Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guess what I have been up to???

Good Morning Sweet Friends,
Have missed everyone!!!
And know you have too,  cause everyone
is preparing for the joyous birthday celebration
of our Sweet Jesus!
I have been reading your posts just haven't
taken the time to comment on every one,
as I am sure you are probably doing as well.
Yesterday,  I spent most of the day moving
dishes around and working on centerpcs.
for our 2 dinners and 1 brunch.  So cause
I love setting a pretty table,  it was such
fun!!    Thought I would share them with
you in case you might be looking for ideas
at this point in time.  I love to take things
I have around and use them on the table!
Today,  I am working to finish up Jimmy
and Dee's cards,  wash my hair,  make
party chicken and rice, and maybe squash
casserole,  and decide what to wear for
the next few days.  So I actually felt I
had time to blog a bit since it was mostly
pics anyway,  cause I can go do something
as they are downloading
Here is the first one for Christmas Eve

These dishes belonged to my late Mother-in-law
and my sweet Sister-in-law gave them to me! 
 Always wanted Christmas dishes, 
 and they look so festive!
I also love these glasses!!  They were given to
me by the sisters of my elderly neighbor years ago
when we lived in Ft. Lauderdale, and
when she passed away.  She was such a
sweetie and was our next door neighbor,
and we used to visit with her quite often
as her hubby passed away not too long
after we moved in and she was all alone
and had no children of her own,  and was
up in her 80's.  She told me once that
she had gotten these glasses in a restaurant
in New Orleans when she was quite a bit
younger,  well,  that was over 30 some odd
years ago,  so the glasses must be at least
over 50 years anyway.  I always thought
they were just so beautiful!!
Must have been a fancy restaurant!! lol
I just usually keep this lil wagon sitting
around with the bears in all by them
selves,  but decided it might make a
cute and whimsical table centerpc.
What do you think???

Wrapped a few lil presents,  threw in a few Christmas
balls, and some beads and pinecones, made a lil
Merry Christmas sign on the computer for the
top of the gifts,  and wella.........

I decided since it had a lil bit of a country
look to use the gingham napkins and I found
these cute lil gift package scrapbooking stickers
months ago and thought they were so cute,
and thought they would be cute stuck to napkins.
They were all different,  so each napkins has
it's own.  I always like to put a pc. of candy
at each place as well.
The best part was I was about to take it all
apart and then the thought came why don't
you just leave it, Christmas eve is only
2 days away,  so my table is already done
all I need is to add the silverware and
people.  Yea!!  One more thing off my list!
I just love it!!
The next group of pics is for Christmas Day

Remember seeing these lil village boxes back in
the fall........... I thought they might be cute
as well!


I turned the village boxes a different angle.
Also did you notice my candle holders,
they are jar lids from another type of
jar candle you get at Michaels.
I just love repurposing!!
Think they look great, you would never
know they weren't originally tea lite holders.
Well maybe if I can I will share our
brunch table with you tomorrow!
God has been so good to me.......
cause I can't believe I have gotten
so much done with so much less
 time than usual after being sick,
and then throwing my back out again
Sat nite when we were wrapping, so
I was moving very slowly Sunday
and Monday, and thank the Lord
I was better on Tuesday!!
Amazing Grace
is all I can say!! 
Have a Joy filled day my friends,
Can't believe tomorrow is
Christmas Eve..............
Merry Christmas
Love, peace and Joy to you and Yours,

P.S. Header pics is compliments of


  1. Absolutely LOVE your table settings - hotdogs would taste gourmet at that dinner table! Hope you have a wonderful meal with those you love:)

  2. Hey Nellie,

    God bless you REAL GOOD this Christmas season!
    Thank you for your prayers, my cold is much better and although my hip is worse, I am enjoying my children immensely!!!

    I think your whimsical centerpieces are darling and I would love to have a set of Christmas dishes. You guys enjoy!
    And know that you are such a blessing to us.
    Love you!

  3. Beautiful!!! I love those Christmas dishes! Looks perfect!

    Enjoy your Christmas also!!!

  4. both table settings look great! i love the basket with the bears and wrapped presents! very cute!
    Glad you are feeling better. Merry Christmas!


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