Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blissful White Wednesday - playing with dishes.....

 Hello Sweet Friends,

What cha been up today??
 Hope you have 
been having a good day!

Mine has been good,  I have just been downloading pics,
and doing household chores and talking to people on the not fun people, like friends, people that I have
 to get things straightened out with, like cancelling the 
newspaper, and a bill we were charged by the Drs. office, 
that was already paid by Insurance, and fun stuff like
 that.....yuk!  amazing how much time that stuff takes
with those wonderful inventions like automated phones
 systems...........just  gotta love them!!  
(as sarcasm drips all over my keyboard)

Last week I was swapping out my old dishes (in header
picture) for my new ones I got from Scott and Megan for
 Christmas.  Am loving them!
So was in the mood to play a bit,  so these pics are
the result of that.  Thought they would make a nice
Blissful White Wednesday post that Miss Becky 
over at time washed hosts every Wednesday now.
There will be a link to go there at the end.

This combined every white plate I have in the house. 
Well, actually there is another lined with silver
that didn't make it in,  and my white green flowered
china plates!!  lol

Done in colored pencil

Took the scalloped plate out and added the solid plate.

 This is my new everyday dinnerware,  It is by corelle. 
I used to have some years ago and then got tired of it,  and
then got stoneware,  but after having white stoneware for
quite sometime now I decided to go back to corelle ware
because it is so light and the plates don't get all scratched up
and stuff,  and it will go with anything, and it is made in the
USA................all .....but the cups that is..............
They are made in China,  don't really get that but that is 
the way it is.....................

I can use them with my basket weave salad plates

or with this pattern as well.

The salad plates that come with them are very 
small,  so keeping the above salad plates to
use with them,  and of course,  I can use any
color salad plate as well.

Corelle is simple,light,
unbreakable and practical,
 and a very good thing,
 as Martha would say!
(and no, I don't have stock in their company) lol

Am linking up to Becky 
over at TimeWashed
so go take a peek, 

Thanks for coming by,
Have a great evening 
with your family,

Hugs and
 Blissful white Blessings to ya!


  1. What a variety of shaped edges!! They are all really pretty.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to download "new" pictures. I can download any I have already used, but not new ones. I'm in a "holding pattern" right now, ha!

    Love to you all!

  2. What I love most about white dishes is that you can combine them with any colour and it works. I love those tea-cups with your new set.

  3. beautiful dishes and they would fit in anywhere in any scheme

  4. I love all the different dishes together! Love the white as well. We have white dishes that we've had since our wedding almost 26 years ago! They are sadly needing to be replaced and I am going to look for another set of white dishes! Like you, I love the look! Love your guest bathroom! Very pretty! Thanks for your comment on our trip to the city! We had a nice time and on the way home, Michael said to us he had a great time and was happy we went and then he said, "THANK YOU." That was a first! Brought a smile to my face. Enjoy!

  5. Beautiful! I love white plates. Happy New Year to you!

  6. Love the new dishes! You can never go wrong with beautiful white!


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