Friday, February 5, 2010

Paper, Paper Everywhere!!!

Yea,  It's Friday!!
Hope your Friday has been good,  and I am
sure you are looking forward to a nice weekend.
I have been filing paperwork for a good part of
the day.  Does anyone else hate dislike this job
as much as I do?? 
 If I ever get paper under control I will truly be amazed.
 I have to say it has gotten better since the kids got
 out of school,  and I'm not getting all those letters
that have to be signed and report cards, and what
 have you that comes into the house.
But it is still a nuisance,  and I get rid of all the spam
OOPS , junk mail, ( forgot we aren't talking computer
terms here) right away and put the bills in a special
folder just for them,  so where does it all come from???
I am convinced that there are lil gremlins of some
 type that come out at night, and pull it all out of the 
trash and leave it on the counter for me again
 the next day!!
Does that happen at your house too???
Well, it just started pouring rain outside. and we 
are under a tornado warning till about 8-9 tonight,
and it is only 4 pm right now.
Oh Yea, back to the paper trail...........
Sorry,  I can be a Sidetracked Home Exec!
I used to have a system years back,  and when I
did worked well,  guess I need to see
if I can find the book where I got the idea,  and
re employ it.
  They had you do all the stuff I
said above,  but they had you choose one day
of the week,  to answer any letters (what is that???)
or invitations or anything that needed to have
a response,  and then to file any paperwork.
Amazing how you get out of good habits and
don't even know how or when it happened.
Guess I need to pick a day and make myself
stick to there in,
 being the problemo!!
Ya know what I mean!
I keep thinking this stuff should just jump in the 
file cabinet all by itself!
Wouldn't that be sooooooooo great!! lol
Maybe I should just do it again next Friday.
I guess I am dubbed official file clerk,  so 
guess next Friday it right back,
I am going to put in on the calendar.
Well,  it's there,  so we will see,  feel free
to ask me about it next week,  I think
I need the accountability!!  lol
Time for a new subject I think!!
We got to see Scott and Joey last night and
DeeAnna,  she was over at Scotts when we
got there. Joey was very happy to see us, 
 as we were her!  His apt. is very nice and
 we loved his furniture.
He made some very good choices.
We had a nice visit,  and Joey is coming
to spend the weekend with us!! lol
Scott is going with his girlfriend on Sat.
to the races in Daytona, so we get Joey!!
Do I sound like a grammy.....we are
 practicing up for the real thing,  the
grandaughter dogs are a dress rehearsal!!  lol
He is still getting settled in of course,  but 
needs some pictures on the walls,  but that
will come in time as he gets the money.
Well,  I am off to make spinach Manicotti
for the first time.  Wish me well.
Oh yea,  I forgot to tell you how good the
roasted brussel sprouts were.  I like brussel
sprouts fairly well,  but they are not my fave,
but they are very good for you.  Hubby really
doesn't like them that much,  but he loved 
them roasted, and even suggested I give him
some for his lunch the next day!!
Miracles never cease!! lol
You All Have A Happy Weekend,  
Full of Fun, Family and Fiends!
Hugs and Blessings,


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Nellie,
You are so funny, I so enjoyed reading this. I need to get some filing done too, but just haven't felt like it. And those gremlins just keep coming out every night and bringing more.
I am glad Scot is getting settled in.
I love brussel sprouts, and try and grow them.
I am doing so much better, hope to start getting my nest back in order next get back on my exercise program.
Hope your weekend is filled with many more blessings,

Sister Susie said...

PAPER, PAPER, everywhere! I just hope the bag I have my shredded papers in doesn't ever get torn open! I can't believe what I shred in a week's time. I don't like to put anything with my name on it in the garbage pick-up. Right now, I have a full garbage bag tied off and ready to go in the garbage pick-up on Wed. I already filed my 2009 papers away. I need to go back and shred 2002's files. Your spinach lasagna is excellent! Have a great time with Scott and DeeAnna!
Love, Susan

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Yes, I'm surprised at the amount of paper that comes into this house as well. And I found out that if I don't keep up with it right away it will become a huge mess. I use to try to take Wednesday mornings to go through all the paper work and pay bills and do my checkbook.

Just wanted you to know that I tried the cheese on those sandwich thins with an apple like you suggested and it was DELICIOUS!!!

Keep the ideas coming!

Jess said...

Boy can I relate!
Not only does paperwork overwhelm me at home but also at the Pregnancy Center! The only way I keep my sanity is to tell myself that organization doesn't come easily to "creative people." That let's me off the hook, right?