Friday, September 21, 2018

Thankful Thursday Sept. 20, 2018, and Beauty Berries

I will praise the LORD,
I will praise the LORD, 
who counsels me; 
even at night
 my heart instructs me.
Psalm 16:7 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what cha' been up to lately??
Are you done with your Fall
decorating or maybe just getting

Well, I am thrilled to be done
with mine and just enjoying it
now.  Had so much fun doing
it as always.

Pictures today are from our
"Beauty Berry" bush in our
 back yard. I just think they
are sooooooo pretty, and
thought you might enjoy
them too...

Thankful our daughter and hubby
made it thru Hurricane Florence
in great shape physically and
materially.  Even tho I said it
before here, it bears repeating
again because God was so good!

#2 and 3
Thankful for my hubby/Mr. fix he put our new chairs
together, and did a great job as
always and Thankful that they
make our kitchen look so nice
 and bright with a whole new

Thankful to have finished all
my Fall decorating and have
gotten all my Spring/Summer
things packed away, so now
just enjoying it all very much.

Thankful for a really nice time
 with our son, Scott and wife,
Megan and lil darling on 

Thankful for an quick and easy.
no cost idea that struck me for 
making a new Fall wreath for out-
side, since I threw away the old 
one last year,  as it was looking
 rather shabby.  

Thankful for some really pretty
buttercream yellow carnations
I found at the grocery store.
They look lovely in my kitchen,
and were a nice treat.

Thankful for all the pretty and
free printables out there in blog
land, that help me with my
seasonal decorating. 
Love them!

#9 and 10
Thankful for Sonny's mild bar-b-cue
sauce (my all time favorite, as I am
 very picky about bar-b-cue sauce) and 
thankful they now sell it at our local
 grocery store (Publix).
We had it on some boneless pork 
ribs that hubby grilled on Tuesday
night.   Delish!

Thankful for these gorgeous berries
God created.  They are certainly
named appropriately, they are
called "Beauty Berries",  they
simply fascinate me.  This bush
just popped up in our backyard
 a few years ago, and it has sure
been a delight.

Thankful for the fun antics of the
 wild life in our back yard. Got
 to witness one of  the 2 lil brown
bunnies that has taken up residence
in our backyard woods, running all
 over the yard and jumping like 3 ft. 
in the air a few times, because of 
friendly lil gray squirrel that seemed
 like he was trying to befriend him.
 The lil squirrel was hopping around
 following him and was so frisky and
 was flitting his tail all around in his
 excitement, but as soon as he would 
get too close to the bunny, the bunny
would take off running in circles.
 Then one time the bunny made a run
 at the squirrel and then he took off....
It was really so adorable as I think
they both wanted to play but weren't
sure if they could trust each other.
Made for fun entertainment for us.
One of the many reasons we love
living here......

Well, here's to another week at
 Cozy Place.

Glad you stopped by......
and hope you share something you 
are Thankful for..........
 maybe reminded of something you
 have been blessed by this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Love, Hugs and
Mid September Blessings,


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  1. There is always so much to be thankful for every minute. Great post.

  2. Hi Marty,
    I so agree with you.......The Lord is always at work even in the smallest of things.
    Thanks for coming by and for your encouraging comments.
    Hope this finds your back coming along well.....

    Blessings and Happy Fall (on Sunday)

  3. #1. As we sing in Church, "Praise GOD form Whom all blessings flow!" Thank you, Father GOD for protecting Jerry, Dee, and their property!
    #2 & #3. Another carpenter (as Jesus was) that makes life so great! I can hardly wait to see them!
    #4. Doesn't it feel great to sit back and enjoy when things are finished!!!
    #5. The joy of family is a blessing from our LORD!
    #6. I can hardly wait to see it!
    #7. I am always amazed at the beauty of our GOD's creation! In the Spring my lilies bloom for a week and are gone for another year! They are so beautiful!
    #8.Amen! I say "thank you" to the people that provide for us the pictures we use!
    #9 & #10. Oh, great! Thanks for telling about Publix carrying it! I will surely look for it and buy it the next time I am there!
    #11. I love to watch the birds who feed off of them (probably all our other wildlife critters too, lol!
    #12. The joys of our Amazing GOD's animal kingdom is such a blessing to our hearts!
    Love you, Susan

  4. Nellie, I couldn’t even begin to start to list God’s goodness and grace. I have a beauty berry bush and I love the bright purple berries. Happy Fall!

  5. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for coming by and funny you should say about the critters eating the berries, cause
    I had seen none until a few days ago....our lil bunny was eating the beauty berries.
    I was praying they weren't poisonous to him, but animals seem to have an instinct about
    those things (at least I hope he did) lol

    Glad everything went well with your cataract surgery today and that you are doing so well.
    Nice visiting with you today too.

    Love ya, Nellie

  6. Hi Pam,
    The only thing that makes it easier for me to list God's blessings is because I do it weekly
    and try to look for different things to thank HIM for!! So that helps narrow the field some,
    cause you are so right he blesses our socks off all the time.........

    I love them too, and I think the beauty berries are just the loveliest shade of purple I have ever seen.

    Happy Fall to you to hon,


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