Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 22, 2010

Greetings Sweet Friends
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!
Hope to find you well and happy this day!
I have to say I haven't gotten a lot accomplished
so far today,  made a smoothie for breakfast,
straightened up the kitchen, made grill cheese
sandwiches for a late lunch, and put a load of
 clothes in to wash and caught up on reading and 
commenting on blogs. And we did our exercise,
yea!!  so that is out of the way too!!
Oh Yea, forgot to tell you I didn't start
 my day till 10:15.  Hubby works at home today
and I was sleeping so soundly I didn't even hear
him get up,  and he just let me sleep,  so much
to my shock it was 10:15.  I really hate to sleep
that late,  but I have to say I  must have needed
it cause I feel really good today!!
No wonder I am shocked it is already 3:45 in
the afternoon.  Well I guess my
 thankful is...............
I am thankful to the Lord 
for a good night and morning sleep!! lol
and feeling so good today!!
(there were 3 of these beauties but by the time I got
the camera ready 2 had gone.)  Bummer!
I am thankful
for the birds of the air that I caught on
camera in my backyard this week.  A 
great reminder to us of how the Lord can
take care of us if he takes care of the birds
of the air.  They are so pretty and healthy
looking,  so He is doing a great job!!
and He does a great job of taking care
of us too!!
(Here is a closeup thanks to zoom lens,
Isn't he so pretty!!)
I am thankful
that when we lose something the Lord knows
right where it is,  and when we have the presence of
 mind to ask for his help He has found a number
of things we have lost. Sometimes He tells you
right away, sometimes it might be a day, some
times a week or maybe 3 and sometimes
months later, but we do wind up finding it!!
I am thankful
the Lord found Jimmys car keys that he lost
last Sunday.  Remember I told you Dee had
to come and rescue us at Bed, Bath and 
Beyond.  We ran there right after church to
pick up some more towels that were on sale,
and we went right from the car to the towels,
and then just a quick look at pictures and
to the register.  Right before we got to the
register Jim realized he had lost his keys.
We retraced our steps over and over and 
even the store employees were trying to 
help,  but to no avail.  We had to leave our
name and number hoping they would call.
Monday morning still no call,  so he was
trying to put together another set of keys,
and the Lord prompted him to look in his
bible cover which has a pocket,  guess 
what was there???  His keys of course!!
He has a habit of putting them in there 
when he goes to church cause he doesn't
like having bulging pockets, so guess
he had a momentary lapse as to where
he was !! lol
 (Caught this pretty cardinal taking a bath in our
birdbath yesterday.  Isn't he adorable,  I wanted
to say she,  but the males are the colorful 
and prettier birds - more shots to come)
I am thankful
the Lord found Jim's wedding band,  he lost  about 
3 weeks or so ago,  and we had turned the house upside
 down looking for it,  and praying of course.  Last weekend
 he found it in a very strange place.  See if you can figure it out???
It was in the bottom of a tupperware container
that we keep the dog treats in....................
How funny is that!!
Jimmy went to get a cookie for the Rosie when
she was here last Friday,  and he saw it and 
said Nellie look,  and I thought he was trying
to show me the container was empty and I
said yea,  I know we have another box of
treats in the garage,  and he said No, look,
and when I did I just died laughing,  it must
of somehow just slipped off his finger.
Is that not a riot!! lol
(He was having a splashingly good time, let me tell you! 
 Am surprised you can't see the water splashing,  either 
he stopped splashing everytime I took a shot or it just
isn't showing up on the zoom)
I am thankful
for those that have prayed for us and the 
couple we are working with........
because the Lord is answering prayers
in a big way!!
I am thankful
for this couple and what tender hearts they
 have,  they do whatever we ask them
to ...........and it is incredible to have such
great hearts to work with cause trust me
this is a rarity today!!  Sadly!!
(Ahhh,  this is so refreshing)
I am thankful
for what the Lord did for Jennifer over at
trading beauty for ashes.  It is a beautiful
answer to her prayers.  Click here to read
about it.
(All these photos brought to you by the magic
of the zoom lens photography,  such a neat thing!)
I am thankful
that Noreen was the blessed recipient of
a wonderful blessing from Becky over at
Holiday in the Sun.  Click here to read
about it!!  Becky strikes again!!
Good going Girly!!
I am thankful
for Becky and what a sweet heart she has,
and for the joy she loves to bring to others
with her lovely, unique and creative surprises!!
and She is a Sweet Heart as well.
I am thankful 
for Doctors, Nurses and hospitals who can help
our loved ones and friends when we have 
no clue what to do for them.
Which reminds me of my friends hubby, Al,
again,  he seems to be worse today,  so
she is getting more and more concerned
to say the least!!
 Please Pray if you feel so led.
I am thankful
that Scott found a state job that he really liked
the sounds of, and applied for it.  Only sad
part is it is in Jacksonville,  but we want the
Lords will for him,  and would love to see
him have a job that he loves and that doesn't 
work him 70-75 hrs. a week. And it is only a
few hours away, Course, he has only applied
 so we have to see what happens.
Of Course, we would love for him to find
a great job in this area!! lol
(Ahhhh, the magic of photoshop - the palette 
knife affect,  I really like how it looks)
Well, Sweet folks,  there you have my Thankful
List for this week.
Hope you have had a week with lots of neat
 things to be thankful for!
So Tell Us............
What are you Thankful For!!
Thanks for coming by...........
Until next time,
Love, Blessings and Hugs, 


Beth said...

Nellie, You have such a sweet spirit. God bless you!

Sister Susie said...

I just finished my blog and thought to check to see if you did your Thankful Thursday.
#1. I have a thankful rest when I get to bed by nine! I guess that won't happen tonight!
#2. There's nothing that makes me any happier than to see the beautiful birds. Especially when the sandhill cranes come to visit me. I haven't been able to catch them with my camera.
#3. I guess the LORD'S making me wait. I lost an earring I have had for 20 years and can't find it anywhere. I pray it is in the truck between the seats. The console is so close I can't see around it.
#4. I have pretty much got myself trained with my keys. I don't care what, my keys go in my purse as soon as I unlock the door.
#5. Rings stay on my fingers due to my big knuckles. Now don't tell anyone I said that. LOL!
#6. Thank you, LORD!
#7. Rare indeed, especially when it is parents assisting teachers. What jewels we have.
#8. Isn't it great to have testimonies of Christ's leadership.
#9. Spread the joy around!
#10. You should be included with that! Your White items blog is great!
#11. I am so thankful for my doctors. One, I have gone to for the past 25 years!
#12. Maybe the job Scott's new application is for, will have a place here.

Keep up those great birdie pictures. I got one of a hummingbird the other day. There were three, but by the time I got my camera, only one was left! Pooh!
Love ya,

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love that you were able to sleep in so late!!! But as much as I love to sleep in, I also feel so guilty about it afterwards.

I think your hubby is losing too much weight for his ring to fall off and not notice it!!! Thankfully you all did notice it before giving the dog his treats!

Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

Hello there Nellie;great thankfulness list!..,
..,I'm thankful for the grace of the Lord!

I also am thankful that Christians fully yeilded to the Lord are kind and tender hearted forgiving one another, not bearing resentment, grudges and pettiness!.., I saw a lot growing up in the church Nellie; alot!.., ..,His grace is thankfully sufficient for all of us!

Heather said...

beautiful birds! Happy Friday to you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for your encouragment - what a gift of encouragement you have:) And even sharing in my blessing here on your own blog!! It really has been a wonderful week - with the book fair and working at the school. Interesting - cardinals are one of my favorite birds as God used them to bless me/answer prayer during one of my darkest moments soon after Tyler died. And to think that you put them throughout this whole post!! I love those photos!!

And, just too funny about the ring in the bottom of the treat bin!! Have a beautiful day, friend:)

Kathleen said...

Hi Nellie,
I am thankful for your sweet comments!
I love your whites, and I said a prayer for your friend!
Have a great weekend...

MonsterMama said...

Love your thankfulness list. I should make one for myself as a reminder huh? Looked for your cranberry orange bread and didn't find it. You will have to make it soon so I can check it out. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love your birds, mine are too quick for me :)

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Nellie,
I always enjoy your TT post, your photos of the birds are so pretty, I see someone else loves to photograph birds to. They really teach us so much don't they.Sometimes dh will let me sleep longer too, and I find that is when I need it most. I will pray for these requests.

It is so great to be able to visit again, Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment , you are such a blessing.

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, I know this is really late to comment on your delightful post but better late than never. I love your list and especially your beautiful birds-oh they are so lovely. Nellie, I am thankful for your loving heart and the way you reach out to encourage so many.
Thank you for your love and friendship!!!!
Hugs, Noreen

BECKY said...

Hello Dear Friend,
What a delightful blessing you are to my soul! Your edifying and encouraging ways just bring joy to me and to so many others! Sure have missed you through all of this stuff! I'm doing much better overall...must be all of that wonderful prayer going up in my behalf! Thank you, Lord!

MRI went well...results by Tuesday!

we'll catch up soon! Know that I love you and thank God for the gift of your special friendship!!

Bonnie said...

Wow, lot of comments, Nel. Sorry I am last. Honestly it is hard to keep up sometimes isn't it? One could just be chatting on the internet all day and too bad we also have lots of other stuff to do! LOL!! Anyway, I am always thankful for you and for the new things I am learning about your family through Susie's blog too.

Sure hope Scott gets the job he wants. Sorry it is out of your area though. But that does happen a lot when they get all grown up!

It is quite late and I just wanted to stop in and say HI.

Love you, dear freind!