Monday, October 19, 2009

Heaven.....I'm in Heaven!!

Good Monday Morning Sweet Friends,
Hope you all had a very nice weekend,  and accomplished
some things you wanted to get done,  or had some fun
together as a couple or family,  and got some much needed
rest as well!
I am just beside myself with Joy............for Fall has finally
arrived in Florida weatherwise!!  We have had temps in
the 50 and 60's,  and  it will be that way all week, they
do rise higher to 70-80 in the daytime,  but we have nice
cool mornings and evenings! Yippee, Yahoo,  and any
other good word I can think of to say!!
Saturday hubby and I so enjoyed a glorious morning on
the porch,  beautiful blue skies,  refreshing breeze,  and
cool temps., good breakfast,  great time of conversing and
planning for all the festivities ahead.  I was thinking does
it get any better than this cause I feel like Heaven, I'm in heaven!
I know,  I know...........Heaven is way better than that,  but
it is just a lil foretaste of what is to come,  we could never
wrap our mind around what it will be like anyway!!
Might I add that my love language is Quality time,  so
I always enjoy spending one on one time with those I love,
and all our bathroom work has been cutting into some
of that time,  even tho we are working together we
aren't having those great times of conversing that we
like to have. 
We also went for a nice 45 min. walk on Saturday
evening in the cold.  It was bliss,  I have to say!
Plus we fulfulled our exercise quotient for the week!
I am excited to annouce that we finished grouting all the walls
of the shower this weekend, and putting in the towel bars and
soap dish, so all that is left is the shower floor,  and
caulking.  Hubby will probably caulk the wall edges
tonight,  and hopefully we will get the floor done some
time this week.
  It is gonna be a busy week tho,  since I have my ladies
 group Wed,  and also a Social on Friday.  Glad I got
my grocery shopping out of the way on Friday.
I finally decided what I wanted to do with the lil
window in there,  but Wally world is out of the fabric,
I want it to match what I have in my bedroom.
So am praying they get more in or that another
walmart will have it!  Want get to check until
next week probably.  I am sure the Lord will
work something out!
Think I am gonna make some White Bean chicken
chili for tonight.  I had a really great recipe,  but
can't find it,  so got a new one online,  but sure
hope it tastes as good as the other one,  cause
we all loved it!  I just discovered it last year,
a very good dish,  I might add.
Well, dearies,  hope you have a wonderful
week ahead and you are enjoying yourself
and the Fall weather wherever you live and love!
Thanks so much for stopping by,
would love to hear from you and soooo appreciate
 your sweet comments.
Sweet Blessings to you all,


  1. I know I am so excited! The cool weather is amazing! Sounds like you have had some fun too! I know I have! I didn't tell you... I won a giveaway last night! It's a necklace! I am soooooo excited about that! Hope you have a great day!

    Love, {Madison}

  2. Good morning sweet friend, What a lovely post-I giggled when I read you had cold there-when it is in the 60's here we are all in We had a nice warm weekend too. Can't wait to see your bathroom redo-it sounds wonderful. I have a white chili(chicken)recipe that I also lost but have substituted one I got online. If you find your original you'll have to post it for all of us.
    Have a blessed day Nellie.
    Love, Noreen

  3. well i am excited for you! we had fall temps here all last week followed by a whole weekend of non-stop rain. boo... now this week it's warming up again- 60's & 70's all week long! crazy! i liked the 40's during the day last week :)
    i can't wait for snow!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Nellie,

    I have been so remiss in getting to visit blogs this entire week but I just wanted to quickly stop in and say thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog while I have been in Utah. It has been a little stressful here and I am still not sure when I am going home. It is supposed to be tomorrow but Jen is still pretty stressed out over here.

    I think she is in a new phase of the sorrow over the spina bifada afflicting baby Hazie. I cannot even imagine what it must be like as a mom but I do know how much I worry about her as a grandmother. Jen's plate is just very full and it always shocks me anew when I come here and it wears both of us out every single day. How do these young moms do it? I haven't a clue.

    Anyway I have loved hearing from you during this time. It helps me stay grounded and to realize life is bigger than these four walls, this too shall pass and God is good and in charge.

    I am so happy that fall has arrived for you and that you and Jimmy had a great weekend and that the bathroom is almost DONE!! Ours is now completely gutted and things are moving forward. I am glad I have been gone this week actually. Even the floor is torn out. Our guy is working on the foundation of the addition. Lots of noise, lots of is good to be here for now.

    Keep smiling and enjoy your cooler morning and evenings.

    Love, B

  5. So nice you had such sweet time with your hubbie! So funny thinking of fall in Florida...just doesn't go together in my brain. I was just checking my daughter's blog and her pictures of my sweet granddaughter at a pumpkin patch this weekend. Just doesn't seem like a Florida weekend to me - but she is enjoying it as much as you are!! Happy Fall, friend!

  6. Glad the cool weather is reaching down to you! It was really cold up here this weekend, but heading back into the 60's where it should be this week! Hope you can find the fabric you're looking to match the bathroom. Let us know how the chili came out!!


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