Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 29, 2009

Hello Sweet Friends,
Hope you have been having a very good day.
I had a dental appt.,  and then thought I would do
a lil birthday (for Scott) and anniversary shopping after that,
Which I did.  Got some great deals and even got a few
Christmas gifts as well.  Then ran to the grocery store
so haven't been home but about an hour or so.
  We ate a late lunch so I want be making dinner
tonight,  so thought I would work on Lasagna
to freeze for our Birthday/Anniversary celebration
that is coming up soon.  Hubby is grouting!!  Yeah!!
I am frying the meat as I run back and forth from
the computer in the spare bedroom to the
Figured might as well make good use of the wait time!
Today I am so thankful to my Lord for
Being able to find some really nice gifts for son and
hubby,  and for others for Christmas.
Being able to find a much needed rug for my kitchen.
Have been looking awhile and just could not find
anything that would look good,  and found a striped
one at Kohl's today for $11.49.  I usually don't really
like stripes,  but this looks quite nice actually, and
the price was certainly right..
That our Pastor is not only doing better,  Sunday
they said he was still in ICU but was expected to
make a full recovery.  Praise the Lord!!
We are hoping he heals so quickly that he will
be able to come down this winter like the last
2 years, but will have to wait and see.  We are
just so happy to hear he is gonna be okay!
That they finally got a bed today in the rehab
center for my friends daughter,  it has been
15 days that they have been waiting.
So we are all overjoyed,  and she is probably
arriving there about now. If you feel so led
please pray for her.....her name is Robyn.
That hubby is grouting,  and it is looking so
good,  we can only do half today,  and hopefully
the other half tomorrow and we are done
with the tile!!  You will probably hear us
singing the Halleleuah Chorus by tomorrow
night!!  lol
That I got a pumpkin pie today,  it was on sale
too!  This was a blessed day I tell you!
Hubby got carrot cake last night and it was
good too,  but it isn't the best thing for him
to be eating.  Fortunately,  they are small
cakes,  so there isn't much left.
that daylight savings time is this Sunday,  which
means Scott will get off an hour earlier or more
each day.  Thank Goodness!
that I didn't have to make dinner so I could get
the Lasagna done instead.  I'll make the Chili I was
gonna make for tomorrow night!!
for the coupon my daughter gave us for a free
oil change on Monday where she gets her car done.
Surprise lil blessing there,  saved us $27.00.
That works for me!
that my daughter Dee is liking her job so much.
She graduated last Dec.,  and finally got her first job
 as a Radiology Tech around the end of March or
first of April and she is loving it.  There was a time,
not too long before she graduated,  that she was
wondering if she had taken the right vocation.
We are very thankful she is so happy with it now!!
And last but not least,  I am incredibly thrilled to
be a child of the King of Creation.  He is my
refuge and strength and ever present help in time
of trouble,  just as the word of God says.
Well,  have an incredibly beautiful evening
with your family.  Love up on them a bit,
they like it whether they act like it or not!!  lol
Thanks for coming by.............
Don't forget to leave a comment and thank the
Lord for all he has done for you
Love and Blessings to all you Sweeties,


  1. Glad things are working out for you! Great news of your pastor! I will be praying for your friend's daughter.

    Now, I think you need a laptop so you can do your cooking and blogging at the same time!! Ha! Hubby gave me one for Mother's Day/Anniversary/Birthday. They're all within a month of each other. It truly is the best gift I've received in a long time!

    Your lasagna sounds yummy! Haven't made that in ages and you know what? I think I might for tomorrow night! Enjoy your day!

  2. Wow, sounds like some wonderful things are happening over there. I'm glad your pastor is doing better and Robyn is on her way to getting the help she needs. I will send lots of prayers your way to everyone on your list!

  3. Sister Susie say via email:

    #1. I'm thankful for God's Greatest Gift to us; Jesus, His Son. As always, I'll probably wait until the last minute to go Christmas "shopping!"

    #2. I'm thankful for a trust worthy car dealer in DeLand Nissan that has always taken good care of my automobiles. I go Saturday for my truck's 36,000 mile check.

    #3. I'm thankful for Roland and the love he and his wife Joan has given to our church over the years! I'm praying he will visit us again this year!

    #4. Robyn is on my prayer list to have our LORD answer her needs. As I was taught as a child; the letters in the word JOY say to put Jesus first, Others next, and Yourself last.

    #5. Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee....

    #6. I have had a pumpkin pie in my freezer for ... (?) I had purchased it 2 for 1. I didn't really care to much for the flavor. It was over spiced!

    #7. Yea!!! I'm so thankful I won't be going to work in the dark as of Monday's change in daylight savings time!

    #8. I tried making those delicious meatballs in a grape/bar-b-que sauce. It only took 20 minutes! Gooooood!

    #9. Refer to #2, ha!

    #10. It's so good when the LORD settles you in your work. He has settled my heart recently with my work. It's so good to "cast your burdens on Him, for He cares for us!"

    #11. I'm so thankful our LORD sits at the Right Hand of our Almighty Father God. Not only does Jesus make intercession for us, but He makes our prayers perfect.


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