Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More of the Christmas Tour.........

Hello Sweet Friends,
Hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season.
I'm trying, I am truly trying,  but I still have not
whipped this cold,  and now hubby has it too.
He seems to be feeling better right now,  so we
will see how he feels in the morning!
Was talking with a friend from church today
and she said she and her husband had it for
about 2 weeks.............have to admit I did
not really want to hear that! lol
Hubby is suppose to have his stress test
this Friday,  so we will see how he is feeling
by Thursday morning I guess.
Got more stuff cleaned up today and wanted
to do the tree but never did cause I was
feeling under the weather again!
So took a nap instead,  then got up and made
more chicken soup for hubby,  well really
for all of us!
Last night our daughter and Rosie came over,
our 2 lil Miss Prisses!  We just love em to pcs!
If you feel so inclined please pray for Dee as
she is having some sharp pain on her right side
and she doesn't really seem to have any other
symptoms of appendicitis,  but she keeps
having the pains about every 10 mins. and
they just last a millisecond but they are pretty
sharp.  We are praying that they go away,
because right now she has no Insurance.
But will have Insurance come the 20th I think,
once she starts full time.  If she isn't better in the
morning she is going to the Dr., or if she
gets worse we will go the emergency room
tonight,  we are sure hoping that doesn't
have to be.  Last week I was getting pains
in the same place and they stopped after
a couple of days,  so hope maybe it has
something to do with that.
The picture on my header is of our living
room.  I decided to take my valances down
cause it didn't match the comforter I threw
over the sofa, amazing how one thing leads
to another!  so then it looked too bare
with just the shades so had to come up
with another plan,  still looks barer than
I like but got to worn out to care!
Doesn't it look like I posed Joey.
she actually climbed up there all by
herself,  and I happened to walk by
and see her,  was wishing I could
hang a red bow on her before I
took the picture.  She perfectly
centered herself.  Cracked me

Just had to show you this!
I cropped this pic and put a rough pastel affect
on it,  and thought it came out so cute!
Think I might print it and put it in a frame
for Scott for Christmas!

This is in the hallway,  one of the last places
I was decorating,  starting to run out of things
to work with,  so stuck some berries from
potpourri in the pine branch and swagged
a ribbon.  So far, my only expense for
Christmas decorations has been for the
magnolia swag which I got 40% off.

This is in our dining room.  Had a pic there,
but wanted to move my wreath to another
area this year,  so had to figure out a way
to include the wreath with the plates.

We even have a Christmas clock
that plays music thanks to my
sweet sister-in-law,  and had
to gussy up my lil girl statue.

This is the top of  one of the  china hutchs
Just love that Angel, and the candlestick
Dee gave me for Mothers day.  We have
faulted ceilings and it looks nice having s
something so tall up there!

Here's the top of the other Hutch,
my aunt gave us this angel years
ago and we really love her as well.
She is really bigger than this makes
her look,  it's the vantage point from
which I took the picture.
When I am completely done I will
take some whole room pics,  so you
can see how all the pcs. fit!
Have a great day tomorrow,  and hope
you are feeling and doing well!
See ya tomorrow hopefully!


Bonnie said...

Gosh, I am hoping everyone is better in the morning when you read this. Love the picture of the doggie! So cute! Get well, right now...OK? Hope Dee is feeling a lot better! I think everyone should be spared illness in December.

Relax while you can! Love, B

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie,
Everything looks great and that pic of Joey is a sweet one! Scott will love it!
Praying for you guys!
Hope your day is blessed.
Went to do the tree last night and can't find the lights. I might have thought they were the bad lights and thrown them away, so we got new ones last night and will decorate today with Kristina. Her Grandma may not even decorate their tree this year, so she is very anxious to help!
Love to you,

Heather said...

all your decorating looks great! so sorry your hubby has your cold now. praying for both of you and for Dee :)

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