Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday June 18, 2009

Good Evening, and welcome to Thankful Thursday!!
No, this is not my son but it sure looks like it could be.
Bet you can't guess what I am thankful for????
We just got a phone call from our son about an hour or so
ago, and he is at his first town after 100 miles of hiking.
To say I am thankful is truly an understatement,
I am overwhelming ecstatic and hubby almost needs
to scrape me off the ceiling!!
Our son is good, but tired, he hurt his knee a little
so that is why he slowed down some. It was so
neat to hear that God sent along another hiker
who happened to have an extra ace bandage for
him to use on his knee. Could that be an angel
in disquise, wouldn't surprise me!
I am so thankful for God's provision and protection
of him as he has been in the wilderness for 8 days.
He said he did not spend a night alone out there,
every night there were other hikers that came.
He only had to set his tent up one night, the rest
of the time he was able to stay in a lean to.
He said he hasn't seen a lot of wildlife, 10 snakes
(one would be enough to make me want to come home)
and a porcupine. He tried to get a pic but Joey was
barking at it and scared it away. Something tried to get
into his backpack last night, they hang them up on the
lean to, and they rig them so that if something jumps
on them it makes them fall off, so he heard this really
loud sound of something falling and guess he looked
outside and it was a huge rat. Yuk!!!
Joey has done very well, he has had to carry her
across the streams, one was waist deep, but he
says she has learned to hop the rocks.
He also had to help her some when they were
climbing up the mountain, cause she couldn't
get over some of the big rocks.
I was asking if he thought she was getting enough
to eat cause their food was so rationed, and being
out in the fresh air and exerting all that energy
usually makes you hungrier than normal.
He said he was concerned about her the first
few days cause she wasn't eating or drinking too
much. (Could have been missing us since she has been
with us 24/7 for 6 months now or possibly just readjusting
after the plane trip, and strange hotel and new surroundings)
but then she started eating and has done fine every since.
That was a relief I'm sure!
Says he took lots of beautiful pics, and a few
videos as well. Said there were lots of wildflowers
so he was trying to get some good shots for me.
Their food supply held out fine, he just ran
out of food for Joey, so he has to get her some
now that he is in town. Also got his package
we mailed for the next leg of his journey.
He is trying to find a public library so he can
download his pics to facebook. I am hoping hubby
can figure out how to get them from there to
my blog so yall can see some, but I might
have to wait till he (meaning my son) gets home.
Just have to wait and see!
Said he didn't like hiking in the rain too much,
but it's all part of the experience. Someone told
him he needed to get a walking stick and it would
make it easier on his knee, so he did and they
were right it made things quite a bit easier.
He is gonna stay in the town for 2 nights to let
his knee rest, and plans to leave out early
Sat. morning for the next trek which will
be 7 days, but this time there is another
town in between. He doesn't plan to stop there
but if he needed to he could, so that is good
news to my ears!! ha
He was very happy to get a nice shower,
and to give Joey a bath. Says he has
been checking and cleaning her lil feet everynite
with wet wipes and then putting horse
hoof lotion on the pads of her feet.
Didn't know he even took that with him,
that was a great idea.
Well, that is all I can think of for now, we
will probably talk to him again tomorrow night,
so for now, I am off to help hubby with the
lawn. I mow on the John deere while he
weed eats and edges. Such a Deal!!
Have a great evening,
and remember to find something to be thankful for!!
Love, Hugs and Blessings,


  1. thankful indeed! what a wonderful update. i hope he gets his pictures downloaded at the library. i am on the edge of my seat to see them! i know i've said it a million times already but, what an adventure!

  2. Oh Nellie, I am so glad you got your call!! What an incredible blessing to you sweet friend!!
    Makes me tear up!! I just want to jump up and down for you, gal!!

    That is so funny about you two and the lawn! Randy mows and I trim!! Ha!!

    Have a great day!! I'll give you a buzz later on! Brittany just called from work at the Daytona mall and said she forgot her debit card and has no food and can't leave the store. Guess we're making a trip out there with some lunch for her!! Good thing our plans are kind of loose!

    Love ya,

  3. Wow, wonderful news, Nellie! I am glad the little twosome is doing well. I liked your post from yesterday too, I have just been working a lot so I haven't been able to spend as much time on the computer. Always looking for good, low fat,low cal foods. I want to try to find the bread but I don't think I have ever seen it in CA.

    I ma thankful today to be getting to know you and Becky! You two are awesome!

  4. Hey Girl,

    Our prayers are with your precious son on this great adventure. Super photo and I can just imagine that that is how he feels!
    Looks like we selected the same base template for our blogs. Guess some "Home Interiors" gals think alike! LOL

    Blessings always, Jess

  5. Do you guys sell Home Interiors or something? Awesome if so, or are you just fans??!

  6. The fact that your son was so organized for this trip is really a boon for him. What an experience he is having there!


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