Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Delightful Treat

Howdy Sweet Friends,
Hope your day is going smoothly and you are
at peace,  and not getting frazzled by our
approaching Christmas Day.
So far,  I'm doing okay with that course,
when all those last minute details hit,
sometimes it gets you then!  I am trying to
think ahead as much as possible so as to
derail  them if that is possible!!  lol
The picture on my header is a picture
with a posterized affect on it!
This is what it looks like normally!

This was my breakfast this morning and every morning
since Monday.  I discovered something delicious and easy
that I think you might want to try.  Your hubby will probaby
like it,  and your kids just might too!
We usually have cinamon toast and honey with pecans
or walnuts most mornings cause it is easy, we like it,
it's heart healthy,  and I don't have to think about
what to make! lol
Well,  Monday morning I thought ya know, I just don't
feel like cinamon toast this morning,  so think I will
just put some polaner fruit spread on my toast instead
Opened the fridge and spied the applebutter so decided
to try that instead and thought I can put the nuts on top
of that!  Just what I did.......It was mucho delicious,
much like a danish!  We use Arnold's Oat Nut Bread,
which we think is so good,  but toast your bread and
put a thin layer or as much as you want layer of apple
butter then just put pecans or whatever nut you like
on top,  you could chop the nuts up if you like!
And you will get a big surprise!!
Here's a nice close up to make you hungry!! lol

Doesn't it look yummy,  and it is oh soooooo good
with a nice cup of coffee!
Maybe it's time for a lil break and some quiet time!
You have a good day now.
I'll leave you with a few pics of Christmas
at our house!  This is in our living room.


Sorry this one is a bit fuzzy!


The Christmas tree is fiberoptic and changes color,
it didn't show color cause it was evidently in between
color changes.  Drats!  It is really pretty and plays
music too!


This book has the most glorious pictures in it.
I just love Thomas Kincaide's art work!
I find a place on one of the coffee tables for it too!
You have a Joyous Day...........
I just got off the phone talking to an old friend
of almost 40 years,  what a  Joy and a delight to talk
with her,  she is such a neat and joyful
lady.  She has granchildren both under the age
of 18 mos. and is having a blast with them.
How neat!
Till we meet again!
Blessings Abundant Sweeties,


Heather said...

that does sound yummy! isn't it fun to find new favorite things to eat!

Lois Christensen said...

The toast looks really yummy!!!! And the pictures of the rest of your house are very nice!!! You do a great job decorating! Enjoy your day. Hope you and hubby are still feeling better!