Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 8, 2009

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,
Hope you are having a very blessed day today.
My day is going well,  not a lot happening today
really.  Have been finishing up some cards and
getting them in the mail,  and planning a surprise
for a special friend.  Thinking about what to make for
 din din,  think it will be Tilapia, baked potatoes,
 and roasted asparagus.  Sounds good to me,  and
fairly easy.  Have to run some errands late in the
day so that should work.
Today I am thankful
 for friends that love the Lord and enjoy talking about Him
 and the things He has and is teaching them for it brings
great encouragement to me, and to them.
that my friends, son Daniel,  and that he is doing okay after
having been taken to the hospital for seizures.  They
think it was a reaction to a medication he was taking,
he has been in the hospital 2 days and was preparing to
go home when I was there to visit early this evening.
that I didn't take a spill today when my tennis shoe
caught on the rug, as I was exercising and lost my balance.
Those falls are not as easy to take as one gets older.
I was able to get out of the house for a little while
today,  even tho it was a lot of quick stops and some
errands.  One that was fun,  actually they were all fun,
 but one in particular was the most fun,  the surprise I
 mentioned earlier.
that I was able to get a Chocolate Elvis since I was
out,  and the planet smoothie store was right by one
of the places I had to go to!  Like I really need that
excuse!! lol
for our printer.  Now this is a sacrifice of praise..........
because I have been aggravated with it for sometime.
We bought it new about 2-3 months ago,  but I am
not happy with it,  I liked our old printer much better,
but it broke.  So decided I should quit griping about
it and praise the Lord,  cause I could have NO printer!!
So that makes this one sound mucho better.
that Scott is getting off a lil earlier tonight so he can
go see his new girlfriend before she leaves on a
trip tomorrow for the weekend.  She is a sweetie!
that Scott has Sat. off,  so he can get some rest,
he really needs it badly!  Not that he is complaining
cause he isn't,  but Mom's can tell when you are
wayyyyyyyyy overtired!!
that the Dr. office finally called in the okay on my
hubbies prescription since he took his last pill
last night!!
that God loves me no matter what,  and that His
ear is always inclined to me since I am His child,
and that He answers so many of my prayers!
that I feel like such a blessed lady for so so many
reasons.  Even when there are problems we still
have way more blessings that we can contain.
Hope you are feeling amazingly blessed this day!
Count your them one by one,
Count your many blessings,
see what God has done!!
Hope you will leave me a comment telling me
what God has done for you!!  It encourages me
and other that read it as well.
Thanks for stopping in, and
Have a great Friday!!
Blessings and Hugs,


  1. Hi Nellie, Thanks for your visits to my blog. It is really appreciated. I have been busy with my various sewing and craft projects which I feature on my sewing blog. Been busy at work too. I was supposed to have a short day today, but that did not happen. Oh well. I am thankful it is only 15 days from today that we leave on our trip. Can't wait! Our kids are so excited about us visiting them and we are excited about visiting them too.

    Take care,


  2. Today I am thankful for the many great talks we heard at on semi-annual conference. So may wonderful things about the Savior's love and living by the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and lots of brilliant ideas on keeping families strong and healthy and of one mind. It was exhilarating.

    I am thankful that the lumber and other materials that were delivered today for our bathroom addition and remodel.

    I am thankful that our sweet 'son' Robert, Laura's husband, has his own parents visiting them in Italy right now. This is their first trip over there and they are so excited. My grand boys are so thrilled to have them visiting. That just makes me so happy for all of them.

    I am thankful our family is all healthy and praying they will all stay that way during this flue and cold season.

    I am thankful for all good things and for protection from those that aren't so good.

    I am thankful for blogging and my wonderful new friends like you and Becky!

    As you know I can go on and on so I'll stop there for today!

    Hugs, Bonnie

  3. I sooo love your sweet heart that is always ready to thank and praise God!! You are such an encouragement to me!! As the benefactor of your surprise errand, I just have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! A very lovely gesture, and we certainly are enjoying the cake!!
    I just think it is so cool that you brought the cake that I LOVE and you didn't even know that!! Now that's a God/Friend thing for sure!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!!

  4. Sister Susie said thru email:

    Dear Nellie,

    I'm about to run errands too! Your thankfulness brings me to think of things I too an thankful for:

    1. a. From the foundation of the world my Holy Almighty Creator Savior God has known I would belong to Him for Eternity! I can't thank Him enough for allowing me to belong to His Everlasting Kingdom!

    b. My loving family: Jim, Nellie, Scott, DeeAnna! You are the joy of my life!

    2. I too met Al and Diane in Wal-Mart, sharing Daniels difficulties. I have been praying for his recovery and God's blessings on him, as well as Al and Diane.

    3. There's something about aging and stumbling, ha! I have this happen at night when I walk in the dark, ha! I haven't hit the floor yet! The dogs are around me and I don't think I would, ha!

    4. I get out of my house too much! (except during the summer break) I'm glad to be home, in my chair, relaxing with a glass of Crystal Light Tea while the cat meows for my attention, the dogs wiggling and hassling at my feet and the birds (out of their cages) are yakking, whistling, and hollering for joy! ("Is this relaxing!" You ask! For me it is, ha!)

    5. I still need to try that chocolate Elvis!

    6. My computer gear is working here! At school, it's another matter! Nothing wants to work right! (The computers are so slow, it takes 15 min. to booth up! I'm about to "booth" it out the door, ha!)

    7. I'm so proud of Scott! I pray the LORD will assist him in getting more time off work. I pray DeeAnna is working with who, what, where she wants to be! I'm so proud of DeeAnna's accomplishments!

    8. I thank my LORD for moms! (Especially you, Nellie!) It surely is reassuring when our parents allow us to be with them in our adult life!

    9. I praise our God for His Strength upholding Jim's health (a loving wife led by His Hand who takes such good care of all in her household!)

    10. When I want to complain, the Holy Spirit always reminds me to pray for those less fortunate than I am.

    11. While in this world we shall always have tribulation (however mild or strong.) Jesus has said to have joy, for He has overcome the world! One day this tribulation shall be remembered no more when Eternity begins and our tears have been washed away and no more in memory. I think that means we will not ever remember this life on earth anymore. It will be as though we have always been with the LORD! So, take comfort that we are wrapped in the Holy Spirit and what happens is what He allows for our benefit.


Special thanks to all who take the time to leave comments..........They are very encouraging and very appreciated. I enjoy every one of them so much!!
May the Lord Bless You!!

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