Saturday, October 17, 2009

Have a Praising Sunday!

(Our Lil Sweet Surprise)

Good Sunday Morning to You!
And Happy Belated Sweetest Day to you too!
Just saw that on my calendar,  and it was yesterday
for you,  today for me,  cause I am writing this
Sat. Evening late!
I have no idea what Sweetest Day is,  but I knew it
must have something to do with all you sweet friends!
Works for me,  how bout you??
Just had to show you the precious lil surprise the Lord
had for us on Friday evening when we were out working
in the yard.  I have never seen a Moth like it before,  so
just had to get a shot.  Also looked it up online and
found out it is called a "Luna Moth".
Aren't his or her markings just so detailed and amazing.
Outlined in brown and lil eye looking things on his wings,
one of his tail tendrils was broken off,  poor baby!!
I put the website where you can go and read about
it if you would like,  thought it was interesting.  It
isn't very long,  and I found out that I have a "Sweet gum"
tree (the one in my blog a few days back) cause that is
what they eat among other things.

Because the wind was blowing so much,  it blew his wings up so
 I was able to get a shot of his underside.  He was sort of plump,
 and almost looked furry,  he had a lil of that on his wings as well
 right in the center.  Very neat looking !!
It said,  they were flourescent at night,  but he flew into our garage
and we turned the lights out but he didn't look flourescent to us.
We put him in our Sweet Gum tree and watched as he crawled
and fluttered his way up the tree till we couldn't see him anymore.
They say the adults usually die within a week.  How Sad!!
I just love these lovely little surprises!  Don't you??
Well,  I will leave you with this verse for the day.
from Psalm 150:6
"Let everything that has breath
praise the Lord."
Have a great Sunday,
Praising the Lord!
Love, Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Happee Sunday Nellie!! God is just so amazing with all of His creation! I marvel always at the detail He put into each creature. He must have had a blast creating all these little beauties for us to enjoy!

    So glad you got a photo of him! How fun, and he sure is a neat green color!

    Love to you my friend,
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. wow, that moth is so pretty. i've never seen one like that before. he or she did have a plump little body, lol!


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