Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Candles and candle jar lids

(Picture of our house all lined with candles)
Good Morning Sweet Praying Friends,
Praying your day is starting off well.
I am happy to report we are feeling much better
 in my household,  just some lingering cough
 for both of us.  Hubby was able to go back
 to work yesterday,  and Dee has had no more
 side pain since going to see the Dr. appt.....
 guess he scared those pains away!! lol
We also were able to go to church and Sunday
School,  and then back Sunday Evening for our
Lovely Lovely Christmas Contata.  It was definitely
the Highlight of our Christmas Season.
It had our childrens choir,  teen choir and adult
choir,  some drama,  a manger scene with the
children as the animals,  so cute! and the
handbell choir,  a ballerina, and angels and dancers
with the twirly ribbons, and even snow at the end!
It was just Great!
It was about and hr. and a half,  and just so
enjoyable!  And Bonnie they sang our favorite
song "Mary, did you know??",  it was so
beautiful,  and also one of the young Mom's
sang "Breathe of Heaven",  she has an amazing
voice- It was just so beautiful!
Above is a pic of the house with our candlelights!! 
I think it actually looks much better up close and
personal!  In the windows where you see all the light,
believe it or not that is just light from our Christmas
tree.  We turned out all the lights and took the pic
from that angle thinking maybe you could see the
tree,  but it looks like we had all the lights on.
Wierd!  I turned out all the garage lights but
the garage door opener light would not go out!
Just after we finally gave up and took the pic
then it went out!!  lol
We took the header pic using a tripod because
they were coming out looking pretty funny.
This is the first one I took!
Looks like we have one legged people dancing around or
in some places it looks like Seahorses!  This was not
taken with a tripod and it is very hard to hold the camera
steady for a time exposure type shot!  Obviously!
We are enjoying our candles,  don't know if anyone
else is,  but we are!!  lol
It is definitely a more subtle festivity,  but does look
really nice!
Here is a few tips for those of you who might want
to try it!
We used some empty yankee candle jars,
or any kind of jar candle container, or any
type of jar really that you can fit a candle
into.  The snow looking ingredient is
none other than....................
Good ole epsom salt.  This is a 4 pd.container ,  hubby bought
 it so don't know exactly,  think it might be less expensive at
wally world or at a Drug store even,  it was less at CVS
cause I looked online cause hubby said he thought it was
around $8.00 or something and I said oh my Gosh,
 why did you buy it then!
All he could remember was that it was
more than he thought it would be!! lol
It was like $3.29 or something at CVS.
Once Christmas is over I will be putting
it in a ziploc bag for next year!
Hey, it's clean snow!!  lol
I heard about this from Bonnie at one designing
Woman blog,  she had seen it elsewhere on
someone elses blog.  I also saw in a magazine
where if you want frosted looking candles
you paint on some modge podge and then
roll the candles in epsom salt.  Looks very
pretty,  maybe next year I will give that a
try too!
Remember the lid from the yankee candle jar,
how sturdy and nice they are,  I said to hubby
these are so nice there should be some sort
of thing to use them for,  I'll have to think on
that awhile and see if I can come up with some
thing.  I love to find a new purpose for something.
And He said,  well,  if  we took that plastic
ring off you could probably use it as a tea
light holder,  and he said bring me the
needle nose pliers,  and this is what he
Actually,  I did this myself after he showed me how.
You pull the plastic away from the jar with your
finger,  then slip the needle nose pliers between the
glass and the plastic, and pull up and it will pop
right off,  make sure you have a firm grip on the
pliers or it will just slip off the plastic.
Then  you get this.... there are no threads on the
jar lid,  so it makes a perfect tea light holder.
Looks nice, doesn't it,  and you could put a lil
snow in there too,  if you want.  I didn't cause
I wanted the candles to be down lower
 than the ones in the jars. Cause I rotated them
with a jar then a top then a jar etc.
If  I was going to use them in the house I would
probably put snow in them cause the yankee
candle emblem is embedded in the glass top
and you might see it a little bit,  not much tho.
I also kept the plastic rings in a ziploc bag
cause I like to use the jars for other purposes,
that's why I had quite a few already.
Don't know if you noticed the jars in the background
the first time you saw this picture.
They have soap, cotton balls,  and q-tips in them,
(just in case you have trouble figuring out what
something is)
But you could put candy or buttons or coffee, tea,
sugar or anything in them really.  Cause once you
clean them out really well,  there is no scent leftover.
So they are handy to have around.
If you can think of any other uses for them,
leave a comment and tell me......love to hear
those great ideas!
Well,  gotta get busy girls!
Till next time!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs and Blessings,

P.S.  And our thanks to Yankee Candle,  the gift that just keeps on giving!!  lol


  1. I tried to leave a comment earlier but my computer froze, so I switched to my laptop.., Ahh! ~ Now I can write to you my dear lady; I'm happy that you are feeling so much better, and that hubby and daughter are as well)!.., Thank God for answered prayers my friend!..,

    I read your blog twice;(once "skimming", because the computer was going sooo slow).., then I reread it in detail, with that awesome music!..,

    I'm deligthed to hear all the lovely charming little details of your Christmas concert!.., Whereas my dearlty departed dad was a minister, and a man who loved the Lord, I so fondly remember those Christmas concerts from over the years!~Yet of course we still enjoy them at our new place of worship since my dad went to be with the LORD DUE TO AN INJURY, tHREE YEARS AGO!..,(Oops, I hit the cap., button by accident)!~lol..,

    That candle idea was great!..,

    You are warmly invitd to pop by for our twelfth Tuesday Tea For Two special Christmas blog tea party..,

    Cheers and blessings from Silken Purses @ The plumed Pen

  2. Hi Nellie! The candles look great! I want to try that, too! And I love how the vanity in the bathroom looks! I really am glad to hear that you're feeling better so I can come by and enjoy your home all decorated for the holidays!!
    I never even thought of keeping those candle jars either! Great idea, because they are such nice quality!!

    So glad you got to enjoy the Cantata!! I know it was a big blessing for you.

    Love you, gal, and hope your eveening is lovely!!

  3. Hi dear friend, Your home looks wonderful and the idea with the candles are great-I'll have to try it! So glad you are all on the mend from your bug-praying you continue to gain strength. Thank you for being such an encourager!
    Hugs to you Nellie,

  4. First of all, how in the world do you get those candle jars so clean??? I never even thought of keeping them!!! But I think I'm going to try the epsom salt thing. Looks really nice and easy. And the lids to the candle jars. I keep them forever thinking, I should keep these and not throw them out. But they're in my garage on my shelf just waiting for a good idea. Thank you hubby, please!!!

    Glad you both are feeling better!

  5. Thanks, Nellie, for sending me the link to this post! I never would have thought of doing that & I could just cry when I think of all the jars with tight lids that I have thrown away over the years. :(
    I'll be saving them from now on!


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