Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today is cleaning day

Good Morning Sweet Friends,
Well, I am taking a little break cause today is heavy cleaning day.
Just came in from cleaning the porch. Vacumming was not enough.
The rain has made it look pretty dirty, so it was out to the yard
with the chairs so they could be cleaned. My back was giving
out by chair #3, so I am saving the rest for this evening.
Then it was in with the hose to hose the floor down. A fellow
from our church was starting a business doing floor finishes
five years ago, and he did our porch for us, to look like
tile, and we just love it, so easy to keep, and all you do
is bring the hose in and hose it all down, works for me,
Takes a little time, but Looks great now, just have to wait
for her to dry andput it back together. So it will be much
more enjoyable out there, and nice for company tomorrow as well.
Hope you are having a good day.
It is beautiful and sunny again today and was getting
pretty hot out there and I was very happy to be done.
Well, got to get busy cause I have to vacuum the
whole house and do a lil dusting, and of course,
work on some food for tomorrow night.
I am gonna make a Pasta salad that is so good,
I learned about it from a friend of 30 some odd years.
It has pasta, black olives, sundried tomatoes,
marinated mushrooms, bell pepper and onions,
olive oil and spices..
Think that is all. It is great! Yummy, I am
making myself hungry, cause all I have had is
iced coffee so far.
I am also making a 7 layer salad, if you
have never had it, it is awesome and great
for company, but you have to make
24 hrs. ahead for it to be it's best.
I just realized I got this recipe from the same
friend. She is a great cook what can I say.!!
That would be you Arlene if you happen to
be reading today.!! Love ya girl!!
My sister-in-law is gonna make cole slaw, and I might
make some green pea salad as well.
Gonna get my daughter to pick up
some cheese cake and I am gonna make a double batch
of brownies to have with some "Toffee Candy Crunch"
frozen yogurt, from good ol Publix, we also
found a "Key Lime frozen yogurt that is delicious too.
and who knows what else we will add as we go.
If you want any of these recipes leave a comment and
I willmake a post with them.
Well Girles............
gotta get back to work, but just wanted to say Hello.
Have a truly Blessed Day!!
Love and Blessings,


  1. Hey Gal!! My post this morning took some time, but I'm in cleaning and laundry mode myself!! And school of course, too!!

    Don't overdo!!

    I better get back to work myself!!

    Love ya,

  2. Cooking and cleaning for company tomorrow too! How funny! That pasta salad sounds good, I'd love to see that recipe when you have a minute. Thanks, Nellie!

  3. All the recipes sound yummy! I've never heard of a pea salad! Seems there's always cleaning to do! Enjoy your company!!

  4. Nellie...absolutely no rush on the recipe. Just whenever you want to blog and can't think of a topic!

  5. Hi Nellie,

    It's cleaning day at my house today. I have soooo much to do. And I really want to get outside and get some more things planted too.

    Anyway, feel free to copy my Sunday blog!


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