Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fall Living room part 2

Happy Happy  Fall  to Yall......

Hope you are enjoying some cool
Fall weather where ever you are.....

It's not happening here, and is
probably 4-5 weeks away yet.....
but it's Fall inside my house!!  lol

So here is Part 2 of our living room.

I showed you this in part 1 last week.
Click here if you would like.

Here is another view......

Here's some close ups of the etagere'
shelves.  This is of the bottom shelf.

Love all my pumpkins..........

Here is the middle shelf

Here's some modern art for you!!  lol
It's called Polar opposites.....I call it the
Alice in Wonderland affect!!  If you
click to enlarge it......it looks much

Soft omni affect

Top Shelf - 
Hard to get good pics
on these glass shelves as you can
see thru them and get reflections
as well.  That is why they are

Top Shelf on the right side.  Also,
I do not remember who made this 
free printable, but really like it and
 I have used it in a number of places
 for a few years now....
so if you created it or know who did 
please let me know so I can give
 credit where credit is due..........

Love this copper mercury glass
and my sweet lil hummel.

This lil guy was a gift from my
 hubby when we lived in Germany 
about 47 yrs. ago.

Soft omni affect

One lil lone Boo punkin.....lol

This is on the wall opposite the chair.
Took a picture of the whole wall but
it didn't come out well.

Thanks for dropping in......

See ya on Thursday......
Have a Fabulously Fall Week.


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  1. Love your fall decor. Everything looks so warm and inviting. I also love that every square inch isn't covered with something. I think a room needs some breathing space.

  2. Hi Marty,
    So nice to hear from you and hope this finds you doing well.
    Thanks for your visit and your sweet comments and also for hosting your fun linky party
    every week. I agree with you about the breathing speace. lol

    Happy Fall to you,

  3. Just beautiful, Nellie!!! You HAVE BEEN busy!!! Love you, Susan

  4. Hi Susan,
    Thanks You.....yea, I was busy....just enjoying it now.....

    Glad you are feeling so good. See ya manana,

    Love, Nellie


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