was set up to look like Haiti with chickens and
all and they had a slide presentation,  showing
what they did medically and stuff.  We found
out that some people only eat every 3-4 days.
I don't know how they survive.  It is just so
humbling when you realize how blessed we
really are in this country.
It is also, a country steeped in Voodooism
and satanic stuff,  and it is not a safe place.
Very eye opening!

I finally have gotten my spring/summer things
packed away,  but before I did I transformed
my living room into what I will call my white
room.  I have always loved the white
decorating,  so decided just to do one room
like that,  I will probably regret it when it is
time to decorate for Christmas, but oh well,
it is a done deal now.

Well,  I am leaving Summer behind.................

and embracing Fall..............................

Love these darling lil guys and gals,
we have about 4 or 5 that live in the tree out front
and they are so fun to watch them run around
and chase each other as they play.
Have tried numerous times to capture it with
the camera but they are just too too fast!!  lol

Well, gotta run,  Dee and Jerry are coming for dinner
and she is gonna do my hair,   that time again!!  

Have a Wonderful Evening with your Sweeties!

Love, Hugs,
and White Room Blessings,


Rebecca said...

What a creative way to communicate the mission information!

And I sure was hoping to see a picture of your white living room. Maybe next time ?!?

NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, Great post and I'm embracing fall too-we've had cooler weather and leaves dropping. Today hubby and I spent the morning pulling all the flowers that were dying out. We've had lots of rain too which is unusual for this time of year. Have a blessed week my friend. Love, Noreen

Donnie said...

Sounds like a great way to help the people who stay here about what is going on in these countries.

Looking forward to what changes you'll make in your home for Fall.

Cinderella Moments said...

Awww! Love those little squirrels! I don't have a single one where I live right now.
Enjoy your Autumn!

Jennifer said...

Our missions conference starts on Wednesday...always a favorite time of year and, yes, so eye-opening! We are indeed so blessed. I am always in awe (and so admiring) of those who give their all to go to the field.

Have a wonderful week, friend.

Bonnie said...

What a fun and interesting way to learn about Haiti. It is a really scary place and one that should make us realize that in spite of all that goes on here we have so much to be thankful for as you said.

I have only autumnized with the beauties you sent me. Do no worry the little pumpkin is secure. That candle holder is like a pedestal and it has a big flat disc where the pumpkin is placed. I am enjoying the book very much. You have to go over to my daybook and see the post done by Ann Voskamp (of 1000 Gifts) has done on fidelity in marriage. It is amazingly beautiful. It is linked at the very bottom of the post.

Well I am heading to bed...dead dog tired tonight since I didn't sleep well last night.

Luve to you and yours! B

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What an interesting way to hear missionaries speak! I love when missionaries come to our churches! When I was a little girl I LOVED the one Sunday a month when our children's church leader, Sister Beulah, would devote to telling us stories about missionaries. I did a little decorating myself yesterday here. The weather is really changing, but I'm sure it's still warm down in Florida! Enjoy!

Sister Susie said...

It's so amazing about the missionaries in the countries that are dangerous to be in. Our speaker spoke of that Sunday morning. I'm so glad that help can be given to Haiti without the fear of death and retaliation.

I love the picture of the cardinal. He looks like he was enjoying the splash.

Prayers are being raised!
Love to you all,

Jess said...

What wonderful missions presentations! That committee continues to out-do themselves, PTL!
I too want to see photos of your white room.
Blessings Hon. ((HUGS))

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I do think sometimes we forget just how "easy" we have it, even in the worst of times. I can't wait to see the white room. I think it will be wonderful to decorate at Christmas...the perfect neutral background for all those pretty holiday colors!