Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - December 3, 2009

Hello Sweet Friends,
Hope you are doing well today!
Hope you enjoy the new changes we made to
my blog.  Thought it would be nice to add a lil
Christmas music too!
I am thankful for the Christmas Season,
it is such a joyous time of the year because
of my relationship with Jesus.
I am thankful for my nativity set, of 30 some odd
years,  and that we have only lost one wise man, in
all these years,  and have no chips or broken pcs.
Amazing, I think!
The wise men really weren't there when he was
born anyway,  they really came to visit him several years
 after he was born,  but I guess they include them because
after all,  they are a part of the Christmas story.
I am thankful that I have been able to get some
Christmas decorating done inspite of the fact, I am
feeling pretty yukky.
I am thankful for the rain this evening,  it was pretty
heavy.......and we really needed it,  we haven't had
any for awhile.
I am thankful that we had such a lovely time for
Thanksgiving,  and that I was feeling good for it,
and that this cold I have delayed until then.
I am thankful for Rooibus tea which I have been
drinking like crazy, cause it  makes my throat
feel better.
I am thankful I was feeling well enough on Tuesday
 to make beef stew and had it to eat today, cause I felt worse
today than yesterday.
I am thankful for Rotisserie Chicken from Sam's,
and frozen Potatoes that I just happened to have
because of Thanksgiving.  I bought them just in
case we didn't have any leftover from Thanksgiving
so I could whip them together quick to go with
our other leftovers,  but since I didn't use them
they sure came in handy for din din tonight.
I am thankful that Scott and DeeAnna were
able to go to a concert together tonight.
It is so neat to see your children have a good
time together,  especially when they are
7 years apart.  We wondered if they would
ever be close,  and now they are!
I am thankful hubby has the tree all put together
with the lights on so I can decorate it when possible.
I am also thankful for his help with my blog,  cause
I am truly technically challenged.
I am thankful for Christmas music, it brings
such joy to my heart,  and I just love it!!
Guess cause I love the one they are singing
about as well.
Well Sweet Friends,  hope you have a list of
things you are grateful for as well
Would love to have you share some with me!
Love to hear from you !
Thanks for stopping in,
Hugs and Blessings,


Bonnie said...

Wow! Beautiful! I love the new look it is so bright and cheery. I am always changing mine but have decided to stay with white for now. I have noticed that the colors look different on a PC even when pretty yummy on the Mac. So white is good~it looks classy! And the music is a nice touch! Good job, Jimmy! And Nellie, of course! I hope you are better by now! I have managed to stay well and I ma so happy about that. And praying it sticks until we get off on vacation and while there. No fun being sick on vacation. In fact, no fun anywhere!

We had an amazing program for our Christmas dinner tonight at church. It was really inspiring. I'll have to find the link and send it to you~you'd like it. if I was not half asleep I would elaborate. I better go to bed for now! I am thankful for all good things.

Get well....Love B

Lois Christensen said...

Beautiful list! I am also thankful for those chickens from Sam's! I usually buy two and freeze them till we're ready. We're having one for dinner tonight. I throw it in the crock pot, frozen with some chicken broth and what a wonderful meal we will have tonight!!! Hope you're feeling better!!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi girl, I'm thankful for you Nellie! Love the Christmas look. I'm so sorry you are feeling poorly; I'll be keeping you in prayer. So thankful that although we've never met we can be the best of friends/sisters through Him who Redeemed us. Hugs to you today.

Jess said...

Hi Nellie,
Your new look is just lovely!
Funny, I was mentioning to Becky this morning the urge to change mine up for the holidays!

Adding to my "Thankful list":
I am thankful for LIFE!
For God's gift of grace and His desire that we appreciate ALL He has given us.
For complex things I often take for granted like my eyesight, my ability to hear and smell and taste.
And for the technology to replace degenerated joints!
How HE manifests His goodness and love at all times!

Hope you feel lots better!

Heather said...

another great list! i too am thankful for Rooibus tea. it's one of my favorites! hope you are feeling better and having a relaxing week :)

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