Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 22, 2009

Hello There Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy today!
I have been busy getting things ready for our
Friday night Social.  We are really looking forward
to it.  Don't know how many are coming yet unless
hubby is able to find out at his meeting tonight,  so
guess it will be a fun surprise.
 Everyone is bringing
their favorite dessert or snacky food, so I don't have
that worry about having enough food.  We are responsible
for the house and the drinks.  Works for Me,  I am
Soooooo into KIS (Keep It Simple)!! 
People' s lives are so hectic today,  that the easier you
 make it the more people will want to do stuff.  At least
that is how I see it,  and how I feel!  Getting older does
have it's wisdom!!  lol
Yesterday we ladies had a great time as usual,  everyone
but one lady had to leave by 1,  but I hung out with one
friend all day,  we had a  nice lunch with that leftover
Southwestern chili and salad,  so that made us happy.
Well,  I am tired about now,  but I will try to remember
some of the things I have been thinking about all day
that I am thankful  for and to Our awesome Wonderful God.
My Bed,  yes,  my comfy, cozy, lovely, sweet bed.  Every
night when I fall into bed so tired I think  Thank You
Lord for my wonderful, comfy, cozy bed.  I also, think
what would it be like to have to sleep on the floor, or
a park bench,  or on a cot in a homeless shelter or
under an overpass.  God is so good in the lil things
as well as the big!
For my health,  I feel so well these days,  even tho I get
tired more easily than I used to, I am way better.....
 cause there were a lot of years as I was going thru menopause
that I had all sorts of physical problems,  so it is such
a treasure to feel good mentally and physically!
For the creativity God has given me.  I enjoy so many
things,  and creating so many things.  It brings much joy
and happiness to me, and hopefully to others.
For blogging,  it is another creative things I am sooooo
enjoying.  I love planning and thinking about what I
can blog on,  and when.  I feel like it is my own lil
world to control!! lol  Maybe that's why I like it,
cause you can't really control anything else!!
#5 and 6 really!
For you dear bloggy friends that encourage my
heart all the time.  I love that I have found so many
Christian stay at home Moms and ladies by blogging.
  So many ladies I know all work outside the home,  not that
there is anything wrong with that,  if that is what God
called them to,  but it is not where God has called
me,  and I sort of felt left in the dust so to speak.
A little like a dinosaur,  but God has transformed all
that with you, and my small ladies group of women
that have recently come into my life that don't work
outside the home.  what a Joy they are too!
That one of our Pastor that is in his late 70's is doing
better.  He and his wife had moved back to Ohio
near their children and we were told Sunday that he
was in a Coma from an aneurysm.  We were heart
broken,  everyone adores them,  they have been
married 50 years and are such neat and loving folks.
He is out of the coma,  and off life support,  and
is having trouble remembering things,  and has to
go thru tests to find out what really happened, so
that is all we know for now.
But God..........
I am so thankful that we serve a God who is able
to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually if and
when He chooses,  and I am also thankful that if
he should choose eternal healing for our Pastor,
that we can know that we will indeed see him
again,  when we get to heaven,  so it isn't good
bye,  it is so long,  till we meet again!
What a Great Salvation Jesus has given to us!!
For my Sweet and Generous Sister-in-law Susie,
  who has been buying  the books we are teaching from
in Sunday School,  and giving them to people that can't
afford to buy one right now.  That is so nice,  and has
blessed quite a few people.
That we were able to spray our yard for cinch bugs,
and  hopefully it should work,  it did on the front
yard.  I got the recipe from the Garden Rebel
at a Home and Garden show I attended with a
friend a few years back.  Who knew I would
ever need it............but I just wrote it down.
The Lord never ceases to amaze me how he
prompts things that we never even know why
we do them.
For Mexican food,  I just love Mexican food
especially with cilantro on it.  Yummy!!
We just polished off the enchiladas today,
and they were so good.
Well dearies..........hope you have a heart full of
gratitude today for all the small and large things
that are good in your life!  If not,  try to sit and
spend some time thinking about it.
One time when my dad was going thru a very tough
 financial time,  really of his own making, he told me in a
very tender moment  that when he sat and thought
about all the things that he had to be thankful for
that you couldn't tack a dollar bill to,  it made him
realize he really didn't have that many problems
and it made him feel so much better about life.
  My dad didn't even claim to believe in God
at all at that time,  but he even saw the benefit
to counting your blessings.  Later before he passed
away he did come to know the Lord,  I am
happy to say.
You have a good night now,  ya hear!!
Be a Special Blessing to someone tomorrow!
Smiles, Hugs,  and Blessings,


  1. Praying for your pastor. How sad!

    A funny thing we have in common is I love my bed also! I love to come up here at the end of a long day and crawl in and with my laptop visit all my friends!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog regarding my son! Your social sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a nice get together tomorrow! Take some pictures!!! Would love to see the food and the people that stop by! Enjoy!

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  3. Nellie, life is so hectic right now for me so I know what you mean. It sounds like your plate is full too. KIS I like that. I wish I was more like that. I always think I can do one more thing. Bummer. You have quite a long list of things to fill your heart with gratitude. Me too. I still have company so I can't take time to list them right now...but they are many.

    You have a wonderful day!

    Blessings, Bonnie

  4. What wonderful blessings today (or yesterday)...I hope that your social Friday night was a great evening of fellowship for everyone. Love that KIS - I'm all for that!! Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. From Sister Susie via email:

    I so look forward to Nellie's Cozy Place Thankful Thursdays!

    #1. REST - Physical rest! I no sooner get home from work and I plop in my chair. Rest comes quickly! One Day Rest for our souls will occur, but it will have nothing to do with tiredness, sleepiness, or lack of energy. It will engulf directly the opposite! Isn't it exciting to know one Day we will never have to be rejuvenated, but will be in the constant flow of Almighty God's Energy with no need for rest or sleep! There will be no night there either! For the Lord Himself is the Light!

    #2. PRUNES - Takes care of life's many problems, ha! Eating the dried from a cold container in the refrigerator is like eating candy!

    #3. INGENUITY - Isn't it amazing the different talents God has given to us? Then, it makes me think of the parable of the talents in the New Testament. It makes me pray, "Holy Spirit, lead me as only You can;" to carry out what those talents require of me!

    #4. SPIRITUALITY - It's joyfully surprising what the Holy Spirit's interaction can do when we think we are the inventors of our planning. Isn't it magnificent to have ourselves in tuned to our Great God!

    #5. JOY - Grass isn't always greener on the other side. Isn't is great to be content with joy when we have the LORD as our Guide in life? He has us just where He wants us; and those being faithful and content will reap His JOYS! Joys, I said. Happiness is fluctuating. Joy is constant!

    #6. FRIENDS - One of the Joyful constants!

    (Continued in next cozy comment)

  6. Continuation of Sister Susie's comments:

    #7. PATRIARCHS - Christians have our patriarchs as did God's People, Israel. I have always felt this about Pastor Roland. It's a shame this concept most of the time is not understood by the younger generations (even we ourselves when we were younger.) Its seems to mature in you about mid-life. Maybe that's why some are, "Lost in the Middle."

    #8. ENDURANCE - Paul tells us to persist - reach for the goal God has set before us. He will not give us anymore than we can bear.

    #9. GIVING - God's Word says, "Give and it will be given back to you..." I pray the abundance will go to those who are in need of our Holy Almighty Creator Savior God's answers for our lives as we live to love Him and His People, the Church.

    #10. INSECTS - It's incredible to watch these creations of God! At my front gate every morning there is this huge nest of bull ants foraging across my driveway. They are HUGE! Their heads are twice the size of their bodies. Can you imagine if we were of equal size! I can't comprehend what it would be like if our heads were twice the size of our bodies! Maybe that's where the saying came from about, "Don't get a big head..." When I get ready to drive through the gates, I pray, "LORD, I hope I don't drive over any of them!" I don't seem to have the same feelings over frantically swatting the large spiders I occasionally get in my house! I wonder if all of these insects are included in Psalm 145 about all Creation giving God the Glory! I surely wouldn't want one to come up to me and share, "Hey, you remember that day you ran over me!" or "Hey, you remember that day you swatted me numerous times! Once was enough" Ha!

    #11. FOOD - Food is so good in this life. I can hardly wait to see what that Heavenly Manna will be like in Eternity. The LORD has said, "No eye has seen, nor ear heard, (nor tongue tasted, I added that last one) nor entered the heart of man what God has planned for those that love Him!" This life is so good for those who love the LORD, WHAT can be waiting for us!?

    Love, Sister Susie


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