Friday, December 4, 2009

Just to say Hi and "Ode to a cold"

Evenin' Sweet Friends,
Look what Scott found.........a Reindeer Dog!!
Isn't she cute!  This is our lil hiker dog, Joey,  remember!
Well,  I am still sick and sitting here eating a bowl of
chicken soup I made today, while I am blogging.
Can't taste it,  but it sure feels good in my tum tum!
Hubby just left to go to church and help with the
toybox ministry,  but shouldn't be gone too long,
then we will watch another movie tonight.
We watched an old classic ,  "It's a Wonderful Life"
 last night cause I was feeling really lousy and started running
a fever after 4 days of being sick,  my fever has gone down,
 but it is just lowgrade now, thankfully!
Don't get that,  but whatever!
Tonight we will watch another Christmas movie
called "Imagine that" with Eddie Murphy.  It is a
"PG rating",  so hope it is good, you never know
these days.  I have to be so careful recommending
movies cause we have something called the TV
guardian on our DVD player,  and it blips out any
bad language,  so you don't hear it.  I have told
people something was good before,  then later
remember about the guardian,  and think who
was it that I told this was a good movie,  cause
who knows what they said in it!!
Have been trying to get the house decorated but
yesterday I did nothing and today I didn't do
anything till about 5 p.m.,  so did get a lil more
done,  would love to finish so I can get all the
boxes and containers out of here.
That would be delightful,  then I have to do the
tree still.  I don't know what it is,  but I really
do not enjoy doing the tree that much,  I love doing
 the house,  and I always love the tree when I am
done,  just am not crazy about decorating it.
Maybe it's cause I miss doing it with Dee,  she used
to help me put the beads and the snow on,
and some ornaments.  She and Scott used to put
their own ornaments on.
It was a tradition I started when they were babies
that we bought them a new ornament every year,
sometimes they picked them while we were on
vacation, if we happened to see a christmas store,
and as they got older I would try to pick something
that would symbolize something about their life
that year, if possible.  My goal was to give them
to them the first year they were married, so they
would have ornaments for their tree,  cause our
first year we hardly had any once we bought
gifts,  and our tree was sort of pathetic,  but
we had one!!  lol
So when Scott got married I sent them the ornaments
cause they like us, didn't have a lot of money to do stuff
 with and they used them,  and we were able to go up to Ky.
 to see them that year and got to see  their tree,  It was neat really.
Course,  who knows where they are now!
Scott certainly doesn't have them.
Oh well,  at least I reached my goal! lol
Well,  that is a whole nother story!!  lol
Will leave you with what I hope will give
you a laugh as I try to retain a good humor
with this yukky,  did I say Yukky cold.
Ode to A Cold
I think that I shall never see a cold
that stuck so close to me.
Maybe Joey, maybe Molly or even
Rosie in all her folly.
But, not this want relent
until my last energy is spent.
Prevention magazine I have read;
eat well, mild exercise, eat yogurt, drink
tea, and then their is Vitamin B and C.
Go away........ lowgrade fever,  burny throat,
tired achy body, and runny nose.
Please relieve me of all my woes.
I know you didn't come to stay but
right now it sure seems that way.
Tomorrow promises a better day,
So hope that means you're going away!
Merry Christmas
and to all a Good Night!! 
Hugs and Blessings,

P.S.  Just in case you don't know,
Joey, is our son's dog,  aka grandaughter dog
Rosie, is our daughters dog, aka another grandaughter dog
and Molly is our Cat.
and they all like to stick pretty close to Mommy and Grammy!
See pic below!


Here they are in all their glory,  I took this cause
it is almost a miracle that they are sitting that
close to each other,  but it was because I
was just sitting between them and got up so
they actually stayed there,  so had to get a pic.
Rosie thinks she is a person,  and doesn't like
any other animals, Joey wants to play but
doesn't quite know how to go about it,
so we have some really spontaneous fights
once in awhile! I think one day they might
give Grammy a heart attack if they don't stop.
P.S. S. Here is an update,  the movie we watched
was not a Christmas movie,  but it was very cute
and heart warming, a lil strange at times,  but funny.
Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Hi Nellie!

    What an adorable photo of Scott and your grand doggie, Joey! And look at you, you have two. I only have one grand pup and he is a handful from what Chris and Missy say.
    Oddly (not really considering our track record), I am the same way about the tree and decorating it. I love all the other stuff but I put that off. I think it started with the old trees we had that needed lights put on..hate putting on the lights. We have had a pre-lit tree for a few years and that has helped.

    I am worried about that cold of yours. I hope you don't have a bacterial infection brewing. Take care of yourself, OK?

    I hope you get a chance to see my post from today as it shows off some of the sweet things in the box I won from Becky's give away. I loved everything in it and tell me it didn't suit me to a T. Even down to the tea. We don't drink regular tea or coffee, only herbal tea and that is what she sent. Amazing!

    I have been working on my lesson for Sunday, it takes a lot of preparation a I want it to be very good for the ladies in my class. And it take the responsibility to teach of the Savior very seriously. As I have studied I have learned some amazing new things. It is astounding how devoting one entire day to doing nothing else can open the window of heaven and enlighten your understanding. I have learned so much about Christmas...who knew??

    Well, I will be sending up some prayers for you to be better so you can attend your party this weekend. Oh, and you had asked about the bathroom. It is all framed in now except the roof and it is twice as big as it use to be plus a little more. It is going to be amazing! The sub-floor is all in now so we can actually walk around in it and it is great. The view is going to be spectacular.

    Jim is gone tonight out with a bunch of boy scouts camping near the beach. Burr! He has not had half a second to get ready to leave next Saturday night. It is driving him and me too, crazy!

    Get well, Nel! I hope you enjoyed your movie!

    Love you, AB

  2. Nellie,

    That is quite a cute poem!
    You know what they say,don't you?
    "She's a poet and we didn't know it!"

    Hope you'll turn the corner on your cold today.
    Please keep me in prayer to stay healthy. So many events and functions and then the KIDS are coming!!!

    Blessings always~

  3. Nellie, You have the most wonderful way of bringing smiles to my face, even though you aren't feeling well. I love that about you! I'm praying that you get over this bug today! Love the photos of the grandbaby-dogs, they are so cute. Stay inside and warm today girl. Oh yes, I read your area was in the 80's yesterday-go figure, we're thinking 40 is warm here.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. I hope you start to feel better soon! stay warm :)

  5. Hi Nellie,
    I am so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, but that chicken soup sure sounds great. I love homemade chicken soup! i will be praying you will get to feeling better soon.
    I so enjoyed reading your post.I have been trying to clean our home and decorating at the same time, everything sure got behind while i was sick.
    I enjoyed the poem it was so cute, not to mention those adorable little friends keeping you company while you are sick. i am so amazed at how animals seem to sense when we are sick and need some special

    Thank you so much for your concern, and for praying for me. I am truly blessed to have friends like you.

    Now! get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and more chicken soup.

  6. Hi Sweetie!! Love your new blog look!! I changed mine a bit, but am not completely happy with it. It will probably stay that way til after Christmas!! Finally got my boxes down today, and hopefully will be done by Monday. Powering down on decor for sure!

    Praying that your nasty cold gets gone and you're back to your healthy self soon!! My sinuses are all better! YAY!!

    Love you my friend, and will give a call in the next day or so to chat!! I've missed talking to you!!
    Love and hugs,


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