Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday Dec. 31, 2009 & Happy New Year!

Good Morning Sweet Friends
Hope this finds you all well, content, and happy
this New Years Eve!  *
Wow,  can hardly believe another year has come
and almost gone.........Unbelieveable how fast the
time is flying.  Always heard from my mom and
grandmother the longer you live the faster life goes
and I must say I have to agree!
I am thankful
Hubby has been off from work and will be till
January 4th,  and he is sooooo enjoying his vacation.
We never take our Christmas decorations down
until after he goes back to work just so he can
fully enjoy his time off,  cause usually the beginning
of it we are preparing for the big day and you
know all that involves.
I am thankful
 we have watched every Christmas movie
there is!  lol 
Jim's absolute favorite thing is watching movies,
but we pretty much watch nothing but... tmas
movies during this time of year and we love it!
I am thankful
We have also been reading our Sunday School
book and a new book he bought me for tmas,
"You were born for this" by Bruce Wilkerson.
We are about 4 chapter into it and it is pretty
exciting book.
I am thankful
Tuesday Jim went for his stress test and we are
still awaiting the results,  but feel like No news
is good news,  cause the Dr. said if there is a
problem they will call you right away.
I am thankful that
Tuesday morning it was neat cause he usually
reads a devotional online by Charles Stanley
and when he pulled it up,  he said guess what
the title is?????? 
It was "A healthy Heart!"
Made us feel like the Lord was saying don't
worry, you have a healthy heart,  course,
the devotional was on a spiritually healthy
heart of course, but it was sure an encourage-
ment to us,  so we went to the Drs.  with
peace in our hearts.
Some would say that is probably conincidence,
but we have walked with the Lord long enough
to know there is no coincidence with the Lord.
I am thankful that
While he was having an EKG the Dr. told him
that it did not show where he had the heart
attack before (4 yrs ago), and he said that is
a very rare thing, that just doesn't  happen.
So that was also a huge encouragement cause
it shows us the Lord has been doing some
work in there for sure! 
They still have to go over some sort of
images or xrays they took for the final
results but we are expecting the results to be
very exciting, in a good way, which will
confirm a lot of  things we have said to our
Dr. over these last 4 years.
I was just writing,  but decided all these things
really are praises so I went back and stuck
in the numbers and the I am thankful for line,
that way my post will be shorter.
I  am thankful
We were given Carabbas cards by my sister-
in- law for tmas and so we were able to
go out to dinner after the stress tests and
just enjoy the rest of the day.
after dinner we ran to Sam's and Target
to return something, and then we went
guess where???
To see the movie, Disney's "Christmas Carol"
I am thankful
For what a great movie it was,  if you haven't
seen it,  by all means go............
It was delightful and fun with that wonderful
message of hope.  All those special effects
were great,  and they were singing real Christmas
Carols with the the true meaning of Christmas.
  The 3d effects were just truly amazing,  you really
felt like you were flying over the city,  it was truly
 such a  fun and meaningful movie.
Yesterday we didn't do a lot just did some
more reading,  sat out in the sun some to
keep warm,  that was earlier in the day
when it was still a bit chilly,  got to 71
And I am thankful for
This beautiful Florida Winter Scenery

This is a tree in our backyard,  and altho
we have the dead wintery looking trees
we also have this.

We have 2 large pots full of this bougainvilla and it
is the first year it has bloomed like this in the winter.
Guess it must have finally gotten established.
Sure brightens up a winter yard!

And this is the bougainvilla Scott gave me for
my birthday,  it is just blooming away too.

And this is called a "Powder Puff tree".
I think it might be a kin to the Acacia tree,
cause it looks very much alike,  accept it has
pretty light pink and yellow powder puffs.
We had one in our yard when I was a kid
and I used to play in it all the time and loved
to play with the powder puffs,  great toy
for lil girls,  cause they pretend to be putting
on their makeup!! lol
It always bloom only in the winter time.

Thought you might like to see a  close up of the powder puff, 
aren't they neat!! The ones from the acacia tree are baby pink on
top with just a little layer of  sunflower yellow near the stem.
I love that the flower bud looks sort of  like a raspberry
before it opens
We haven't had a freeze yet,  so that is winter in Florida
for now anyway.
Hope you have some nice plans for New Years Eve,
and that you will be somewhere safe!
I am thankful
We are going to our church a 11:00 tonight for a Watch night
 prayer service.  They are always a sweet time of fellowship.
I am thankful
We are going out to breakfast after, at International House
of Pancakes possibly with some friends.
And none of this is too far from our house, so that is nice as well.
 Not a night I like to be out driving around with all those Celebraters
out there indulging in too much alcohol.
I am thankful
For another year to look forward to,  with all it ups and downs,
and all the neat things the Lord will teach us through them.
Because with Jesus the best is always yet to come!
Well My Friends...................
Have a Very Happy New Year,
Love, Peace, and Joy to you all!

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  1. And a Very Happy, Healthy New Year to You!
    That's a great list of praises and I join you in thanking our Gracious and Loving GOD for His continual Goodness in each of our lives!
    See you later...alligator =)

  2. (Found you via Jess...) It was pleasant to join you in thanksgiving. What a refreshing exercise! My husband will be having a cardioversion next week to try to get his heart back into rhythm. So your reflections and reports re. your husband's heart are close to my thoughts at this time. May God bring you peace and be honored by your faith-living in 2010.


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