Saturday, September 8, 2018

Quote to Ponder

Good Sunday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Here is the quote for Today!

Having someone who understands
is a great blessing for ourselves.
Being someone who understands
is a great blessing to others.

By Janette Oke

Happy Pondering!



  1. This quote simulates Luke 6:31, "Do to others as you would have them do to you." If we think of this before we act, we would be positive ALL the time. For there is none of us who want to be mistreated, so we therefore should not mistreat others as well! In this way we become more like Christ. Jesus tells us in Luke 6:27, "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you/" Romans 12:19 tell us why, "Do not take revenge, but leave room for GOD's wrath...'I will repay' says the LORD." Many don't realize what true love is and by our actions in Christ, His Love shows through us as a witness to them for salvation. Thanks be to our LORD GOD and Savior Jesus. Love you Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    Wow, you read way more into this than I did......I was thinking it is more about having
    someone understand us or we them when going thru a situation, or how they live life. Cause sometimes we don't always understand why someone feels like or does something or thinks a different way than us, or
    they might not understand us in those and other areas either, but what a blessing it is
    when someone does understand you (or gets you). I don't think misunderstanding is
    necessarily done purposefully most of the time, as we all look at life thru our own lense
    and life journey. But for is wonderful when a friend or anyone relates to you or gets you....when you really need it the most. Now that is the being the real hands
    and feet of Jesus.

    Thanks for coming by......and sharing your thoughts.
    Love, Nellie


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