Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - September 1, 2011 and the WINNER IS!!!

Praise the Lord.
How good it is to sing praises to our God,
how pleasant and fitting to praise him!
Psalm 147:1

Greetings Sweet Folks,

Hope you have had a very good week!

Oh my Heavens..........Can you believe it is September 1st???
I really can't............I am amazed,  but I am also happy to
know Fall is coming...................
and it is probably coming to my house next week,  at least Florida we have to fake ourselves out
and make it feel like Fall inside or Fall will  almost pass
 us by

Well, today is finally the big day and we get to see who
my "Fall Gifting" Winner is...................
I am waiting on hubby to get home to do the drawing, 
it is all ready for him,  but, he had to make a lil detour to
 get a part for the car,  but he want be too long......... I hope.
The rest of my post is ready, just have to wait
for the Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol

I am thankful 
and happy to announce the winner of my  Fall Gifting,
the Winner is.............................

BONNIE......... over at One Designing Woman

Jim and I are laughing because we can't believe it........
I just won her give away some months back............
and it really isn't rigged,  I mixed them all up,
Jim drew and it was her.  Really wish I could send
you all something,  cause you are all such sweeties.

Bonnie is just the lovliest and sweetest lady and
has become a great blogging friend, and has been
 a tremendous blessing to me over the 2 + years I
have been blogging.  Bonnie is a lover of God,
 Family,  and beauty........She is living the retired
life with her hubby now,  and traveling and takes
us to some neat places.  Congratulations Bonnie,
Love you Girl,  and hope you enjoy your

Send me your address by my Gmail acct.
so I can get your package in the mail.
Think you already have the address, if not check
my right sidebar..

Be sure to go over and check out Bonnie's blog,
and Congratulate her on her win.
Click Here

I am thankful
for a lovely day with a sweet friend last Friday,  
we spent the day together, and it was just great!
Just the blessing I needed.

I am thankful
for these lovely flowers she brought me that you
will see interspered throughout this post.
So enjoyed them all week,  and they are still going strong!

I am thankful
that some spots, that looked like black grease splatters,
 that appeared on our family room rug, that we have
no idea where or how they came there,
We Were Able To Get Out!!   PTL

I am thankful
for great products like Resolve carpet cleaner which
takes out just about any spot there is.............
A wonderful product!

I am thankful 
for my carpet cleaner that also helped get
the spots out, and our shop vac which we had to
employ as well.  All huge blessings.

I am thankful
for a fun afternoon out yesterday.  Had to go
to the chiropracter for a routine visit,  so did
some shopping by myself afterwards,  I was
shopping for items for children that are in a
 Haitian orphanage, and what fun that was,
and what a blessing to be able to do that!

Posterized of course!!

I am thankful
that I decided to go wash a load of clothes this afternoon,
because between this morning and this afternoon sometime,
 my Era container sprung a leak and made a huge mess on
 top of the washer.  That happened before with our old
washer and it took the paint off the washer because
 it went unnoticed for a few days. Era is a very good
product as well,  it can get out those grass, blood and
tomato based stains.

I am thankful
for the sweet time we had with Scott and Megan
on Sunday,  and the sweet time we had with
Dee and Jerry on Tuesday.

I am thankful
I finally got a card off to someone today, that I have been
meaning to get to for a few weeks now.  I have been
thinking and pondering about what to say in it,  so guess
that helped with my procrastination.

I am thankful
that Scott and Megan are getting to take a trip
away together for Labor Day.  Will tell you where
they went when they return.  May even have some
pics to show you!!  lol

 Another posterized shot!!  lol

I am thankful
that sometime this weekend we get to go see the new apt.
where Dee and Jerry will be living when they get married.
 He is already living there, but they aren't really decorating
until after they get married,  but it will be fun to see it.

Well,  Sweet Friends................
Hope you have oodles of things
 to be thankful for, and that you share 
some of those blessings with us!!

Have a truly delightful Friday
 and Weekend!

Thanks for coming round,  and
thanks for all those sweet comments
you leave..................

Love,  Hugs, and
Rose Scented Blessings to you!


Rebecca said...

Sounds like busy days for you, Nellie. You are always flower-blessed! These ARE beautiful.

BECKY said...

So glad the flowers are bringing you joy! They are two of my faves, and I knew the hydrangeas were one of yours!!

I'm delighted to hear about your time with the kids. Sounds wonderful!
And I know Bonnie is tickled to be the winner of your giveaway!!

Love and hugs to you!
I am all better and thank you for your prayers! Now just have to catch up!

Talk to ya soon,

sistersusiesays said...

#2. We have the "joy, joy, joy down in our hearts" when we have such wonderful times with our friends!
#3. The bouquet is gorgeous!!! I had to save the picture to my flower file.
#4. Was it something Molly tracked in?
#5. Yes, I have some "spots" I need to take out, but I'm thinking I'll let Stanley Cleaners do it!
#6. Then I'll get my new laminate.
#7. Kind of reminds you when you used to shop for Scott and DeeAnna before they went back to school!
#8. If it eats through enamel, I'm sure it cleans the clothes in no time, ha!
#9. Adult "kids," kind of reminds me when mom, dad, and I visited with you and Jim when Scott and Dee were little!
#10. The LORD had His timing for you.
#11. I can hardly wait for the pictures!
#12. Is it near where Scott and Megan live?
I love you all very much,

Cinderella Moments said...

Congrats Bonnie! Love your flowers Nellie!

Sue said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!I'm thankful that I stopped here to "smell the roses" today. Congrats to your lucky winner. It is about to turn into fall at my house too-even if it was 100 degrees today!

Bonnie said...

Wow, Nellie! thank you so much! I have been gone so much this summer I don't even know what it is but I know if you bought it I'll love it. I'll just wait and be surprised!

I am happy that fall is coming too. Cannot wait for the leaves to turn and that beautiful eye feast of colors to arrive. We have had a beautiful cool summer here in CA but I have missed most of it being in the hot desert. Go figure! It has been fun but tiring so I am glad to be home now until December.

My brother is struggling and Hazie was in the hospital over night. So I am emotionally exhausted if you know what I mean. She had a staph infection and then a reaction to the steroids they put her on...always something. But she is better tonight so went home. Steve has one more round of chemo before they check to see if it is working. He is completely wiped out. But we carry on keeping the faith and practicing the things I have been writing about on my blog regarding adversity.

I am going to try backtracking on your blog to catch up but who knows I may just have to start over from here. Tomorrow is another crazy busy day.

I will send my address and thank you for cheering me up with a win! Such a blessing to be your friend. And thanks for featuring my blog..maybe I'll get some new followers! LOL!

Love you and Jimmy and the family too,


Janet said...


What a great list of thankfuls and beautiful pictures.

Congratulations to Bonnie! I will pop over and see her soon.

Nellie you are such a sweetie for giving a special giveaway. Although you are very giving anyway.

I picked up a few new things yesterday so I could start decorating for fall. It is still warm here in the 80's. I am so ready for fall and some rain. I love the beautiful fall colors and crisp air....and apples...LOL

Thank you for all the prayers for my family. Gaylene went home and baby Jordan is doing better.

We thought we may have a quiet weekend but now we may have the kids come which will make me happy.

Have a great weekend!

Blessings & Love

Donnie said...

You have some beautiful flower shots there and I especially liked the posterization, guess that's a word, google doesn't think always love to see all the ways God has blessed you each week.

Unknown said...

Nellie, love your thankful heart. I am thankful for you, your willingness to share your gifts with the world and your kind spirit!