Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(From Fall last year)

Ev' ning Sweet Friends,
Just finished din din, and hubby ran to get a video
and a pumpkin pie, if he can find one, may come back
with carrot cake,  that would be great too.
Wednesdays are like his Friday........since he works at home
Thursday and Friday.  No Long Drive tomorrow, so
we can celebrate the end of the driving workweek!!
Hope you had a delightful day.  Mine was quiet, but good.
Course,  I did talk on the phone with 2 sweet today for quite
awhile, always fun talking with good friends.  Did some
 reading and washed clothes and hair, and did the usual
 household things, and boom the day was spent!.
So amazing how fast these days are ticking by........
I was gonna surprise hubby by starting to grout the
shower bottom,  but could NOT get the darn lid off
the grout!  He says we will do it tomorrow evening.
Sounds good to me!
Well,  just wanted to say a quick Hello
and hope you have a great evening,
and good day tomorrow!
Blessings and Hugs,


  1. Hey Nellie,

    Hope you had a nice, relaxing evening!
    Our "let-down" night is Thursday night because Tony has Friday's off. But this Thursday we are both busy,busy, busy with different ministry meetings. So looking forward to the weekend!

    Well, was it carrot cake or pumpkin pie?
    We served a Weight Watcher's 7-UP/Berry cake to our small group tonight...delicious!

    Oh, the orange font color of this post was pretty hard to read. Maybe it is just me, but thought you might want some feedback. =)

    Blessings Sweet Friend!

  2. Oh my favorite of all times is pumpkin pie!! Hope your hubby was able to find it for you! Sounds like a relaxing evening. I spent the evening with 15 girls who talked non-stop!!! My class at church. Oh well! I'm spending my favorite part of the day now visiting with my blogging friends. Nice pumpkin at the top of your page. ENjoy your day!!!

  3. Hi Nellie, I love the pumpkin decoration and the pie sounds delightful. I know you are enjoying pleasant warm days while we are here staring outside at tons of white stuff.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. While you are grouting we will be cleaning our family room carpeting. All the construction has taken its toll. We only have carpet in one room but it is more work that the entire house as far as cleaning goes. I like the coziness just not the dirt. Our contractor is still waitng for the initial inspection so he can pour the new foundation. The city charged $1500.00 for the permit. Highway Robbery!!

    Can you believe it is almost the weekend again? It is just crazy! Have a great day, Nel!

    ♥ Bon


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