Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thrusday - October 1, 2009

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,
How is your day going today???
Well,  I hope!!
It has been another beautiful Fall day here,
I had to celebrate again this morning with some more
punkin pie,  hubby worked home today so he helped
me celebrate!!  Worked out in the yard about an hour.
I was working in the sun so it got too hot,  very quickly.
I love to watch the progression of the work even tho
I only go out there and do it every so often,  but usually
I or we accomplish quite a bit in a half hr. or hours time.
I am in the process of making Becky's Baked Potato
soup from her post today.  Look on my sidebar for
Holiday in the Sun,  if you want to see the recipe.
I have to make a lowfat version,  but I know it is
gonna be delicioso!!  Can hardly wait,  once I saw
that picture I was thinking I gotta make that soup.
I have actually made it before but with another recipe.
At some point I realized I had all the ingredients,
so why not make it for tonight!!   So thank you
Miss Becky for your inspiration,  my dear!!
Well,  on to Thankful Thursday............
I am so Thankful for
The lovely Fall Weather finally!!  lol
The  Wildflowers that are blooming in our yard,
cause they have not bloomed for a few years,  and
for some reason hubby and I both just love them.
They look like blackeyed Susans but my son says
they are called something else,  can't remember right
now.  He brought them to us from Gainesville when
he lived there and we have had them for years.  They
get real tall and willowy and just look so neat!

The picture on my header was before they opened.
This is not time lapse photography,  it is days lap photography.

Isn't the bloom just so sweet and delicate!
There are more they just haven't opened yet.
For Beckys recipe post today,  cause it solved
my dinnertime dilemma and kept me from having
to go to the grocery store!
For the sweet comment hubby left on my blog today
For the worship network on our tv,  I love the
music and the scenery and the verses they put
on the screen.  Very relaxing and Worshipful!
I watch it quite often and it makes me full of Joy!
That our son is enjoying his job,  although
he has been having to work a lot of hours.
He really has a great attitude about it as well.
That Scott just found out that they will not be
on mandatory Sats. @ work after next week.
I am so glad for him!
That I got to spend a long time with my daughter
on Monday,  and that we are getting together
again next week on Mon. or Tuesday.  We
didn't do my hair,  and we are still working on
her wall hangings.  She decided she wanted to
do something a lil different.
That we are gonna get to doggie sit our lil
Rosie girl over the weekend.  We had so much
fun with her the last time!
Do I sound like a grandparent wanna be!! lol
That the news on my lil nephew Brysen has
been much better.  They found a new Dr.
and what she told them to do has been working.
And last but certainly not even far from least,
my relationship with My  Heavenly Father,
and all the Sweetness He adds to my life!
Have no idea where I would be without him,
but I know it would not be anywhere good!
Well, have a delightful evening,
Thanks so much for coming by!
Don't forget to leave a comment to let me
know what you are thankful for today!!


Lois Christensen said...

Love those yellow flowers!!! What a beautiful list of things you are thankful for. I need to get over to Becky's blog ASAP because I love potato soup!!! And so does my hubby. And since he's coming home tomorrow, I think I might try it!!! Great post, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog ALWAYS!!

Lois Christensen said...

Okay, I'm back from Becky's and I am making the soup tomorrow. Please let me know how you are making it not so fattening? Are you replacing the cream with half and half or something else? I was going for the half and half. Drop me a line, if you don't mind!!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi dear Nellie, Loved the signs of fall from your area. I'm planning on making the potato soup when we get back from vacation.
Have a joy filled weekend....btw, I'm thankful for your friendship!
Love, Noreen

Heather said...

glad to hear so many wonderful things to be thankful for! that's great news about Brysen. Pumpkin pie again for breakfast! Can I come join you tomorrow? I can bring homemade cherry pie for lunch!

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