Thursday, March 2, 2017

Let's tour my Daughter's home - Part 1

Hi Sweet Friends,

Happy March to you!

Getting closer and closer to Spring, 
and I am sure some of you can 
hardly wait!! 

 It is getting warmer here every day,
 so once our birthday celebrations
 are over this weekend,  just might
start breaking out the Spring 

Told you last week I got permission
 to take and share pictures of my 
daughter and son-in-loves new home.
Figured you decorating buffs would
enjoy it.............

So Decided to start with the entry 
and living room.

 For better viewing
pleasure you can click on any photo
to enlarge them all............just in
case you are new to blogging!!  lol

So come on in.......

(Sorry this one is blurry, but had taken
these pics back in the Fall, and didn't
remember it being blurry or I would
have taken another one - the rest are
all fine )

This is the front entry way.......

Love their floors and they are
throughout the entire house.

This entry was a lil hard to work
 with but she finally figured out quite
 a clever way to deal with it and to
 add more storage as well.

  Love what they did here, it is the perfect
casual coastal/cottage look. She just still
needed to get a lil something for up on
the top of the right cabinet....

Now try to say that 3 times
Casual Coastal

She is using different shades 
of blue and then the grays 
as neutrals.

You can see her gray sofa, and 
they have a love seat to match 
which you will see coming up.

Love this white mirrored cabinet 
they have in there,  so Pretty.
Not easy to tell it is mirrored
from the pictures.  

The brick is from an old fireplace
 that used to be in the house when
 it was originally built back in
 1955, I think it was. They loved 
the character the brick added. 

 This home was completely gutted 
and redone, and a master bedroom,
 bath and huge walk-in closet  and 
another bedroom were added on,
as well.

This industrial shelf came from
their last home, but seemed
like it was just made for this
Actually everything in the living
 room was from their last place,
 other than the Sisal rug. and
the bench and cabinet in the 
entry and some throw pillows......

Many items on the shelf she
repainted to go with her new
 coastal look......

The house was completely
 renovated before they purchased 
it, last Fall. They loved every-
thing about it, but it was a little
smaller than what they had before,
 which they didn't mind but they
 were just worried about storage 
space since it had no garage,
but they have made it work

It was also in a quaint and safe
 neighborhood and the perfect
 location for both of their jobs.
It is a white picket fence neigh-
borhood.....and I am not kidding!
You will see in future pictures.
I just love it.....liked it even
better the 2nd time we were
there!  So charming!

When we saw it for the first time,
we said it looks like Chip and Joanna
Gaines and the Property brothers
You will see why more and more
as you get to see the other parts
of the house.

They have nice high ceilings

Notice that her self on the right
behind the sofa, has something 
on it now.....

It is an anchor plaque and a buoy.
They found both pieces when we
 were at Home Goods while there.
She and hubby seem to have the
same taste for the most part.
Which makes life easier.

They put this round piece up while 
we were there, and it is quite cute.
  right behind where you can see the door 
opening on the right is where the dining
 room is located.
I will show you that in Part 2.

Here is a close up so you can see
 what the plaque says...........



  1. Charming home Nellie! Your daughter has done a great job decorating; so warm and cozy!

  2. Hi, Nellie.
    What a beautiful home Jerry and Dee have, wow! I love the vaulted white ceiling with the white beams! What a great area for a window seat too! The wooden floors are beautiful. I can just hear the clicking of Rosie's nails on the floor. (I surely hear Dolly's on mine, ha!) I like the arrangement of the chair in the corner next to the fireplace! I just love the high ceilings! It gives such a feeling of roominess!

    There home is certainly suitable for all reasons; safe neighborhood and their work places being near!

    I can hardly wait to see more pictures! Love you all, Susan

  3. Morning Cindy,

    Thanks for coming by and for your sweet comments about Dee's home, I think she did a great job too........
    Hope this finds you doing well hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Hi Susan,
    Yea, we think it is beautiful too, my favorite is their dining room and kitchen, and their bath and bedroom. Only got pics of the dining room, kitchen and the guest bath, hall and mud
    room, and backyard this time. Will maybe get the others next time.....yea, the high ceilings
    do look great and spacious....there isn't a fireplace it is the smoke stack from an old fire-
    place that the remodelers decided to keep for character.....and the location was great for them for sure.
    Thanks for coming by and for all your sweet comments. Am sure she will get a kick out of
    reading them. and we really liked Steve, he is a really nice guy, so glad he was recommended to you and does such a great job for you.
    Have a good day hon, see ya on Sunday.
    Love, Nellie

  5. Your daughter's home is very charming with the mix of gray and blue. Two of my favorite combos together for a decor. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  6. What a delightful house tour! Love the open airy feel of it. The high ceilings make it all feel so spacious. Your daughter did a great job decorating. Love the organized entry way bench so much! Well done!


  7. Thanks so much Donna.......for coming by and for your kind comments.
    Also thanks for hosting at Home Matters, and I feel the same way........Home Matters...
    a whole bunch!! lol


  8. Thanks very much Catherine.....
    Appreciate your coming by and for all your sweet comments, and I am sure my daughter will
    appreciate them too, as well as all the other comments. I think she did a great job too,
    course I am not biased or

    Have a good day,
    Blessings, Nellie


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