Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great Wednesday full of fun, coffee, pie and cookies

Happy Wednesday Dear Friends
Hope your Wednesday has been as fun as mine.
Want to thank all you who have prayed for my
back,  I wasn't moving too fast for 2 days,  but
today I got up feeling so much better.  I would
say I am about at 90%,  can still tell it isn't quite
there yet,  but oh so much better!
Thank you,  Thank You for your prayers.
Today was our ladies group,  and there was
just 3 of us,  but we had a marvelous time.
One of the ladies brought some awesome
cookies,  and we had pumpkin pie,  well,
at least I did!! lol 
The other ladies had cookies and coffee,
I had some of that too!!  I am having a real
hard time staying out of those cookies.
We had a really fun time just being together
and connecting and then we discussed ways
spiritually and practically that we can keep
from getting stressed out during our most
favorite times of the year,
Thanksgiving & Christmas,  of course!!
I was pondering verses that would go
along with that and this one came
to mind.
Matthew 11:28
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,
and  I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you
and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of
heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my
yoke is easy and my burden is light.
Isn't it so true, that when we get into the swing
of these favored days, that we adore so much,
that we can get lost in the trimmings and the doings.
Over the last years, I have been trying more and
more, to make this time of the year an even more
blessed and special time for me and my family.
These are some ways I think we can make that
happen,  and I am commiting  myself to it this
year,  and hope you might want to join me.
Commit to making time for prayer every morning,
even if it is just 5 mins.  Pray and ask the Lord to
put His yoke upon you so that you might be at
peace and have joy
Having financial deficit problems:??
Ask the Lord to give you creative ideas for gift
giving,  and to lead you to sales and bargains.
He knows your financial state,  and he is able,
and if you have never tried it you will be
 pleasantly surprised.
Don't know what to get someone???
Why not  ask the Lord since he knows them
better than anyone.  The Lord has given me
some really great ideas over the years.
Feelings overwhelmed and resentful???
Ask the Lord to help you with your attitude,
get a good nights rest,  and ask your family
to help you.  Be specific about the tasks
that you want them to accomplish.
Don't know what to do first??
Make a list of what you need to do,  then
prioritize it first,  then take them one at a time.
Also make a list of your Thanksgiving and
Christmas dinner menu, a list with the name and gifts
you have already purchased or made for each
 person, and a wish list for yourself  (because people
 usually ask you for ideas and it will save you not
 having to think of something) and make another list with
 ideas you have
 for gift giving to loved ones and friends.
Decide as a family what you really love to do the
most - maybe it is entertaining at home,  or going
out to more events.  Decide beforehand because
.  If you already know then it  will make it easier to say Yes,
  to the right things and No to the lesser important things.
And don't feel guilty for saying No!
Everybody knows you can't do it all.
If  possible,  start shopping or making gifts now.
Start baking now if possible,  and freeze till later.
If sending Christmas cards is too much for you at
this time of the year maybe you could send out
Thanksgiving cards and put in a Christmas letter!
Or send out cards and a letter at Easter!
I love hearing from friends,  and I love Christmas
cards,  but I would much rather have a card at
Thanksgiving or Easter that tells me what is going on in
 the lives of the sender, than just a signed Christmas card.
Well,  just thought I would share some ideas
that I have tried and some I want to try,  and
maybe it will help make your Thanksgiving
and Christmas less of a burden and more
of a JOY!
Isn't that what it is really all about anyway,
Joy and Thankfulness to our Wonderful Savior!!
Thanks for coming by,
Blessings and Hugs,


Lois Christensen said...

I love that scripture. I truly need that in the coming weeks. Thanks for posting it!

Glad your back is almost normal again.

I would have had a piece of the pie as well! Pumpkin is my favorite!!

Enjoy your day!

Heather said...

those are some great ideas to share with us. this week i have been making all of my jar gifts. so far i've made 23 jars, two different kinds and i have one more recipe to make for the last 6 jars. then i can concentrate on my knitting presents :)

Heather said...

sure, i can tell you what i'm making, lol! the jar gifts are: hot cocoa mix, smore's square's and cinnamon pancakes. my knitting is mostly hats and maybe some scarfs. i'm also knitting hats and scarfs for the homeless shelter too. they like to hand them out at Christmas time with some other donated items.

Bonnie said...

Nellie, this is great post! I have it pretty easy this year as I am not entertaining or buying many gifts or decorating or baking. Sounds pretty sad, huh? But when I do do those things which is every other year..I follow a lot of what you have mentioned here. Last year I made my Christmas card an online special blog just about Christmas. I really enjoyed doing it and it was a big success with others so I plan to do it again this year. It gives some thoughts on Christmas and an update on each family member, and some fun music, etc. It saved me tons of money and time and is like an electronic newsletter for the people can either read it or not depending on how they feel about The Christmas Letter idea. I'm with you..I want to know what is new far more than receiving a card with a signature on it and nothing else.

So glad you are finally feeling better. Backs do not snap back the next day, that is for sure.

Hugs, B

Jennifer said...

What great practical tips....especially for this time of year. Doesn't the devil just love to steal our joy with all the extra stuff at the holidays. These are great ways to keep perspective. I think I might share some of these with my ladies group this month..if you don't mind. Thanks. Hope your back is 100 percent now!! Take care, friend.