Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - September 22, 2011

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart,
and good news gives health to the bones.
Proverbs 15:30

Hello Sweet Folks,

So how are you today???

Are you smiling about anything......
or anything special that you would
like to share with us.  Would love
to hear it, cause I am smiling today,
because Fall has almost arrived, and
for several other reasons.

I just remembered that today would be
 my Paternal Grandmother's birthday today,
which leads me to
 my #1  thankful.....

I am thankful
that this is not only the 22nd of September
but her 22 year of spending her birthday with
the Lord in heaven, and that the Lord gave
me the privilege of leading her in prayer
just 3 months before she passed away.
God is so good and I thank him for his
amazing grace.

I am thankful
for what a sweet grandmother she was, and
 I am also thankful that I am her name sake, 
 that's right.....that is where I got my name!

She, my grandfather, and my dad all owned
and operation a diner together,  and she
worked the night shift for many years, and
I used to hang out with her at the restaurant
and eat whatever my lil heart desired. So
that was quite fun!!

She was always so good to me, and I have
 many great memories of spending time with
 her in Key West in the summer time, and
often I would spend the night with her too,
and I used to delight in arranging her earring
 trees,  cause she loved earrings, especially
dangly ones, and everyone used to give her
 very unusual earrings,  like lil holsters with guns,
  flamingos, champagne glasses, parrots, her
 initials.  She had tons and tons of earrings and 
wore them daily. She had every color imaginable
to match her colored aprons she wore to work
 at the restaurant.  So that is why I was always 
putting them back on the tree,  cause she would
 be so tired when she came home,  she would 
just take them off and let them lay.  lol

As an adult when we got time to go shopping
together, which wasn't too often,  I had to be
very careful if I said I liked something cause
she would buy it for me,  and sometimes I
was just commenting,  not necessarily that
I would want it just thought it was neat!!  lol
But that was one way she showed her love.

My grandmother loved desserts.............
and would often times look at the dessert
menu before she looked at the regular
  She came to visit us once, with my dad and
 step Mom when we lived away and we took her to
 the mall shopping, cause she loved to shop as well,
 and we wound up at  a J.C. Penny's in Miami,  that 
had a restaurant where she introduced and got
 hubby and I,  hooked on "Hot fudge cake and
 ice cream".  We were still newly weds then, and
 we still love hot fudge cake to this day!!  lol

# 3
I am thankful
that you indulged me in that lil trip down memory
lane.  Thought it might be nice to include that
cause one of these days might kids or grandkids,
 if we ever have any, might enjoy reading it.

I am thankful
that the Lord has answered quite a few
prayers this week in solving some rather
rough situations.  He never ceases to 
amaze us.

I am thankful
that we have a roof over our head,  and not just
a roof but a wonderful home that we have had
 the priviledge of living in for 31 1/2 years now.

After seeing the pics of Haiti on Sunday, I am
overwhelmed with the blessing of that.  Many
are living under blue tarps resting on sticks,
and when it rains they get soaked.

I am thankful
that not only do we get 3 square meals a day,
 but anytime of the day or night we want to eat, all
we have to do is go in our pantry or fridge and 
get what we want.

In Haiti people go 3 -4 days without food!
Makes me sick to think about it.  I don't know
how they survive at all.  I know it can only be
by the grace of God.

Again we are so blessed in this nation!
and truly do need to pray for Haiti and other
third world countries...............

I am thankful
that I have a nice cozy bed to sleep in every night,
and that I can feel fairly safe from the elements and

I am thankful
that I am feeling so much better today,  so thank 
you to those who prayed for me, your were a

I am thankful
that  it looks like we are going to get to meet Jerry's
parents on Saturday evening, Lord willing!
We are really looking forward to it.

I am thankful
for Bumble Bee brand Chicken......yes that's right,
Chicken, not Tuna,  altho,  that is good too!
It makes great chicken salad, and is so nice
to have on hand when you run out of everything
and need to go to the grocery store.

I am thankful
for grocery stores and restaurants.  My fav grocery
store is Publix Supermarkets,  but I am also, very
grateful for Walmart and Target supercenters who
have all the basics you need at a more reasonable 
price most of the time.  

It is such a blessing to be able to go out and
pick up something to eat,  just like last night
when I was feeling bad,  hubby was able to
run to Burger King and get us a whopper.
Now what if there was no where to go.......
imagine that for just a minute!!   

not to mention the break it gives those who
do the cooking all the time.

My fav restaurants would probably be Outback,
Carrabbas or Olive Garden and Cracker Barrel,
but I am also thankful for Taco Bell, Burger King,
Subway, and planet smoothie.  Course, we are
very limited as to what we can eat that is heart
healthy in most of them,  but we manage....... lol

I am thankful
that we live in a fresh and clean country, (other
than landfills or disaster areas), and that our
country is full of beauty and well taken care of
for the most part.

Again we are so blessed to not be living in
such squalor and terribly filthy living conditions,
with trash and debri everywhere, and that have
outbreaks of diseases like cholera. 

Well,  Sweet Friends that is my 
heart of thankfuls this week, 
 hope you feel as blessed as I do!!

Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!
and a Wonderous Weekend!

Love,  Hugs, and 
Thankful Heart Blessings
 to each of You!


  1. As always Nellie I enjoy your thankful Thursday posts.I especially enjoyed reading about your grandmother, I had a very good relationship with my father's mother and spent many days on her farm.I think it is wonderful that you were able to lead her to the Lord.
    I think we here in the USA sometimes forget abut the sufferings of countries like Haiti. We truly are a blessed nation, thanks for reminding me.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. It's ALL good! SO much to be thankful for!

  3. Hi Nellie! Its been so long since I have talked to you, I was thinking about you this morning:) I just thought I would drop by and check out your page. I am in grad school and am so busy that I don't have time to blog anymore but I am going to add you to my toolbar so I can keep visiting anyway:) Hope you are doing well, beautiful blog as always:)

  4. I am thankful for a friend like you! You sweet spirit, inspires me. I appreciate the time you take to remind us to be thankful.

    Some things I am thankful for:
    -get well soon cards from first graders
    -laughter of children
    -being able to rest yesterday and fight the virus
    -teaching UNO to at 63 year :)
    - wonderful host family
    - being right where God wants me to be right now :)

  5. The LORD Blesses no matter what!
    #1. It shows just how fast time does pass! I can't believe dad's been with the LORD for 20 years now and mom, 9 years! What joy it's going to be to see them again!
    #2. We didn't get to see our relatives that much when we were growing up. They lived so far away, that we couldn't see them until the summer; and then only for a couple of days due to so many to see and so few days to see them all.
    #3. Hopefully next year you will become a gramma!
    #4. Answers to prayers are so thankful! I praise the LORD my back and hip are back to "normal." I can sleep on my back again. It's tough when you can't sleep on your back nor either side!
    #5. When I look back on my life, I am so thankful for the blessings I have had. I thought no differently living in trailors, though the kids who never did called me trailor trash! Dad and mom provided and the LORD blessed us all to eventually own a home!
    #6. I am thankful for all of the fresh seafood
    the LORD supplied through dad's skin diving to provide his family and others the food we needed.
    #7. I'm so prayerful for those who have no bed to lay their head, insects that bite throughout the night, the heat and the cold of the weather. It humbles me in guilt that I have so much and they have nothing, but then the Holy Spirit tells me the LORD provides for His own and that we are to help and share with those less fortunate. I'm so thankful I can s do that through our church's services.
    #8. It's not until I hurt really bad that I realize how truly fragile mankind really is. I think that lesson just finished being learned again. When the doctor put me on the electric stimulator to relax my back muscles, he kept asking if I was "feeling" it yet and later replied, "I've not seen anyone before with your high tolerance for pain!" I guess that's why my leg muscle was so contracted that it was like a rock! What a relief to my muscles when the treatment was over.
    #9. Prayers are being lifted.
    #10. I'm thankful for the surprises Alice brings over to me. She had a big plate of spaghetti, brocoli, and bread. She had made a big dinner for Boddy. He came home from his operation today from having his metal ankle replaced with a cadaver ankle bone. There was also some more shrapnel removed.
    #11. I have a bad habit of getting "quick" foods from these stores due to not cooking just for myself. Too much of it winds up getting thrown out because of going bad or getting freezer burnt.
    #12. After visiting Israel in 1998, I couldn't believe how so many people outside of Jerusalem just dump their garbage out the back door down the hillsides! I praise GOD for the men who collect ours. I pray they are paid well for their hard labor.
    Love to you all this week,

  6. What a great story of your grandmother! Love all the different types of earrings she wore! And how wonderful you were able to lead her to the Lord! Just knowing you'll be able to see her again is such a wonderful promise we cling to. I had a wonderful grandmother also, but unfortunately she only spoke a little of English, my dad and his family came to America when my dad was 16. And even though his whole family learned English and my grandfather refused to let them speak German in the house, when they were older, they naturally reverted back to their native language. I understood a little of what she would say to me. And she always had Hershey's mutli-pack candy ready for us when we would come for a visit. And she loved to just sit with me on their porch swing and hold my hand and hum little tunes to me. Very sweet.

    I love Carrabbas also! AND we have 2 gift cards waiting for us to find time to use! Need to go soon.

    I left you a comment on my blog regarding the pizza dough and wanted you to know that you don't have to make it from scratch. You can purchase pizza dough in supermarkets now or even go to your favorite pizza shop and purchase a loaf uncooked from them. I do that all the time when I don't have too much time.

    Enjoy your day!

  7. How precious that you had a Grandma that spoiled you! And that she had a precious namesake! What a reunion awaits us all in Heaven!
    I am thankful for GOD's blessing on my family.
    I just learned (an hour ago) that Katie is having another little boy! The three Bell Brothers! Wondering which side of the family this one will take after! LOL
    Blessings to you and yours~ ((HUGS))

  8. Hi Nellie

    You have a very nice list of thankfuls. So that is where your name game from. What a special honor. I can hear all the love in your post. I have such fond memories of my grandma too.

    I hope you had a great weekend!
    Blessings & Love


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