Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall.................. in Florida???

(Tree in my front yard)
Hello Sweet Friends,
Hope your Tuesday is going well.  Mine has been good so far.
  Thought I would show you that we do have some semblance of Fall in Florida.
Not with Temperatures tho,  course,  we are gonna go in the upper 60's this
weekend supposedly,  WOW  sub 70 temps. Scary!!  lol
Now  Did you notice how sparse my tree is................
That would be because they have been dropping these

Now ours do not turn a pretty color before they drop, they are just
 maybe a lil yellow with ugly brown spots or just brown when they fall,
 at least this tree anyway.
The neighbors that gave it to us called it a Maple Tree,
and others have said it is a Sweet Gum Tree,
or maybe it should be called a Sycamore Tree,
cause it drops those torny lil ball thingies all over
the ground at certain times of the year,  winter or
early spring maybe.  I forget!  and they call those
Sycamore balls.  So who knows what kind of tree
it really is..............
The upside is it looks beautiful and gives nice shade
 in the spring and summer,  and it is a great source of free mulch
in the Fall.  I was out there this morning  raking up leaves
and replenishing our flower beds.  We use pine bark
in the spring,  but after all the Fla. rains in the summer you
have those bare spots where all the mulch gets washed
away,  so I fill in with the leaves,  works great and sort
of refreshes our look until next spring.
Just wanted you to know you weren't the only ones who
had to rake leaves,  us Florida folk have to do it too!
Course,  sometimes we just let the mower eat them if
we don't need them for mulch!!   Yes,  we are still
mowing,  and tonight is the nite probably.  We are waiting
for a good cold snap so the grass stops growing so much.
Maybe soon folks,  we can always hope!!
Course,  then we probably want be seeing these lil
beauties for too much longer.

They are called Red Hot Hibiscus.  They are pretty small.
Had to hold it up to get a decent pic.  They are so cute,
I just love them!  The bush also has beautiful foilage as well.
Well,  have a great Fall Day wherever you live,
This morning felt like Fall,  right now it feels just like summer!!
Remember "To Every thing there is a Season and
a Time to Every Purpose under the  Heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1
Have a Great Evening!!
Hugs and Blessings,


  1. I love Fall and Im so glad it is here! All we need next is cool weather!

  2. we're just starting to get colder here. uppers 50's tomorrow for the high. our trees are still green. leaves have started falling but none have turned beautiful oranges and browns yet.

  3. Thanks for the pictures. That flower is beautiful!!

    My husband and I are going to go on a little road trip this weekend to see what "fall colors" we can find.

    Stop in soon for a giveaway.

  4. I love Fall and think I would really miss the beauty of Fall up north here! The colors are very pretty but the leaves are really beginning to fall and the temperature has been pretty chilly! We went apple picking yesterday and it was beautiful, a little chilly, but beautiful. Perfect for hot apple cider and all! Hope you're enjoying your day!!!

  5. Fall really does look different in Florida. It is nice though that you have such nice warm, but not too hot temperatures right now. I would not survive one of your summers from what I have heard. Utah got some rain today but CA was inundated with over 4 inches of rain yesterday and 60 mile per hour winds. Today it's back to a sunny temperate day Jim says.

    I am enjoying my time here and trying not to think about all the stuff I needed to do at home this week. It will all work out just fine I am sure.

    Take good care, Nellie!

    Hugs, Bon


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