Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - December 17, 2009

(Merry Christmas My Friends From Jo Bear)
And Merry Christmas from Me too!
Hope your day is going well and Sweet!
Mine has been productive thus far,  mailed
out some cards, making some cards and getting
some gifts ready to deliver soon.
Got a lot done yesterday as well,  so am
writing down any and everything I can think
of that needs to be done yet.
Pacing......................myself!  Yeah,  sounds
good,  doesn't it!  I am hoping I have paced
well once next week gets here!
It is amazing how much stuff you can forget
that needs to be done yet!  lol
Anybody else have that problem!!
Just took a break to exercise for 30 mins.,
now I am energized,  but ready for lunch!
We ate a late breakfast (see yesterdays post)
That was it!!  lol
Hubby just tried it for 1st time and loved it!
Knew he would.
Guess I had better get on with Thankful
Thursday before I write a book here. lol
I am thankful hubby and I are feeling so
much better,  still haven't shook the
cough yet but we feel great!
I am thankful for the Lovely Contata
our church had last Sunday,  it was
truly a highlight of the Christmas Season
for us,  and I keep thinking  and singing to myself
 some of the songs they sang that were so beautiful.
I am thankful for our Music Minister and
his wife,  they are such a great team,
and did such an awesome job on the
Contata,  and every Sunday really!
I am thankful that my Dad passed away
as a Christian.  His birthday was on Dec.
15th,  and I got to thinking about him,
(He passed away about 15 yrs. ago)
and how great it was that He came to
know the Lord just 3 months before he
passed.  God is soooo good!
I am thankful for God's answer to our
prayers for his salvation as we prayed
for 14 years!  Never give up praying,
God is faithful!!
I am thankful that our Sweet Friend
Lois over at "Walking on Sunshine"
has had God bless her and her family
with their hubby and dad being home
with them till after Christmas!
Then he will be going to Afghanistan
for a year.  Be sure to pray for them!
What a sacrifice.
I am thankful for all of our choirs at
church.  Children's,  teen's and Adult's,
and also the drama team and handbell
choir and the others that worked hard
to do a lot of extra things, some in the
program,  some behind the scenes;
Thanks for your sacrifice and hard
work to put on such a wonderful
presentation for us all to enjoy and
be inspired by.  It was truly delightful!
I am thankful to see my daughter
having fun at work and making
a brocoli casserole to take in
for a luncheon today.  It was so
cute.... that is one of the things
she has always made when we
are cooking  together for special
meals. Nice to see her using her
culinary skills for others to enjoy!
I am thankful that the Lord has
made me with a desire to be creative
in a number of ways,  one of which
is making my own greeting cards,
cause it brings me much enjoyment.
I am presently working on cards
for my family and am happy with
the way they are turning out!
I am thankful that at this point I am
not feeling a bit stressed out,  and
am enjoying the season very much.
I am thankful that I am getting to
go visit a dear friend of 26 yrs
tonight,  I always enjoy seeing
her when I can.....she works in
the day time so we don't get
together as much as we'd like!
I would be remiss if I didn't say
Most of All............
I am thankful for Jesus,  cause I don't
know where I would be without Him!
He is the Best Friend anyone could
ever have,  no one loves you as much
as He does!
Well Folks,  there you have it,
my Thankful Thursday List.........
Come on......... add a few things to it
yourself by adding some comments.
Love to read those comments.
You Have a Very Merry Christmas
(I know it is a lil early but it will be
here before you know it!)
And I just love saying it,  don't you!!
Merry Christmas Everyone.
Blessings & Hugs Abundant to all of you!


  1. Hi sweet friend, I love your thankful list and I'm very thankful for you. I'm glad you are pacing yourself and pray you are completely well soon. My hubby now has a cold that the grand kids had-trying to help him fight it off.
    Hugs to you Nellie,
    Love Noreen

  2. Terrific list this week. We also had our church Christmas cantata this past Sunday. Don't they just put you in the holiday mood? Glad you both are feeling better and your week has been so productive. I keep crossing things off my to-do list (I'm a bit list compulsive) but still feelin' unprepared, for some reason.

    I also learned from your list that the Colonel was able to stay a little longer (thanks for the news)...I guess I'm a bit behind on post reading:) Always enjoy your posts!! Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Sister susie said via email:

    Thankful Thursday blog:

    #1 I thank the LORD He has answered prayers for your healing. You should have enough antibodies now to not get this again!

    #2 I enjoy every year's Christmas program that is so well performed. I especially loved this year's program with the orchestra participating. Pastor Julian and his wife are a true blessing to our church!

    #3 I enjoy each Sunday's music ministry. I can feel the joy of our LORD in the congregation as we worship Him in song.

    #4 I wonder what your dad and my dad are doing right now. Do you think they are watching over us and praying for us as they are witnessing what we do in our lives?

    #5 As we prayed for our parents here on earth during their lives, I think they are now upholding us to our Savior as they are in His Holy Presence.

    #6 I pray our LORD puts His Holy Angels around our Christian brothers and sisters as they are in these hostile situations. I pray there will be a Holy Presence around them that will repel the enemy.

    #7 It's so amazing how our LORD works throughout our church. I am thankful for Sunday School teachers, our ushers, our deacons and deaconesses, our elders, our care givers to our church (I'm thinking of Miss Ruth), our secretaries that do so much with the Sunday morning power points and bulletins, our nursery workers (which more people should take advantage of, ha.) God is so Good, all of the time. All of the time, God is so Good.

    #8 I like DeeAnna's broccoli casserole too! I'm so glad she is enjoying her friends and work. My teacher friends in Kindergarten and I will be meeting to have some fun on Monday. It's so much easier when school is out than during the week when we work.

    #9 The LORD gives relaxation to me in doing projects on my computer. I like making name tags for my kids at school; using seasonal themes, individual themes to their different personalities, or just sliding their picture behind some premade-made graphic. They like it and are always asking when they will be getting their new ones!

    #10 With everything going on at school, my body muscles have been so stressed that when I went to the chiropractor on Thursday, I couldn't believe the popping that took place. He asked me what in the world I had been doing to get so tense! The place that gets so bad on me is at the base of my neck in the back and across my right shoulder blade. It was at the point of the muscles burning. My neck felt so good after he adjusted the area. The muscles immediately relaxed!

    #11 I will be seeing several of my long time friends as well during my time off. Sylvia and I usually meet during the holidays as well as Barbara and I will be getting together at one of the restaurants.

    #12 There could be no thanks for anything if we did not have the LORD of Heaven guiding our hearts to His Meaning of Life. I want to thank Him for giving me Eternal Life even though my mind can't now comprehend what that truly entails. We one day will see the Glory He has for us and what awe that shall be!

  4. Glad you are enjoying a great day and feeling better! I need to pace myself as well. Enjoy!


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