Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heart Tips Tuesday "Simple Pleasure" - Healthy Individual Fruit Pizza anyone???

Morning Sweet Friends,
How are you????

Hope you all had a lovely 
Labor Day weekend!!

We started ours out on Friday night shopping for
some short sleeved tops for me,  found two but they
had the long sleeves that you can roll up with the
lil tabby thing you button to hold them in place, wasn't
 totally sure about them but have learned to get them anyway, 
and if they don't work take em back......................
Think at least one is going back...........it didn't really
go well with the pants I had bought it to go with......
Oh well.................I really do NOT like shopping for
clothes,  and if I could send someone to shop for me,
I would just adore that!  Buying things for my home,
Now...........that is a totally different story,
I simply  love that.......................

Then we went to dinner at Olive Garden,  and had
just the loveliest gal as our server,  isn't it amazing
how a server can make or break your dining experience.
Well, she was a jewel.....................and the food was
wonderful,  as always!!

Then we went over to see Jerry's and soon to be Dee's
 new apt. It is very nice, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath. It is very 
unique, with wood floors in central living areas and carpeting
in the bedrooms, a loft with a metal spiral staircase, high 
ceilings and 3 stories up, I might add............I was winded
 by the time we got up there!!  Just teasing, sort of!!  lol
It is gonna really look great once they get it all guzzied
 up with all their new goodies.  Can't wait to see the
finished product.

Saturday  and Sunday were our typical, quiet and
relaxing, did get a few things accomplished around
here,  one being hubby got my windshield wipers
fixed finally..........took a while to find the part!!

Yesterday, we slept in and hung out for part of
the day then went to Home Goods to look around,
we both enjoy that store,  they have a lot of
unusual things,  didn't see anything calling my
 name tho..................and later we went to
Cracker Barrel to eat and look around their
gift shop,  they have the cutest things there.
Then we came home and watched a really
wonderful movie called "The last brickmaker
in America, with Sydney Poitier, exercised
on the gazelle and had dessert.
So it was a fun day !!
In fact,  we enjoyed the whole weekend!
We highly recommend the movie,  it really
was a great movie!


Now on to Heart Healthy Simple Pleasure.

Have you ever had a fun dessert called "Fruit Pizza"???
I have......... and I simply adore it,  but it is just not a heart
 healthy dish, unfortunately, at least the ones I have had in
 the past..............soooo, I came up with a nice alternative,
and even better it is made in individual servings, cause 
typically it is made like a whole pizza, and has fresh fruit
on top,  so if you don't eat it within a day or so,  it isn't
quite as good cause the fruit turns brown and yada yada!

Any who,  I discovered these......................

(Click on picture to enlarge if you want)

Great German Butter cookies named "Liebniz" Butter Biscuits"
 and they are delightful all by themselves............
  but they are even more delightful when you spread laughing cow
light creamy swiss cheese on top, (I lil wedge make about 5 cookies)
and the swiss cheese taste very much like cream cheese, then add some
 fresh sliced strawberries, peaches or bananas on top,  then sprinkle
 with just a lil sugar to taste, or sweet and low, if you prefer!

They are truly a lovely yet simple delight  that goes great with a 
cup of coffee.........................
or for a nice afternoon treat, or evening dessert,  ah......
I have even had them for breakfast a few times!!  lol

As for me, I really love fruit pizza,  but I would be the only 
one who could eat it in my household anyway, so these are
 a wonderful Heart Healthy alternative to a beloved dessert
 that is of a much richer variety; full of fat, sugar and
 hydrogenated oils. The neat thing is....  you can make
 them any ol time you want.... without much work,
and you can even include your family or friends,
if you want..................lol

Surely a "Simple Pleasure" for this woman

Note:  my hubby never really liked fruit pizza before,
but has grown to love these lil babies,  and enjoys
them as much as I do.................
So............don't be surprised if you are making
them for the whole family soon..................and
it will be great to be giving them a treat that you
know is heart healthy.....................

Give em a try,  you'll love them!

Thanks for stopping in.....................
Love hearing from you!

I am linking up to Dayle over at
a little of this and that too, to
share my simple pleasure,  if you
would like to read about more
simple pleasures 
Just click here.

Hope you have a lovely lovely day!

Love,  Hugs and 
Heart Healthy Fruit Pizza Blessings,


Donnie said...

That is such a good idea. I'll definitely be making that for all of us. Have a great week.

Janet said...


It is always such a pleasure to open up your BLOG. You just are one of those people that make you smile not that I need to smile today....
The fruit pizza sounds really good and refreshing. I need to see if I can find those cookies out here. I love the fruit tarts so I bet I would love this. Yummy I am getting hungry.
Our weekend ended up being not so quiet. The kids ended up staying home but our new kitty Khloe is still trying to fit in. She actually was is the shy room at the humane society but she has Tiger (our other cat) scared to death. He was dominate before but he doesn't know what to think of her. She has her days and nights mixed up too. She can be so sweet and then she loves to chase Tiger.

Have a great week!
Blessings & Hugs

Sister Susie said...

Sounds like you had a busy but enjoyable weekend! Mine was really laid back, (literally, ha!) I only went out for church!
I'm about to get out now (after the rain stops.) I have some errands to do. Have a great week.
Love to you all,

Rebecca said...

I get no pleasure shopping retail - whether for clothing for myself or household necessities.

Your personal fruit pizzas sound tasty. However, I came home w/o cream cheese of ANY kind today. (I need it for a cheeseball Friday, but couldn't part with the $ - the price seems to have almost doubled!)

Our weekend included church, a Barnes & Noble visit, and a yard/flower bed blitz Monday morning that finished just in time for an extended family Labor Day dinner followed by yard games. It was a chilly day - but we had a good time. Cold again today!

Shannon Milholland said...

One word - Yummo!

Beth said...

Hi Nellie, Hope you are doing well. You are the eternal optimist! I am well, looking for a job again....I do so enjoy being home but having the income would be nice. I feel so blessed to have the choice. And NOT to be in amongst the wildfires or floods. Life is good. God bless you and your family, Nellie.

Cinderella Moments said...

I see the cracker Barrel on our road trips to Florida. I never make it into the Cracker Barrel! I'm always in the parking lot waiting in the car with the dogs. I'm coming to your wonderful state in a couple of weeks and this time I will go and set foot in this mysterious and joyful place everybody talks about!! LOL!
Have a fantastic week!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I am exactly the same way. Hate shopping for clothes but send me to a nursery or shoppin for home and I am in Heaven.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Hi Nellie..
Seeing your comment this morning has brightened my day, so many thanks for that.
My daughters new job is going well and she's getting more used to it there and meeting new folks. It helps that her whole group goes out to lunch twice a week.
Clothes shopping isnt my favorite thing to do either..
Its a bit cooler here in NC after the storms we've had and I can almost smell fall in the air- almost: it'll be in the high 80's before the weeks out they say.. oh well, we're getting there and thats the main thing..
It'll be time to prep the yard for cold weather soon as regardless of how well I plan theres always lots to do. Good thing I like being outdoors and playing in the dirt..
I cant wait to cozy up on the sofa with a good book and some hot tea after I've been outside working.
thanks again for visiting me.. I appreciate it so much.

Patti said...

Oh, I totally love Cracker Barrel. I enjoy their food, especially their hash-brown casserole and grits with sawmill gravy!! Even more, though, I love their little gift store. So many cute items!!

I love the mini fruit pizza idea. I have never seen that kind of cookie in the store before; however, maybe I just never noticed since I am almost never in that section of the grocery store. I don't overly like Laughing Cow cheese, but I wonder if you could use that neufachatel cheese. It's supposed to be MUCH less fat than cream cheese. What do you know about the healthiness of that cheese?

Jerry and Dee's apartment sounds lovely. Hope they'll be very happy there.

Have a wonderful evening. My love to Jim.


Ms.Daisy said...

Thanks for the fruit pizza. I'd never heard of the cookies before but they sound delicious.


Dayle said...

Oh, I love fruit pizza, and I really like your healthy version. Makes me want one right now!

Kay K said...

Sounds like I want to make this !!!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

fruit pizza...never heard of them...great idea.