Monday, December 7, 2009

The start of my Christmas Tour

Hiddy Ho Lovlies,
Hope you are doing well this Monday
and that you all had a great weekend,
of decorating or fellowshipping or shopping
or whatever it was you wanted or needed
to get done!
I am happy to report I am feeling some better
and have gotten quite a bit done this morning,
starting to clean up all the debri so I can
vaccum and enjoy the fruits of my labor! lol
Guess you can see I got my mantle redone
for this year.  Actually,  I got it done last week but...
 decided to wait till I was about done decorating
 everything to post so there would be some continuity
am pretty much finished,  but the tree, the tree,  oh yes,
the tree!  lol
Throwing snow on it and having a natural
look was never more appealing,  so will
see what happens! lol

Thought I would give you a few close up shots.
We found this wonderful magnolia garland with
those pretty pink berries and variagated leaves.
I use poinsettias to decorate just about everything
 in here.

Threw in a few pinecones here and there
and poinsettia and then drizzle the gold beads
throughout.  I really wish I had put lights in
too,  but didn't think they would fit with
the candles back there.  Those are the
cream colored intricately cut cups.
I love those,  I use them for everything!

These are grapevine topiaries that I got at Ross years ago
for $6.00 each,   then later,  I  put them in the urn type planters
I found at Target for $5.00 each.  I use them all year long
but decorate them for whatever holiday it is, and just
move them to a new location. 

This is the top of my dining server which sits between
the dining room and family room.
A dear friend wrote a lovely Christmas poem
called "The Gift" about 5 years back and gave it to us,
so this is it's place of honor along side the stack of gifts
that another friend gave us one year that was full
of candies, nuts and goodies.  Course, the goodies
are long gone and were delicious,  but I loved that
I could keep the boxes and that they could become
an every year Christmas decoration to join our
poem,  and of course, more poinsettias,  they
cover a multitude of problems areas.
Wrappped around the lamp is actually a poinsettia
swag, and I fill in underneath with just a few more
to make it look good from the front.
Don't know if you notice that I mix the color
of reds from the Christmas red to the burgundy.
That is because I already had a lot of Christmas
red but also had burgundy in my curtains and some
other pieces,  so that worked out the problem.

Here's a few shots of the guest powder room.
Found these cute lil poinsettias at K-mart,  they
are from Martha Stewart probably 7-8 years
ago.  Loved them,  and I love using beads to
decorate,  they looks so festive and they
are so easy to drape on the shower curtain

I like using picks cause once purchased they last for years,
and you can use them in all sorts of different places and
ways.  Also Christmas cards are 0 dollar items that
look pretty when you mix them in among other
decorations, like the Christmas tree card above.
I keep the ones I really like and think I can use from
year to year, cause some are pretty and some are
outstandingly pretty, and some have really great messages
 or sentiments as well.  Any that you like well are
keepers,  just put them in a ziploc bag and store
them with the rest of your decorations if you
don't already do that!

Here is an adorable lil Bisque Christmas tree
that I got from Cracker Barrel probably close
to 20 years ago.  She was $10.00 and you
plug her in and she lights up,  just love it,  and
she matches well in the powder room.  I used
the irredescent paper behind it to hide the
cord,  works semi well!  lol
Look better than the cords all hanging out
anyway! lol
This was taken with the light off so you
could see the lights shining through it.

These are across the sink from the Christmas
tree.  I used the epsom salt in the glass
candleholders before putting the candles in,
love how it looks.
Then used plastic snow all around it, mainly
to cover up the back of the picks, loved
the way it came out.  It is really hard to
get good photos in the powder room for
some reason,  can't get far enough away
from things I guess is the problem.

Back of the potty,  lil Santa my daughter
gave me years and years ago with Bath
and Body stuff.  I think he is so cute!
and  another pick.  I made the pictures
above  the potty from the wallpaper
and framed them.  There are actually
2,  there is another one above this one,
but couldn't get it all in the picture.

Here was a shot before I added the snow,
and I hadn't added candle cups, knew
I would have a mess if I didn't have
candle cup.  I usually have these candle
sticks up on the shelf  above the towel
rack,  and they are never burned so
I can get away with it there.

More poinsettias and beads on the mirror.
and  you can see a lil bit of the bathroom.
Well,  that ends my tour for the day.
I have the camera charging right now,  so
I can take some more pics of the rest.
See ya tomorrow,  I am going to
lay down for a bit before hubby gets home.

Merry Christmas!
Spread that Christmas Cheer around
to everyone you See!
I'll be glad when I can get out and do that,
I'm afraid all I would spread right now is Christmas germs!!  lol
Blessings and hugs,


  1. Wow! I wish I could be this productive when I am sick. You did very well! So pretty. I am glad you are feeling better. Take good care! Rushing around over here!

    Love B

  2. Your decorations are just beautiful Nellie! I love that you managed to decorate the bathroom too! I never seem to get that far.

    PS: I always appreciate your sweet comments and encouragement. It brightens my day!!

  3. Goodness - everything looks so nice. Even in the bathroom..I'm impressed! You can come help me out any day. And so glad you are feeling better!! Have a beautiful week:)


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