Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Southwestern white Chil recipe

Good Morning Dear Ones,
Hope this finds you feeling well today!
I am good,  still enjoying the cool weather!!
Think it is suppose to go up in the 80's today tho,
but it will cool off again tonight,  that is workable! 
Like I have any control over that anyway!!  lol
These lovely lil berries are in my backyard,  I brought some
branches in a few weeks ago,  course, they have wilted now,
 but the berries were yellow and orange and green then,  that was
in September,   now they look like Christmas berries.
 So Pretty.............don't you just love God's creations!!
I actually found my recipe for the white bean chili.  I was
thinking it was a Kraft foods recipe,  and tried to go there
and find it,  but I was looking under the wrong name.
It is actually called "Southwestern White Chili".
Anyway,  a few of you said you would like the recipe
so here it is.  It is pretty easy and you will probably
want to double the recipe because it serves about
4 really.  The first time I made it I was disappointed
we had no leftovers,  so this time I made a double
batch,  and I am so glad cause it was a hit again.
Yum Yum!!
I am just gonna put the link to Kraft foods cause
it has a picture and nutrition info and ratings,
you will see it has a 5 rating which is the best,
that is my rating as well!
While you are there, they might have a block on the lefthand side
that says sign up for the Kraft magazine.  If you don't get it......
you would enjoy it and it is totally free,  quite a nice lil magazine
full of recipes and cooking ideas,  and new Kraft products.
I have been getting it for about 6 years now.  I love when
it comes,  I think it is quarterly or maybe just twice a year
now,  not sure!  The reason I say it might be there is because
I  went to the site a number of times this morning and twice
it had it and 3 times it didn't,  so don't know why.  If it
isn't there you might try going to kraft foods and see if
it will lead you to it.
Well,  I gotta get busy and do some cleaning and I am
making sour cream enchiladas for din din tonight.
That is another recipe from a good friend,
and an easy one as well.  I just love easy delicious
recipes,  don't you???
Our Dee is coming over this evening to have dinner
with us,  so as always we are looking forward to seeing her!
Jim got the tile caulked near the outer wall last night
and so it looks even much more finished and polished now.
Took all the cardboard out of the bottom of the shower
and vacuumed it all out again,  so we are ready for
grouting that last area whenever time permits.
Can I say excited - We are beside ourselves
with  Joy that this project is almost done.
Hopefully soon we will be showing you some
pics of our newly renovated bath!  Yeah!!
Well,  Sweeties,  gotta go,
The house is calling,  calling to me!! lol
Thanks for coming by, and have a great day!!
Blessings and Hugs,


  1. Hi sweet friend, Loved the berries-they remind me so much of Christmas and also the type the birds eat and get drunk on. Thank you for sharing the chili recipe site-I'm going right now to get it.
    I am always so uplifting when I visit you-thank you.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I love easy and delicious recipes!! I'm going to look at the chili recipe in a few. Love the berries and they look like Christmas is on the way!!! Well, soon! Enjoy your day!

  3. The berries look so festive - can it really be so close to Christmas?? Thanks for sharing the recipe site - I do love some chili!!

  4. Hi Gal! I may have to try this recipe!! Ran was just talking about having some at a restaurant and loving it! I'm so delighted about your progress in the bathroom!! YIPPEE!! In the home stretch now!!

    Have a wonderful evening!!
    Love ya,

  5. Dear Nellie,

    What a lovely blog! Thank you so much for sharing about your chili recipe. It sounds wonderfula nd I will be looking a the recipe soon myself and my husband and I like nothing better than a steaming bowl of selicious chili! Yum! Can't wait! Thank you also for visitng my blog and for your kind comments. They were very agpreciated.

    And , oh my, how lovely are those berries. I live in the West Coast of Canada where we are fortunate enought to have plenty of holly, so unlike Nova Scotia ( my native province) where it does grow, but not as prolifically. I was delighted to see the abundance of holly with its rich red berries, growing absolutely everywhere here. However, sadly, I am always too frightened to bring it in the house, because it is lethal to pets, and I protect my cat Polly-Dee and my dog Charlie as if they were my children, since my husband and I have none of the two-legged kind!:) Anyway, even though it must stay outdoors, it always reminds me that Christmas is coming and will be here soonet than soon! My! I love that time of year! Anyway, your picture was yet another harbinger of the joy of that wonderful season. Thanks so much.

    Congrats on the bathroom renovation. I am looking forward to seeing some pics in the near future.

    Have a great day,

    Scone Queesn


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