Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Balmy breezy 80 degrees

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

It has been a balmy breezy 80 degrees on the porch this morning,
and so lovely I could just sit out there all day, but unfortunately
there are things to do, but I am very refreshed for the time
I did get to spend.

Well, we heard from our son yesterday about 6p.m, and he
made it fine, a few hrs later than expected, and with a few
unexpected bumps. The first one made him think he was
gonna have to call his dad and come back to get him.
He got a crate for Joey, with the dimensions they gave
him, which we thought was ridiculously small anyway,
and when he got there they said that it wouldn't do.
So they called all the A/Lines to see if anyone had one,
and nobody did, and finally they called United, and
they had 1 left, it was $70.00, but they got her in it
and he was running to the gate.

Also when he got his
backpack out of the luggage rack(he had put it in a
huge garbage bag, so that nothing would come lose
and get lost) they had gone thru it and it was a topsy
tervy mess, and he had to put it all back together
again, and he didn't think anything was missing,
we pray that is the case.

So they started their adventure today. Upon awaking
I was having some fearful thoughts and I got an email
from a sweet friend here and a comment from one of my sweet
blog friends. They were definitely heaven sent messages,
and really encouraged me, and now after my time on
the porch with the Lord, I am feeling full of faith
again. The enemy tends to always come to me
early in the morning just before I am awake to
plant negative seeds and thoughts. He is so
clever in his deception, but the Lord is always
infinitely wiser and better!!

I will be going out soon to mail our first of many
packages to my son (they are his food supply &
other supplies he needs)

This is the label from one of them. He has each one
labeled with the date to be shipped and how it is to
be shipped, and he left a list as well.
His organizational skills just amaze me,
especially for a guy.

And this is all the packages we will have to mail
if he tarries on his journey. Twenty to be exact!!
He has them all stacked according to date,
left open so we can add anything extra he might need,
and they are already addressed, so all we have to do is
add anything extra, and tape them shut,
and as you can see he even has a tape package
tape dispenser there, and he left $250.00 for the postage.
He has pretty much thought of everything it seems.

Guess you can't tell that I am proud of him or anything.
He really is a great young man, and has so many
wonderful qualities. He was not the least bit discouraged
over yesterdays happenings, he was just excited and
ready to start his journey. Good for him!!
Wish I was as excited about my journey thru
this time as much as he is!! ha

I do know the end result will be good, with the Lord
the best is always yet to come, but sometimes it is
a struggle to get there, and I can tell you I think
this is gonna be a daily struggle at least for awhile.
I can be fine one minute, and bombarded with
scary thoughts the next. Course, I know all those
what if's and vain imaginations are not from the
Lord, so I have to stand firm and call on my Lord
for help. So like I said the results will be good,
cause anything that makes us more dependent
on Jesus, is always Good in God's eyes.

Well Now, thanks for all your kind comments
on yesterdays post and for your prayers especially.

Have a truly Blessed and Cozy Day,


  1. He is off to an adventurous start. Glad the puppy got to go along! Hang in there...one day and prayer at a time.

  2. Sounds like your boy is truly organized! And has this trip really planned out! Have you ever read Joyce Meyer's "Battlefield of the Mind?" It's an awesome book and has really helped me a lot of my fears. I know it's scary with everything your son is doing, but know that the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear but one of a sound mind!! I claim this verse almost daily!! Enjoy the day and your beautiful weather! Maybe you can sit on the porch later today!!

  3. It is amazing at how organized he is for this special adventure. I can't believe it. I don't think I could be that organized. Wow!


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