Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Table Top Tuesday - First Fall Table Top for 2011

Morning Sweet Peas,

and Happy Tuesday to you!!!
Hope you had a marvelous weekend.

Our's went well............we did finally get to meet Jerry's
parents and we had a very nice evening together.  His
Mom and I hit it off nicely,  she likes decorating, flowers
and gardening too!

Didn't post yesterday because I am starting to work on
 details for the reception here the end of October,  Jerry's
family is going to join us now.  Originally,  we were each
gonna do our own small reception. As I am sure you
all know larger means more stuff to do!!  lol
So spent the whole day practically online looking for
ideas and at Publix  website at their cakes and desserts.
Also, trying to find napkins and plates to match with
 my Fall decor,  and still be able to try and keep her
original colors, but think it is just gonna have to
vary some!  Will see...................

Anywho,  that has been what I am up to,  so thought
I would show you one of my Fall Table Tops today.
Hope you enjoy it!

Always have a difficult time trying to find something
to go into this chimney turned cloche.  So decided
to try these lil pumpkins and they seemed to fit the
bill,  the cloche has a whole at the top so I usually
tie a ribbon around it,  but this lil small Fall pot
fit in the top perfectly, then just added a lil raffia.

Have had this Fall potpourri forever and I just love it!
Need to find some sort of fragrance oil to put on it tho.
I have added some things like the apples and pinecones
 to it,  and remember these plates from my first Fall  table-
scape, Scroll down if you missed it, and would like to see,
  it is the next post passed Thankful Thursday.

That is why I was doing the tablescape first,
cause I always use them other places in my
Fall decorating,  since I only have two of them.

This is the same pic as above,  just with the
"Cut Out" affect!

Love collecting treasure from the yard,  when
you go out foraging, sometimes you find the
neatest things.................like acorns
Love that!!!

Love these lacy leaves I found at the dollar tree
last year,  and the wooden pear I bought at
Target years back

Added the gift bag with the greenery and flowers 
to hide the wall plug. Did you notice that the books are
 fixed differently in this picture??  and also I took 
away the leaf candles to put them somewhere else,
and used the leaf salt and pepper shakers. They look
 just like a figurine for the most part so I use them

Books different using the Fall candles

Same pic only posterized!

 You can see this was before I added
the gift bag underneath,  see the wall plug.

Lights off!

Lights on!! .............and just have to add......
Nobodies home!!   lol

Another angle.

Same picture,  but with a "Cut out" affect!

I am linking up to Marty over
 at a stroll thru life, so if you want
 to see more unique and creative
tabletops just Click Here!

Have a Wonderful Day Sweet Friends,
and thanks for stoppin' in,
Love hearing from you!!

Love, Hugs,  and
Fall Table Top Blessings,


Sonny G said...

Hi Nellie..

Your table display is so pretty , yet it has a sense of calm too..
Love the tapestry you have hanging over it..


Lois Christensen said...

Looks really pretty Nellie!

Fragrance Oil? That's exactly what I need to make some potpourri smell nice again!!! I will have to look for some when I go to Walmart on Thursday. Great idea!

Enjoy your day!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh so pretty. Sounds like you have been super busy. I think your vignette is stunning, so nice to take a minute and create something new. Of course I LOVE the cloche with the pumpkins and I also love the potpouri, I am sure the smell is heavenly. The books are such a lovely touch also. I am really into collecting and using books now. The tapestry is such a gorgeous finishing touch. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Looks beautiful. I really like the cloche with the little pumpkins...and the potpourri too!

Jennifer said...

Everything looks so nice - and I really need some fall potpourri...thanks for the reminder:)

LOVE the background!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Nellie your fall decor makes your home look so warm and cozy. Enjoy all the reception planning.

sistersusiesays said...

I just got some pumpkin spice candles! They smell good enough to not even have to light them up!! What a refreshing fragrance!
I'm sure you are very busy with your reception preparations.
Love to you all,

Jacquelyn Stager said...

you are so creative Nellie! I have some very boring potpourri over here that I can see I need to add some stuff to...yours look great!
I'm enjoying everyone posting some pics of their fall decor...better than reading magazines!